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After the ship has crash-landed at the Lake Vicinity head south into the outskirts.

Menos Outskirts[edit]

Jump down and head south-west. Open the chest in the lower-right for a Menos Bronze. Go back north-west and go west. Jump up the ledges here and go east, pick up the chests for a Forsena Iron and a Long Seed. Go west to return to the previous area jump down and pick up the chest in the far left for a Baobab Wood. Go west and up the stairs to the far upper-left and head straight down for a chest containing a Forsena Iron. Jump down and go south-west to enter Menos.

Menos Village[edit]

As you enter Menos you will witness a conversation between 2 old folks talking about a girl called Amanda who rescued a young guy. Amanda bumps into you as you try to enter her home and rushes off. Inside is the hero lying in bed. A conversation goes on between you and him where he reveals he lost the amulet you gave him on the airship. The boy leaves you to go to Jadd with Bogard to look for Amanda.

Before leaving be sure to chat to the town's people here. The house in the lower-right has a 2 chests, one containing a Crooked Seed. The other seems impossible to reach--but it isn't if you enter the home during night when the furniture has been rearranged. It contains a Menos Bronze.

Black Mask
Go into the inn and speak to a guy called Toma standing near the innkeeper 4 times. He'll give you a Black Mask to give to the Dudbears.
Easy Dudbear Gold
Go into guest room in the inn and speak to Johnny. After an argument between him and Tony he'll give you a Dudbear's Gold.
Barbecued Newt
Go to the house in the lower-right and speak with Kralove, he'll tell you a guy who loved Barbecued Newt went to Jadd.
Go to the house in the lower-right and speak with Badra. She'll give you a Rhinoloupe and asks you to give it to her daughter Priscilla in the Devius Manor.
Go to the house in the lower-left and speak with Pancetta. He'll award you for bringing him back an Aerolite.