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Welcome to Flipside! After the cutscene, get the Pure Heart from Merlon. All that's left now is to put it in the heart pillar. Follow Tippi to the left. Press Up dpad at the red arrow to find yourself on the second floor. Follow Tippi this time the right to yet another arrow. Press up again. Go left and you're at the heart pillar. When the Pure Heart is in the pillar, go back to Flipside Tower (save at the save block first).

Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds[edit]

Travel right while stomping on the Goombas and Squiglets until you find yourself at the blocked off door. Jump onto the ? block and over the blockade. Ignore the door for now. Jump on the last Squiglet and go into Bestovious's house. Point the Wii Remote at the screen and press A button to find the hidden door. Go inside to find Bestovious. After talking for a little, answer no two times, but answer yes the third time. Flip into 3-D and grab the two items. Watch the top left. You'll lose one HP every time the power bar here empties. Go into the previous room and flip into 3-D again to find another item. Once outside, go right and jump from the save block to the roof to find a card. Flip into 3-D near the save block and hit the middle block to get Pal Pills. Go left and down the first pipe you see. Open the chest and flip into 3-D. Pick up the coins and leave. Go back to the blocked door and flip to 3-D to get to it. Once in the new area, go right and hit the Koopa Troopa shell (after jumping on the Koopa) into the other enemies. Watch out for it when it ricochets back at you. Flip around the pipes while getting a card. Hit the upcoming ? blocks and grab the Happy Flower to get raining coins. Don't try to jump the gap. Go into 3-D and travel over the new hill. Keep moving right and watch out for more enemies. Once through the next door, watch out out for Sproing-oings that multiply when hit. Jump over the mountain with the spring. Skip those few blocks and flip into 3-D around the mountain while killing the horde of Squiglets. Keep going right until you find the stairs. Jump over the gap. Through the door, you find your first family Piranha Plants. Don't jump on or over them unless you have to. Flip around them and hit the ? block to reveal a Mega Star. Get it. Go right to crush as much as you can. Hit the star block to complete this chapter.

Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the Foothills[edit]

Watch out for Koopas and Paratroopas as you hit the blocks to the right. Go up the mountain and stand in the red square. Once across the gap, continue right and flip into 3-D to hit the blue switch. Stand in the blue box on top of the new mountain for the same effect as the red box and go through the door. Continue right yet again. Flip into 3-D at the mountain and jump on the blocks to get on the mountain. Stay in 3-D view and jump onto the brown boxes from the ? boxes. At the end of the row, flip into 3-D and hit that new block. Go up the ladder and run across the clouds. Flip around the spiny rolling Thwomps and into the door. Travel right and slide into the pipe. Go into the house and flip into 3-D upstairs. Talk to the guy. Help him get out of 3-D by flipping next to him. Answer red to Red's question for him to let down the bridge. In town, jump onto the first brown blocks you see. Jump on the building to the left and jump across to the right buildings until you find a card. Buy any supplies you need and go to the same blocks and flip into 3-D to find a pipe. Go in and flip to 3-D. Grab the coins and leave. Go into the house to the right of the blocks and flip to 3-D to find another pipe. Flip around the Thwomps and go to the door. Point at the star in the wall to find a door. Open the chest to get Thoreau, the Pixl. Grab the red and white block with Thoreau and throw it at the blue switch( You might have to do a long jump, then throw with good timing). Go back to town and to the house to the right of where you are. Talk to Watchitt to have Green (Red's brother) open the bridge. Go down the pipe to Green's house and he'll open the bridge. It doesn't matter what you answer to his question, he'll kick you out either way. Once across the bridge, hit the star block to finish the chapter.

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold[edit]

Go right while killing enemies. Stop at the red tree. Keep going right until you hit the quicksand. Flip to 3-D to get a catch card behind the next rock. Don't try to jump on the clefts. Pick up one and throw it at the others. Keep going right and flip around the Jawbus. Jump on the orb to kill him. Do not jump over him. Through the door, go right, and stop at the pointy rock. Flip into 3-D and go in the direction it's pointing to(right). After you reach the end, go to the statue to see that it says to jump under the red palm tree 10 times. Back at the red tree, jump in front it 10 times and go through the new door. Jump on the spring on the row of brown boxes to reach the red box. Flip into 3-D to walk across the quicksand. Stay 3-D and go around the pole. Use the spring to get on the block next to the boxes blocking the switch. Now use Thoreau to hit the switch. Continue past the door and jump on the save block in 3-D. Then jump onto the brown blocks. In 2-D, jump across to the pipe. Hit the ? blocks along with the ones in 3-D. Go back to the door, go through it, and get ready to fight O'Chunks.

Mini Boss: O'Chunks[edit]

  • HP: 20
  • Max. Attack: 1
  • Max. Defense: 0
  • Reward: 1,000 points
  • Attacks: Twister Throw, Running Lunge, Jump, Ground Pound

O'Chunks is about as dangerous as a shroom shake. His worst attack is his Twister Throw. When you get close enough, he'll grab you and throw (and then dances horribly). To avoid it, use Thoreau to throw him. He'll be stunned long enough for you to jump on him. Do this until he's defeated.

After the battle, go through the door and jump onto the brown blocks. From there, jump across the yellow platforms until you reach the door. In the door, go left and read the statue. Flip into 3-D and read the side of it. It says to Stand on a blue platform and press 1 button and Minus button at the same time. Leave and this time go right to the spring. Jump from it to the other yellow platforms. Go through this door and run right to the blue platform and press one and minus at the same time. Hit the star block and end the chapter.

Chapter 1-4: Monster of the Ruins[edit]

Go down the steps and into the door. Avoiding the fire, jump onto the ? block and continue to the block on the right. Kill the Squig and continue to the treasure chest. Go back to the ? block and go right to the door. Avoid the fire traps on the other side of the door until you get to the door in mid-air. Flip to 3-D and hit the <> blocks. Flip back to 2-D and they'll be there. Inside the door, climb the ladder while avoiding spiny tromps to a treasure chest. Bring the key back to the locked door and open it. Jump onto the platform to the right, continue around the spiny tromps, and on to the upper door. Pick up the Squiglet and throw it at the switch. Go back to the first platform and the top will be open. Use Thoreau to grab the key. Go in to the locked door to the right and a floating door will be inside. This time, point at the screen to get a platform and go in. Go to the left until you cfan see the key. Flip to 3-D and go to the top of the stairs in a hole in the wall. At the top, flip to 2-D and get the key. Go all the way to the right and skip the door. Flip to 3-D and follow the path to a chest with a card in it. Go back to the locked door and go in. Jump up from the spring and ignore the door going to the left. Flip to 3-D, go up the ladder, and hit the switch to the right. Get away from the spiny tromps and jump onto the big switch. Jump in the hole after them and go in the door.Flip to 3-D and hit the switches in their proper order. Go up the new stairs and both blocks to get 10 HP and save your game. Now go in the pipe and to the right.

Boss: Fracktail[edit]

  • HP: ??
  • Max. Attack: 1
  • Max. Defense: 0
  • Reward: 1,000 points
  • Attacks: 3-D Sandstorm Swoop, 2-D Sandstorm Swoop, Frackles Spawn

He'll start off with the 3-D Sandstorm Swoop first. He'll be in the background and charge at you. First avoid Fracktail swooping through the sand after he spins in the air. When he flies to the right, wait a couple of seconds until a tremor comes and flip into 3-D. During his attack, jump onto his back. Use Thoreau to grab the Frackles Fracktail spawns and throw them at the orb on top of the antennae on Fracktail's head. After three hits, Fracktail will do a loop-the-loop to try and get you off. Run to his tail and onto his head. If you fall, just wait for him to go right again. Hit his antennae a total of 9 times until he's dead.

Go in the new pipe and down the stairs to hear Merlumina's story. Now you can get the Pure Heart.

Castle Bleck Part 1[edit]

You will overhear a conversation between O'Chunks, Nastasia, and Count Bleck about Mario. Peach has finally been found. A hammer bro and koopa find her and help her escape. "Private Koopa" escorts Peach out while "Captain Hammer Bro" goes exploring... and gets himself caught. Go through the door to the right to find the hammer bro getting brainwashed by Nastasia. Go through the door to the left. Go through the first door you see to get yourself in a dead end. Peach suddenly disappears when she gets cornered by Nastasia, and the chapter will end.