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You may change these configurations as you play the game, but these are the default.

Inside a Dungeon[edit]

The Grid System
The Grid System is a system that applies only inside of dungeons. The dungeon is divided into squares, where each square can be occupied by one Pokémon or item.
  • Neutral dpad - Move one square. You can move diagonally by pressing 2 buttons.
  • B button+Neutral dpad - Run in a straight line until you reach an object.
  • Stylus button - Move to the selected square.
  • Stylus button(Double click) - Run to the selected square.
  • Stylus button(Double click and hold) - Wait and heal.
  • A button - Normal Attack a hostile Pokémon/Talk to a friendly Pokémon.
  • B button - Open the Item menu.
  • R button+Neutral dpad - Allows only to walk diagonally, making it easier.
Set Moves
The Set Move is a Move that you can access easily using a single key combo, rather then going to the Move menu and choosing it.
  • Y button - Shows the Grid and allowed to turn on the spot.
  • X button - Open the menu.
  • Select button - Toggle darken of the screen, allowing a better view of the minimap.
  • L button+A button - Use the Set Move

Outside a Dungeon[edit]

  • Neutral dpad - Move.
  • B button+Neutral dpad - Run.
  • Stylus button - Move.
  • Stylus button(Double click) - Run.
  • R button - Talk to your partner.
  • Y button - Open the menu.
  • A button - Talk/Examine
  • A buttonorB button - Continue text flow when talking.


  • Neutral dpad - Navigate in menus.
  • A button - OK
  • B button - Cancel
  • Stylus button - Select options.

The Item Menu[edit]

Accessed using B button inside a dungeon or X button and select Items.

  • Start button - View info about selected item.
  • Select button - Sort items by rarity and alphabet.
  • Eat/Use - Eat or use the item.
  • Trash (outside a dungeon) - Destroy the item.
  • Throw (inside a dungeon) - Throw the item at a nearby Pokémon or in a straight line.
  • Place (inside a dungeon) - Place the item on the same square you are.

The Move Menu[edit]

The use of moves in combat increases the exp you gain. So it's recommended to use moves at least once per fight. Don't forget that Moves has PP which can eventually run out, making the Move unusable.

Accessed using X button and selecting Moves.

  • Select button - Set a new Set Move or unset the current Set Move.
  • R button+Up dpad or Down dpad - Switch the move location in the menu.
  • Start button - View info about the Move.
  • Use - Unleash the move in a dungeon.