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This is a proposed policy. It is not yet binding. You are welcome to suggest changes or voice your opinion on this proposal on the talk page.

Although StrategyWiki has no EULA, there are some things all users should be conscious of. First of all, please make the general disclaimer known to you.


Once you have made a contribution, you have agreed to license the work to the Creative Commons. Under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (CC by SA 3.0) license, anyone is allowed to edit or redistribute the information under the same or compatible license. Using MediaWiki, the history of edits is contained within each individual page and can be accessed at any time.

User Rights[edit]

When you come to contribute to StrategyWiki, you're joining an active community that has rules of conduct. By not following such rules, you will probably be notified (and warned) by one or more of the administrators. Most often these rules are broken out of misunderstanding, and the communication between admin and user is to bridge that gap and establish a clear understanding of the active policies of this website. These warnings are the first step in dealing with users that disrupt StrategyWiki in a negative manner (most commonly these cases are referred to as vandalism).

The administrators understand that the policies are not completely set in stone, and so arguing with them can sometimes lead to changes within the community - however, the policies exist because they have already been debated upon. The community issues is where these matters are discussed and settled.

All rules that are broken "by accident" will often be understood as such and there will be nothing to worry about.

User Privileges[edit]

As a user you have many more privileges and benefits over an anonymous user. These can be viewed at StrategyWiki:Guide/Getting Started.

Accounts and Profiles[edit]

Once you have created an account, it will never be deleted. User accounts will exist even if banned or abandoned.

All data on user and talk pages will be preserved for historical record, unless decided upon as insignificant (i.e. personal information that pertains to an inactive member of the community and is just excess data - even so, it may remain intact).

If you get your account banned, do not think that it will be deleted any time soon.