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The story so far[edit]

January 10th, 2004[edit]

47 returns to the United States for some R&R...or at least some fairly straightforward, low-risk assignments.

Target: Joseph Clarence[edit]

A former amusement park tycoon. An accident on one of the rides forced Clarence to close the park down, and though he managed to weasel his way out of the subsequent lawsuits from grieving parents, the legal fees left him near bankruptcy. He now lives in perpetual fear of being brutally killed by the drug cartel he has allowed to take over his property. The client is one of the aforementioned grieving parents, who will pay you handsomely to put Clarence out of his misery.


SLP .40 Pistol[edit]

On pretty much every guard.


Outside the first locked door, leaning against the wall.

TMP machine pistol[edit]

There is a TMP in the courtyard after distracting the guards in front of the gift shop. The guard in the bathroom has one next to him (though he still has a SLP on him for some reason).

Dragunov sniper rifle[edit]

In a case in a tower just past the bathroom.

Desert Eagle[edit]

Two in the last room; one on Scoop, one on a table, unattended. You'll probably be unable to reach Scoop's because the game doesn't let you climb onto the bed for some reason.


There's really no point providing a full guide to this level, since the game holds your hand literally every step of the way. Follow instructions and you should be fine. A couple points of interest:

  • In the theater early in the mission you'll encounter a gangster torturing a lawyer. While letting the poor sap live may seem like the good-guy thing to do remember that this is a video game, and 47 is decidedly not a good guy. Go ahead and put him out of his misery, or he'll count as a witness on your final rating if you killed the gangster or used the gangster as a human shield. However, if you pushed the gangster from behind into a wall or a wooden box and that he fell unconscious, the lawyer does not count as a witness.
  • Rather than taking the drug chemist's disguise and using it to pass through the rotunda, consider just taking his card and blasting your way through. You get to keep both your suit and the shotgun, and it's far more fun--just be sure to headshot the enemies on the lower level.
  • If you're quick enough you can catch a couple of the girls bumping heads after you cut the power in the warehouse.
  • Weapons on your person will not be added to your hideout at the end of the mission. You can get around this by placing the shotgun, SLP .40, Dragunov, and TMP in the ICA crate outside Clarence's office.
  • Wait around in the final room and Scoop will eventually shoot the guard who informs him of the intruder. The two guards will run to shoot the corpse; blow the bomb to take them both out. Scoop carries a Desert Eagle which you can place in the ICA crate.
  • Melee weapons cannot be kept like in Hitman 2. D'oh.
  • Obtaining Silent Assassin is not easy - however it is feasible, as demonstrated on multiple YouTube videos.
    • If you are trying to obtain Silent Assassin, be careful when dealing with the people of the Swing King's office, because the line of sight of the sniper located on the Ferris wheel platform meets the window through which the game advises you to push the guard who flirts with the secretary. (You can figure out a good approximation of what this sniper can see by focusing the camera on him through the window while moving around in the room.) The sniper sees the gap in the floor, and he perhaps sees the stairs, but he does not see in between the gap and the stairs, so you can get rid of conscious or unconscious breathing witnesses by pushing them over the railing which stands between the gap and the stairs.