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Basic help[edit]

Basic help is when you really want to know something, but it doesn't specifically pertain to a guide that you may be working on. There are many places to get help, like in the staff lounge.

Staff lounge[edit]

The staff lounge is a great place to ask questions about wiki markup, layout, and whatever else you might need to know. When you ask a question on the staff lounge, usually allow about a day or two for people to answer your question, as there might be many different approaches. Also, just because the title contains "staff" doesn't mean that only administrators can respond to questions. Anybody with the knowledge to answer a question is encouraged to do so.


Discord is a great place to ask about anything, or just hang out. You can usually find many people willing to help you on Discord. This page details many aspects of connecting to and using Discord.

This guide![edit]

You might find the answer to your question later in this guide. Browse the table of contents to see if your question is covered!

A sysop's talk page[edit]

You can always leave a message on the talk page of one of StrategyWiki's administrators, or anyone else whom you feel is capable of answering your question. The person you contact might leave their answer on their own talk page, so you might want to add that page to your watchlist to see if it has been edited lately.

Specific help[edit]

When you want a question about a specific guide-related topic answered, all of the above options are available to you, plus a few more.

The guide's talk page[edit]

When you leave a message on that particular guide's talk page, people working on the guide, and therefore knowledgeable about the game, will be able to work out the answer with you.

The talk page of someone working on the guide[edit]

You can usually find out who has been recently editing a guide either by checking Recent Changes or by checking the history of the guide in question. When you think you've found someone who can answer your question, leave a message on their talk page.

Someone in the cleanup project[edit]

If you instead are unsure of how to lay a specific table out, or if something should be revised, ask someone on the cleanup project and they'll be happy to help. Please remember that not everybody is constantly on StrategyWiki, so the response to your question may be delayed.