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  • Auto Turret: A weak mini turret. (Found only in campaign mode.)
  • Bubble Shield: A trusty dome-shaped shield that protects anyone inside or behind it from explosives and gunfire. Note: Vehicles and infantry can go through it.
  • Cloak: Basically like an active camo, except it lasts shorter and can be activated anytime instead of immediately. (Found only in campaign mode.)
  • Deployable Cover: Very similar to those "plasma-looking shields" used by the covenent, except these are bigger!
  • Flare: Causes anyone within range (including the user) to suffer a "flash-bang grenade" experience for a few seconds.
  • Grav Lift: A portable mini man-cannon that lifts infantry or even vehicles at a certain height to reach high areas.
  • Power Drain: Drains the shields of anyone within range (including the user). It's also capable of shutting down the engines of vehicles nearby.
  • Invincibility: Makes user invincible to all explosives, etc. for a brief moment. (Found only in campaign mode.)
  • Radar Jammer: Causes everyone's movement radars to malfunction and go haywire; red dots will be shown everywhere on the radar.
  • Regenerator: Heals the shields for anyone within range of the generated green mist.
  • Trip Mine: Can be set on vehicles and terrain. Anyone foolish enough to ignore the "beeping" cue will suffer an impact similar to that from three frag grenades!