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Common enemies[edit]

The following enemies can be found through all of Angel Land, and are not isolated to one particular world.

Shemum Specknoses Monoliths
Kid Icarus Shemum.png Kid Icarus Specknose.png Kid Icarus Monolith.png
Shemum are tiny winged snakes. They are extremely weak, and extremely loyal to Medusa, so she uses them as scouts and to slow Pit down. When they land on the ground, they immediately face which ever direction Pit is in and continue to walk in that direction until they hit a wall and turn around, or fall of a ledge. Specknoses can be found inside certain chambers. Eight of them will appear and fly around the room. Pit can leave such a room at any time, but he will miss out on the valuable large hearts that each Specknose leaves behind. Like the Specknose, the Monoliths can only be found inside certain chambers. They appear as part of the training chambers that test Pit's worthiness for one of the Enchanted Weapons. They seem to curve in the air as they fly around the room, making their destination difficult to predict.
Reapers Reapettes Eggplant Wizards
Kid Icarus Reaper.png Kid Icarus Reapette.png Kid Icarus Eggplant Wizard.png
Reapers are stationed throughout all of Angel Land. Angered by the conflict that is taking place and interrupting their duties to guide the dead safely through Angel Land, they are staging a protest by interfering with anyone who they spot trying to travel through Angel Land. Once they lay eyes on an "intruder," they shriek a horrible song that summons the Reapettes to their side. Four Reapettes appear when a Reaper spots an intruder and begins to scream. They fly around in a swooping motion, attempting to attack whatever the larger Reaper spotted, generally making a nuisance of themselves. When the last one is destroyed, the Reaper is free to call another set of four. Fortress enemy. The Eggplant Wizards have been assigned fortress guard duty by Medusa because of their particular brand of evil magic. The eggplants they toss into the air are not harmless vegetables. If Pit is struck by one, he will develop the Eggplant Curse, and become unable to fire his bow! Only a fortress nurse has the ability to cure such a curse. Evil Eggplants can also be found in Nintendo's Wrecking Crew.

World 1 enemies[edit]

Monoeye Nettler McGoo
Kid Icarus Monoeye.png Kid Icarus Nettler.png Kid Icarus Mcgoo.png
Monoeyes belong to the swooping class of enemies. They appear in groups of four, and hover above Pit for a period of time before ultimately deciding to dive down and attack Pit before leaving the screen. Nettlers wander forward in an effort to trample Pit. They have an annoying habit of ducking underneath your arrows right you fire one at them. McGoos belong to the ground class of enemies. They remain underground until Pit is standing on their ledge, and then they rise up out of the ground to lob a bullet at Pit before returning. Shoot at them just before them fully emerge from the ground and duck to avoid the bullet.
Commyloose Ganewmede Kobil
Kid Icarus Commyloose.png Kid Icarus Ganewmede.png Kid Icarus Kobil.png
Commylooses belong to the leaping class of enemies. They rise up from the bottom of the screen in groups of fours, ultimately landing on some surface before leaping off again in an effort to hit Pit. Fortress enemy. Ganewmedes are very similar to Specknoses; they fly around in various directions, either in loops or in straight lines back and forth. Fortress enemy. Kobils are the basic foot soldiers of the first fortress. They are very slow and very predictable, but they typically guard small and important ledges, making them difficult to avoid.

Fortress boss: Twinbellows[edit]

Kid Icarus Twinbellows.png

The boss of the first fortress is the two-headed beast known as Twinbellows. He happens to be remarkably similar to the three headed dog Cerberus, who guards the entrance to Hades in Greek mythology. Twinbellows, instead, guards the first sacred treasure chest. Both heads are capable of breathing fire, while his body is able to leap high into the air. He tends to leap off the ground when he is struck by an arrow, and you can use this to your advantage. If you strike him while he is standing still, he will hop into the air, and come back down in the same location. If you hit him quickly enough, he will repeat this behavior, and you can essentially keep Twinbellows in one place while you finish him off.

World 2 enemies[edit]

Miks Girins Kerons
Kid Icarus Mick.png Kid Icarus Girin.png Kid Icarus Keron.png
Miks, like Monoeyes, belong to the swooping class of enemies. Miks appear from the right side of the screen, and fly into view as Pit advances through the second World. Unlike other Swoopers, Miks can hurt you as soon as they appear. Girins, like McGoos, belong to the ground class of enemies. They wait for Pit to walk over their patch of land, and then climb out of the ground to attack him with their pincers. Kerons are evil jumping frogs with tiny wings. The wings don't help much, but they have incredible jumping power. They can launch themselves forward with startling speed, so try to predict where they are going to land before proceeding.
Minos Rokmen Plutons
Kid Icarus Minos.png Kid Icarus Rokman.png Kid Icarus Pluton.png
Minos, like Commylosses, belong to the leaping class of enemies. Unlike other leapers, however, they only leap once, from the bottom of the screen, hover in the air for a moment, and then sink back down without ever landing. Rokmen have a miserable existance… Their only lot in life is to fall from the sky in an attempt to crush Pit on the way down. Once they fall, they pass through the bottom of the screen, never to be heard from again. If you shoot one on the way down, they will leave a large heart behind. Plutons are a race of thieving ogres. They first appear in the second world, and attempt to separate Pit from his helpful enchanted weapons. If they get their hands on Pit, they will steal one of the available weapons and trade it to a black marketeer, who will sell the stolen goods back to you at a hefty price. Plutons are invulnerable to Pit's attacks and cannot be defeated.
Snowmen Tamambos Shrooms
Kid Icarus Snowman.png Kid Icarus Tamambo.png Kid Icarus Shulm.png
Snowmen appear in the colder regions of the second world. They like to guard certain platforms along the glaciers, and toss snowballs at anyone who dares attempt to remove them. They have the strength of Reapers and take a lot of hits to destroy. Fortress enemy. Tomambos are similar to Specknoses and Ganewmedes; they follow particular paths as they fly around in a room. Take care of the ones closest to you first. Fortress enemy. Shrooms are like Kobils from the previous fortress. They patrol the floors of several rooms, and attempt to prevent Pit from safely finding his way throughout the fortress.

Fortress boss: Hewdraw[edit]

Kid Icarus Hewdraw.png

The boss of the second fortress is the serpentine beast known as Hewdraw. Hewdraw calls the lava in his room home, but it's clear very dangerous for Pit to set foot in it. Instead, he must attempt to maintain his footing on the platforms that float above the lava. Meanwhile, Hewdraw reacts to the presence of an intruder in his room by leaping out of the water and crashing back down. He repeats this motion constantly, trying to crash into Pit, and possibly knock him off a ledge and into the lava. Pit must defeat him in order to reclaim the second sacred treasure chest. Only shots to his head can cause him any damage. Centurions can be helpful in your battle against this giant snake, so rescue as many as you can.

World 3 enemies[edit]

Octos Collins Eeleyes
Kid Icarus Octos.png Kid Icarus Collin.png Kid Icarus Eeleye.png
Octos, like Commylosses, belong to the leaping class of enemies. They possess a little more strength than their Commylosse cousins, so eliminate them with caution. Collin is a particularly loyal soldier of Palutena who is being possessed by Medusa. While he fights against Medusa's will and does not attack Pit directly, he is surrounded by three Eeleyes who will happily attack Pit. Three of these creatures orbit around the armor of Collins. They are constantly in motion, and can be troublesome to shoot down.
Holers Keepahs Kometos
Kid Icarus Holer.png Kid Icarus Keepah.png Kid Icarus Komayto.png
Holers, like McGoos, belong to the ground class of enemies. However, Holers have a tendency to appear when Pit is standing on clouds. If Pit applies the strategy of ducking under a bullet, he will fall through the cloud. Fight Holers with caution. Keepahs are more evolved Kobils, with a greater ability for flight. They swoop throughout the screen, and occasionally fly back up. They typically appear alone. Kometos, like Monoeyes, belong to the swooping class of enemies. They may resemble Metroids, but they are far weaker. They don't require an ice beam and five missiles to defeat. A single arrow will do.
Plutonflies Tros Uranos
Kid Icarus Plutonfly.png Kid Icarus Tros.png Kid Icarus Uranos.png
Plutonflies are the flying version of their thieving cousins which you first encountered in the second world. They are indestructible, and they will steal your enchanted weapons if they lay a hand on you. Fortress enemy. Tros are similar to Specknoses and Ganewmedes; they follow particular paths as they fly around in a room. The red ones are stronger than the blue ones. Fortress enemy. Uranos are like Kobils and Shrooms. Like all fortress enemies, the red variety takes more hits to defeat than the blue variety.

Fortress boss: Pandora[edit]

Kid Icarus Pandora.png

The boss of the third fortress is the bubble-like face known as Pandora. Pandora floats freely about her room, wafting slowly from one side to the other. She can render herself invisible from time to time, but she is still vulnerable to Pit's arrows. While her touch is deadly, she moves slowly enough to be avoided easily. What's more dangerous are the two companion bubbles that float around the room at a faster speed than Pandora. These bubbles cannot be attacked and must be avoided. They also serve as a big threat to any Centurion soldiers that you have rescued and come to your aid during the fight with Pandora. Pandora has a large number of hit points, the same as Hewdraw, so you must attack her with persistence.

World 4 enemies[edit]

Syrens Daphnes Zurees
Kid Icarus Syren.png Kid Icarus Daphne.png Kid Icarus Zuree.png
Syrens appear in packs of four, swooping across the screen in a wave like pattern. They would love nothing more than to crash into Pit and drain him of his precious life energy. Daphnes are carnivorous flowers that leap up from the bottom of the screen and attempt to take a bit out of Pit as he flies by before they fall back down. Zurees are ghosts that Medusa has asked to guard the Sky Palace, but they're not too concerned about the job that they do. They fly up and down and are easy to predict and remove or avoid.
Erinus Moiras Totems
Kid Icarus Erinus.png Kid Icarus Moila.png Kid Icarus Totem.png
Erinus is a one-eyed monster who walks along some of the platforms of the Sky Palace. When his body is hit with a Light Arrow, it breaks apart into three separate sections which fly up, and then drop to the bottom of the screen. Each section can be shot independently. Moiras appear on the screen from the left, behind Pit. They rush forward to the right, and pause for a brief moment before flying back to the left. They are difficult to avoid unless Pit is at the top or bottom of the screen. Totems, like Rokmen, drop straight down from the top of the screen. Unlike Rokmen, they appear in a single column, and they will land and stack up on a platform if one lies in their path.

Final boss: Medusa[edit]

Kid Icarus Tanatos.png
Kid Icarus Medusa Head.png

The Goddess of Darkness has used her powers to project a giant version of herself in front of the inner chamber of the Sky Palace in a last ditch effort to prevent Pit from gaining access to Palutena and rescuing her from imprisonment. This larger-than-life Medusa has all of the powers of regular Medusa, including hair made of snakes and stone vision. Pit's Mirror Shield does protect him from turning into stone, but Medusa's eye beams can still harm Pit. Meanwhile, Medusa will send forth individual snakes to attack Pit in the form of large serpents known as Tanatos, a name typically associated with Death. It will take just over 30 shots of the Light Arrow to Medusa's eye (if Pit is at full strength) to defeat Medusa and rob her of her dominance over the Goddess of Light. But you'll have to survive her onslaught in the process.