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Graphically projected onto your visor, the HUD shows the weapons, grenades, and equipment you're carrying, your shields and health status, the proximity of friendlies and hostiles, and various indicators for events and path finding.

  1. Motion Tracker: Elevation is not distinguished on the tracker, so use your instincts to locate foes above or below you. A slow-moving or stationary target will not appear on the motion tracker, but this limitation applies to opponents' motion-tracking devices, too. Use this to your advantage when sneaking up on an enemy.
    1. Red dots indicate foes.
    2. Yellow dots indicate friendlies.
  2. Grenades: To cycle through your grenades, press LB button. The selected grenade will be outlines in blue. You cannot use grenades while dual-wielding. The number of each grenade type you have is indicated to the left of its icon. When you have none of a certain type, the image will turn gray.
    1. Fragment Grenade
    2. Plasma Grenade
    3. Spike Grenade
    4. Flame Grenade
  3. Shields: Your shield indicator will show solid blue when in an optimal state and will flash red when fully depleted.
  4. Weapons and Ammo/Charge: The weapon you are currently using and the ammo or charge it contains are shown above the icon that indicates your secondary weapon. When running low on ammo or charge, your current weapon icon will flash red: Either reload (Press RB button) or switch weapons (Press Y button) at this time.
  5. Multi-player Info: In multi-player games, the voice communication indicator and game specific scoring information will be displayed in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  6. Cross-Hair: Will give you a close approximation of what you will hit if you shoot your primary weapon.
    1. Red cross-hair means you've targeted a foe.
    2. Blue cross-hair is a neutral state.
    3. Green cross-hair means you're targeting friendlies.
  7. Equipment: You can carry one piece of equipment at a time. Press and hold RB button to swap your current equipment with a newly located piece. Equipment is deployed at your present location by pressing X button.