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Attack of the Shy guys[edit]

When you arrive at Toad Town, you'll find the town overrun with Shy Guys. They have taken Tayce T.'s frying pan, Rolf's calculator, the Post Office's Mailbag, Russ T.'s dictionary, and Harry's Storeroom Key, so, none of them will be able to help you now. There are also Shy Guys in the stores, Toad House, and Garden. If you want to use any of those places, hit the Shy Guys with your hammer.

Talk to Merlon, and he'll tell you of a dream he had, where something good happened after running in circles around a red palm tree in Dry Dry Outpost. Head to Dry Dry Outpost, and run in quick circles around the palm tree. Do it long enough and a man will comment on how silly you are for listening to dreams. He will proceed to tell you that he dreamed something good would happen if you Spin Jump three times in a house with a whirling roof.

Head inside Merlon's house and Spin Jump three times. The Quick Change Badge will fall from the ceiling. Return to Toad Town Sewers and Spin Jump through the board on the floor. Head to the room on the left and defeat all the Dark Koopas to reveal the shortcut pipe to Boo's Mansion. In the room to the left, you can move a block around. Move it to the second-from-top position, and jump around on top of it, to reveal three blocks. This leads to a Super Block, but since all your characters are as powered up as they can get right now, you'll have to come back later.

Back in Toad Town, walk toward the Port. Twink will stop you, and tell you that the next Star Spirit is hidden inside Shy Guy's Toybox. In that same area, before the port, enter a seemingly empty house on the left.

An empty house?[edit]

Use Bow's ability to turn Mario invisible and wait. Soon, a Shy Guy will appear and show you a secret doorway. Here is the hidden room. Jump on the springboard to enter Shy Guy's Toybox and begin Chapter 4.

Trouble at the blue station[edit]

Shy Guy's Toy box is split into four "stations", each of which can be accessed by the train. That is, if the train wasn't missing. It looks like you're stuck in Blue Station for now.

Walk along the path to the left of Blue Station, and you'll happen upon the Anti Guy. This is one of the hardest enemies in the game, so don't fight him unless you have a death wish. If you feel really brave, and have a lot of good items to heal with, save, then try to fight the Anti Guy. If you are lucky and skilled enough to beat the Anti Guy, you'll get the Power Plus Badge. If you aren't ready for him yet (and you shouldn't be), just come back later. Or, if you're a wuss, come back later with a Lemon Candy. He loves them so much, he'll let you have the badge without a fight.

Continue to the left, until you find a room full of Shy Guys carrying various items. Note that this is the only place in the game to get a Cake Mix. You'll also see one of the Shy Guys with Rowf's Calculator. Defeat him, grab the calculator and head back to Blue Station.

Enter the path to the right of Blue Station, and you'll see Kammy put a Mushroom (if Peach told Browser that's what Mario feared). Continue to the right. The way to use these boxes is to do a Spin Jump on them, which will reveal a spring to propel Mario into the sky. Keep going to the right. Hidden behind this yellow block is an often-missed Star Piece.

When you make it to this strange building, you can enter it and climb up the stairs to the top. Use Parakarry to fly over to the building just to the left and you'll find a Star Piece.

Now go all the way to the right, where the Mushroom is. You'll find the Storeroom Key in the chest. Now go back to Blue Station and exit the Toybox by jumping on the springboard. Return Rowf's Calculator to him. He will be so grateful that he will reopen his shop and give you the I Spy Badge for free. Put on that badge and go to Harry's Shop on the south side of town. Return him his Storeroom Key, and he'll allow you to raid the storeroom and get free items. The most important item back here is the Toy Train.

Go back to the Toybox, but instead of jumping inside, use the Toy Train on the outside of it. The train will enter the box, grow in size, and land on the track. Jump inside the box. To indicate that you want to go right, hit this switch with your hammer. Now hop on the train and head to Pink Station.

To the pink station![edit]

Go to the right and get the cooks frying pan from the chest.

Making a great cake[edit]

Return the pan to Taste T. and get her special cake.

Feeding Gourmet Guy[edit]

Feed the cake to the Gourmet Guy for the cookbook and access to the other side of the tracks.

Green station[edit]

At the beginning of first room use Bow to fade through the first obstacle, then once your past you'll come to a shy guy slot machin and another shy guy with a paper on his head. Take the bot from him.

Now at the slot machine If you get three shy guys five of them will spring out or you could get some rewards. Continuing further your going to use the light blue block at the end and use Parakarry to help you to get on top of the building where you'll find the chest with the dictionary. Now that you have the dictionary go back to toad town and give it to Russ T. (The Library). He will give you a star piece for it. Have him translate the note, which will tell you what order to hit the coloured blocks in front of green station. (Yellow, Green, red, Blue. Not sure if it's the same every time)

Put the sequence in and your off to the next station!

Note: The blocks are not in the same order every time you play the game. The sequence is always the pitch of the notes going from lowest to highest.

On and off[edit]

Before entering the next room, heal yourself and save in the main room. In order to defeat the Big Lantern Ghost, use Bow's slap attack on the lantern to light the room enough to see, and then use any high-powered attack on the Ghost itself. Defeating the Ghost will result in Watt (The lantern's light source) joining your party.

Little Watt[edit]

Use the team member upgrade on watt.

Back to blue station[edit]

All that is left to do here is to flip the switch to complete the tracks and have easy access to the outside world

Red Station[edit]

Save and get your health cause you're fighting a mini boss. Go left first, use the elevators to get to the far side of the room. There is a companion upgrade, don't use it. Save it for your new companion you will be getting. Before the fight, switch to Bow.

Bow has her multi slap that can keep the lantern lit the best. Do some damage, alternating between her slap. When you win, you'll get Watt and can use the upgrade on her on your way back.

Now head back to the train station and restock your health. Go into the room on the right side, using Watt to illuminate the room. You will find the Shy Guy Army and follow them into another room. There, the General will begin a battle with you. The army itself with be easily defeated, but it's not over yet. The general will come out with two new Shy Guys on stilts, followed by more stacked on top of each other. Using Watt's paralysis move, you can reduce the damage that Mario is dealt.

Finally after defeating the Shy Guys, the General will take you on himself. Watt's electricity and Mario's hammer will help you out, but jumping won't do anything.

Prepare for the fight.

The Shy guy army chase[edit]

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Battle of General Guy[edit]

Before being able to battle General guy himself, you will have to take on his Shy Guy army. The first of which being the Shy squad, a group of Shy guys. The Shy squad itself has 15 HP, and attack equivalent to it's remaining HP. The attack consists of multiple 1 HP hits, which can be lessened with a defense Plus Badge, or careful Action Command timing. After defeating the Shy squad, you must take on two Stilt Guys. Each stilt guy has 7 HP and an attack of 4. The third and final Shy guy battalion you must face before taking on the general himself, is the Shy stack. As the name implies, it is a stack of Shy Guys. Each stack totals 10 HP, and the attack is equal to 1 per Shy guy left in the stack. The maximum attack being 4 per stack. Eventually General Guy decides to take you on himself. General Guy is no easy boss, boasting a whopping 2 defence points, which early in the game can negate most of Mario's attacks. General Guy's tank also has a light bulb, which produces a lightning attack that deals 5 HP of damage to Mario, and immobilizes Mario's partner. The light bulb has a defence stat of 1, and 8 HP. Once the light bulb is broken, General Guy attacks with bombs that do 4 HP of damage. It is recommended for the fight with General Guy himself, to use Watt, as her attacks ignore defense, therefore causing much more damage to General Guy. Once defeated he will release Muscular, the fourth Star Spirit, and will give you 35 Star points, though if you have a spell on Mario it may be doubled.

Peach: Gourmet Guy's return[edit]

Cook the cake for 30 seconds. It is possible but hard to pinpoint when to take the cake out. It is recommended you use a timer.