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Skull Beast
Skull Beasts are one of the most deadly enemies in the game, they are quite weak until they put their shields on, then any weapon will be directed back at you, when you're at high levels, one hit can kill you, to beat it, avoid it until you get a spirit, then use the spirit when it has got it's shield on, it will deal a hit about every half second and it will go down easily.

There will be a cutscene here, after that, go in, a strange man talks to you and tells you to go home, instead after the cutscene, go in. The Ebony butler will greet you, you have to stay the night, when you get to the room, go to Ms. Isabella's room to the East, she will tell you a lot, then save at the Statue and go your room, you have another nightmare, when you wake up the heroine's gone and it is your task to save her. Take the Left door and prepare for some monsters to attack, a few Batmos and Lime Slimes, go to the left, then take the closed door and go through.

In this room, beat a few enemies then go down the stairs, then take the first door you see, save then go into the room, there is a Jab Metaball, beat it for a surprise. A fire spirit, Salamander appears, it teaches you how to Sit, now you can use magic to beat the Skull Beasts and any other enemies. Pressing R button won't work until you choose Salamander from the ring menu, press spirits then press A button on Salamander.

Now go back to the first room with monsters that you entered, from your position, go East, then North and go in the door, you will be in a Room with a Zonbine, use Salamander to blast him, then the door opens. Go in the second door that you see and go down the stairs, take the first room and you will see the weird man again, he is looking at one of the coffins, then the Ebony Butler comes in and you will fight with him.

Go through the door and up the stairs, when you go out, go south then take the second door, you will be in a dining hall, train in the mansion until you are at least Level 12, then go through the door on the right hand side, this door holds a gold statue so save, then go in for a battle with the Count, when you win, you realise that she is the girl you were meant to protect, now go south twice, buy the cactus essence and save, then go South to get to Scaly Lair

Black Wolf

HP 90 POW 18 DEF 12 INT 16
MND 13 AGI 11 EXP 5 LV 15

Either equip your sword and power it up with Salamander or use your bow from max distance. He uses moon magic which will do a lot of ranged damage and there is no way to avoid it, so be quick in downing him. Use a gumdrop if your health gets too low. If you find this battle hard then you should level up a few times.

Count Lee

HP 130 POW 17 DEF 10 INT 16
MND 14 AGI 11 EXP 10 LV 45

Just power up your sword with Salamander and hack at Count Lee, Salamander magic attacks and the bow don't do much. If he stops and you see blue balls, run away, each one that hits you will drain 15 HP. You are probably best to use gumdrops because you can get more of those later. The Heroine's Wisp also does a lot of damage.