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A Vintage Year[edit]

  1. The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially when looking for potential death traps.
  2. We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy the merchandise in the wine cellar.
  3. The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine cellar.
  4. The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.

Curtains Down[edit]

  1. The content of the toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
  2. There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It is closely observed and only actors are permitted.
  3. Lead Actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
  4. The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the attic.
  5. Only actors are allowed on stage.
  6. The Light Technicians have key cards to Light Control Room.
  7. There is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful.
  8. The prop gun used for the execution in the opera is an exact replica of a real World War I pistol.

Flat Line[edit]

  1. Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often wait in the park outside.
  2. Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
  3. The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a gymnasium, and a large spa area.
  4. Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.
  5. Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope they don't get alcohol poisoning.
  6. Weight Lifting can be fatal.
  7. Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camping stoves into their rooms. Sounds dangerous!
  8. Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the morgue.

A New Life[edit]

  1. Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
  2. The surveillance team has an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
  3. Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots into the garden with an airgun.
  4. Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to tranquilize wild animals!
  5. Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with hired staff, but Vinnie trusts her company.
  6. Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
  7. A barbeque is being prepared for the party. Be careful with flammable liquids!
  8. Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.

The Murder of Crows[edit]

  1. Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background sound and music, which could reveal someone's location.
  2. Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff.
  3. Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on next door.
  4. Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and music themes.
  5. Some private apartments have a useful view.
  6. Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
  7. A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple of hours ago.

You Better Watch Out...[edit]

  1. Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
  2. The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the grottos!
  3. Waitors often shower in the staff changing room.
  4. Even small, annoying dogs eat sausages.
  5. The glass-bottomed outdoor jacuzzi looks down on the pier, 70 feet below.
  6. Among high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
  7. Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
  8. Lorne recently hired a former US Airforce helicopter Pilot.

Death on the Mississippi[edit]

  1. The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a dangerous workplace.
  2. Man overboard - the wild waters of the river will cause certain death.
  3. The captain's cake is being prepared in the galley in the rear of the 4th deck.
  4. Only 1st Class Parsers are allowed in the Gators Private area.
  5. The lower class kitchen prepares food for both the tourists on board as well as the Gators on the top deck. Extra flavor could be added.
  6. The boss has received some heavy gear from a business alliance. The present is kept secure at the staff quarters.

Till Death do us Part[edit]

  1. Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make rednecks panic
  2. The water is home to alligators.
  3. The priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
  4. The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family graveyard.
  5. The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the wedding cake.

House of Cards[edit]

  1. It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first things you do at the Casino.
  2. Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have key cards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
  3. As requested, we have left an Agency Pickup in your hotel room, #701.
  4. The Casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire alarms are located on the top floors.
  5. It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may provide this.
  6. The VIP Lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only waiters are allowed in this area.
  7. There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent cheating. Anyone receiving a call must step outside.
  8. The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary looking suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.

Dance with the Devil[edit]

  1. Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties.
  2. Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a laptop on the top floor.
  3. Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell party.
  4. Be careful playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
  5. Bartenders are usually well informed.
  6. Look out for the singer at the heaven party. Looks can be deceiving.
  7. The devil is never to be trusted.
  8. There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more than just food.

Amendment XXV[edit]

  1. The guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the metal detector.
  2. Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away by security.
  3. The White House is surrounded by an iron gate - which varies in height.
  4. Guards will respond if the laser alarm system in the museum is triggered.
  5. The 1st lady has a dog, which is regularly taken out for a walk in the backyard.
  6. The oval office has been the setting for many historical meetings.
  7. Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for renovation purposes.