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To enter the gates to the hall you'll need to visit at night. Enter through the gates and a small scene will take place. Head north up the long set of stairs to the entrance of Vinquette Hall and enter the building. Inside you'll meet with the Ebony Butler and Isabella who'll offer you to stay the night. After a long conversation you'll arrive in your sleeping quarters. Open the chest here for an Angel Grail then exit the room. Go right and enter the room to talk to Isabella. She'll have a nice little chit-chat with you and tells you of a water spirit trapped in Marsh Cave. Head back to your room and the boy will go to sleep. The heroine will wake up in the night and will be free to venture on her own.

Leave the room and the heroine will witness the Ivory Butler talking to himself. Save at the Mana Goddess then go down the stairs and enter the room to the lower-right.

Vinquette Hall (Dungeon)[edit]

Skull Beasts
Skull Beasts are one of the most deadly enemies in the game, they are quite weak until they put their shields on, then any weapon damage will be directed back at you. Use your magic to defeat them.

This is a good time to level up your magic as most mobs here are only weak against magic damage and it's your most safest way to get through them. Have your staff equipped so you can kill them without having to be infront of them. Head to the far lower-right corner and open the chest to obtain a Light Coin, then head up though the door just ahead of you. Go around and down the stairs, then head down and enter the first door here. Recover your HP and MP and save at the silver Mana Goddess and open the chest here for a Magic Walnut. Go back out of this room, head left and enter the next door. Destroy the Metaball in this room with the bow to reveal the fire spirit Salamander. Salamander magic is only effective vs Batmos, Zonbines and Skull Beasts, so use it when you can to level it up (remember to equip the staff first.)

Zonbines only react to magic damage and can claw you for a lot of damage with both hands if they get close.

Return to the very first room then head up, far left, and enter the door here. Kill the mob in this room by running out of its range and using Salamander magic. Exit the room through the door to the north, then head up, left, and enter the 2nd door. Go around and down the stairs, left, and enter the first door. A small sequence will take place with the Ivory Butler who then turns into a werewolf and attacks you. This boss is not weak to anything so you're best off conserving mana for heals and attacking him with your bow. Keep at max distance and just spam shots at him. If he gets close then run away and heal up every time he uses his special attacks. Since you're only doing 1 damage per hit he will take some time to down. Once he is dead go through the door to the upper left, go round the stairs and south, down, far left, and enter the 2nd door. Head up north through the door to a golden Mana Goddess. Save here as the next room leads to the next boss, Count Lee. If you want to gain a few levels before facing him you can repeatedly go back and forth between rooms defeating mobs and recover HP and MP until you reach a level you feel comfy with.

Once Count Lee is defeated you'll be faced with yet another scenario where the hero and heroine finally get outside again. Head south twice and purchase the Cactus Essence from Niccolo if you haven't already, save here, and go south once more to reach the Scaly Lair.

Black Wolf

HP 90 POW 18 DEF 12 INT 16
MND 13 AGI 11 EXP 5 LV 15

Your best bet is to use the bow as your magic is heavily resisted. You'll only be doing 1 damage per hit, however if positioned correctly you'll not get hit and will keep him at max distance most of the time. If he suddenly comes towards you then run away and watch for his light beam attack. Heal yourself immediately if you get hit by his light beam.

Count Lee

HP 130 POW 17 DEF 10 INT 16
MND 14 AGI 11 EXP 10 LV 45

Run behind the altar at the start and then switch to the hero and hack at Count Lee with his sword. While Wisp can do a lot of damage towards this boss you'll probably want to save that magic for healing. When Count Lee turns into a ball of bats run towards the heroine, switch characters and start casting heals until the bats don't hurt you anymore.