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Main Controls[edit]

It is important to note that controls can be changed on the main menu.

Start Button Start game, opens menu screen
Neutral Dpad Move X, move cursor, and climb ladders
A Button Dash
B Button Jump
Y Button Shoot
L Button / R Button Cycle through your weapons

Advanced Techniques and Tips[edit]

Wall jump or Wall Climb[edit]

While holding Left Dpad or Right Dpad towards a wall you can slide down it. While sliding you can press B Button and then jump back towards the wall you can ascend the wall or you can jump between close walls.

Dash Jumping[edit]

Pressing A Button slightly before pressing B Button will cause you to jump further than you normally would which lets you reach places faster and easier.

Wall Dash Jump[edit]

Combining the two earlier techniques you can press A Button slightly before jumping off a wall to do a large jump off a wall.