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Talk page etiquette[edit]

  • Keep language civilised.
  • Don't edit, remove, or otherwise deface other people's comments.
  • Keep on topic, or start a new one with a lower heading if you think it's necessary.
  • You're entitled to voice your opinions, but try and be balanced, and appreciate others' points of view (even if you don't agree with them).

Specialized talk pages[edit]

With all talk pages, it's generally easier to click the "+" link at the top of the page to add a new section, as it gives you a separate area to fill out the heading of the new section.

Community Issues[edit]

The Community Portal talk page used to be where things about the site in general were discussed, but such discourse has now been moved to the forums. The forums are an area to discuss things about the site in general, such as policies or suggesting a new option for it. A good example of a topic in the forums would be "Policy on player made parts of game" with the question "What's the policy on writing about player-made parts of the game, such as if there was a huge guild that enforced a bunch of laws in the game? Would it be something that should go in the guide?"

Staff Lounge[edit]

The staff lounge is the place for any questions that you have on how to write a guide such as how to make a template or a table. Click the "+" link at the top of the page, and fill out the heading box with your question, such as "How to make a table?", put your question body in the editing area, then put your signature after it. Later, someone looking at the staff lounge who knows the answer will help you out with your problem. Asking questions here can be a valuable learning experience, so don't hesitate to ask! After writing your topic, sign your name using the signature button on the top Wikisigbutton.png, or type two hyphens and four tildes (--~~~~). --Navy White 09:38, 14 February 2007 (CST)

It will sign your name with a link to your user page and the time and date.

When responding to a topic, it's customary to put a : in front of your message. Doing so will indent your responses, like these paragraphs. If the person before you has done it, you do two of them, and so on. When you respond to a topic, you can put your opinion of the issue or answer their question if it's a policy.
Although you can edit another person's message on the edit page, it is generally frowned upon unless there is a good reason such as someone spamming or swearing.