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Nintendo 64 GameCube Controller (VC) Classic Controller (VC) Wii U GamePad (VC) Control
Neutral control Neutral control Neutral lstick
  • (Outside Battle) Move Mario; Move cursor for menu selection
  • (During Battle) Used during certain attacks
Start button Start button Plus button
  • (Outside Battle) Bring up menu screen
A button A button A button
  • (Outside Battle) Jump, Talk, Open Doors;
  • (During Battle) Make selection, Attack
B button B button B button
  • (Outside Battle) Use hammer, Speed up dialogue, Cancel selection
  • (During Battle) Cancel selection, Used during certain attacks
Z button L button L button
  • (Outside Battle) Spin Dash, See previous parts of a conversation
  • (During Battle) Switch attack order
Up c Up cstick Up rstick
  • (Outside Battle) View Status
Left c Left cstick Left rstick
  • (Outside Battle) Use Item
Down c Down cstick Down rstick
  • (Outside Battle) Activate companion special ability
Right c Right cstick Right rstick
  • (Outside Battle) Switch between party members