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When you arrive back on The Dog Island, Amalia asks you how things went. After you explain the situation, you'll both go talk to Alex. He says that he doesn't actually know if the Legendary Flower exists. He says that he doesn't know about natural herb remedies. But as he says that, he remembers Obaba, and he says you should go and see her. But if you went now you would arrive at her house at nighttime, and that would be rude. So he says that you should rest up at home.

Petsai will say that you should check on the Anc Tree. Go to the centre of the village, and you will see that it has grown a little. Petasi will remind you that Alex said to rest up at home.

Go to your house, and Petasi will tell you about how he came to the World of Dogs. The Queen of Ancs was telling him off for drawing graffiti on the Anc World's gate and digging up all the Anc Trees. He told her that if he didn't do these things then everyone would ignore him, and so The Queen of Ancs sent him to the World of Dogs to do good deeds, and when he had grown an Anc Tree he could return to the Anc World.

The next morning, you need to go to Obaba's house in Treely Woods. She will tell you that once there were Legendary Flowers everywhere, but then dogs started to forget to respect nature, and so they gradually disappeared. This story was passed from her great, great grandmother to her grandmother, so she guesses it must be true. She says that the only place that the Legendary Flower might grow now is somewhere on The Dog Island, but she doesn't know where and she's never seen one. She says that only a Sniff Master can find the Legendary Flower, and to be a Sniff Master you need training. First you must become a pupil of Rode, who can teach you. To be a pupil of Rode's you need an Apprentice Ring. You realize that the Ring Fragments that Yi Lu sent you to look for might be something to do with the Apprentice Ring, and so you need to go and see Yi Lu in Green Meadows.

Ring Fragment 3[edit]

Yi Lu will tell you that the Ring Fragments actually do have something to do with the Apprentice Ring and that once you obtained all four fragments you will have the Apprentice Ring and will be able to visit Rode's dojo. He tells you to find Ring Fragment 3 which he has hidden in Treely Woods. When you get there from Green Meadows, go across the bridge and turn right. When the path splits in two, turn left, but don't go to the Gorilla. Turn left again and you will find Ring Fragment 3 here. Find it and bring it back to Yi Lu. He will ask if you want to hear his story. If you say yes, he will tell you;

He was a pupil of Rode's, and he wanted to train to be a Sniff Master. So he helped all the dogs that needed help, but he never became a Sniff Master, and he went to Rode and asked him when he would be a Sniff Master. Rode told him that to be a Sniff Master, he needed to sniff all the scents, and so Yi Lu ran away from Rode's Dojo because he gave up hope. He needed to return the Apprentice Ring because he was no longer a pupil, but he thought he'd swap it for something nice, but you know what? He broke his Apprentice Ring. He was planning to use you to get all the pieces for him, but then he saw how hard you were working and decided you deserve to keep it and go on to become Rode's pupil and maybe even a Sniff Master.

Yi Lu will give you the Apprentice Ring, and tell you to go and see Rode in Zoomy Village.

Road to Rode[edit]

If you go to Zoomy Lake, then hop across the islands towards Zoomy Village, you will come across a large gap which is too far to jump. You will spot a Hippo, and so you have to find some Hippo Food. First sniff on the tree stump to get the smell. Sniff around until you find it (it's on the island where Dr. Potan's friend's grave is) and then take it back to the tree stump, and place the food on it. The Hippo will come over, and then you can go back to the islands and hop on its back. Continue along the path to get to Zoomy Village. Rode's Dojo is in the center of Zoomy Village, and a Black Labrador called Yan is standing next to it (he has an Apprentice Hat on like Yi Lu's). Go up the ramp. You will see a cut-scene where you go up to the Dojo and there is a loud gong-crash noise. Rode will be standing outside his Dojo, and then he will speak to you.

Rode's Condition[edit]

Rode will sense that you wish to be his pupil. He tells you that to be his pupil you need to find the Flower Vase which he has hidden in Hoya Plains. He tells you to go and find it. Hoya Plains is along a path going out of Zoomy Village, between Rode's Dojo and a building which is just called "A House" (if you hadn't noticed, there's one building with this label in every village and you can find things inside if you sniff around). Go to Hoya Plains, and sniff around. You will pick up a trail of pawprints. Follow them, and before you get to the end of the trail, you will meet a Giraffe who has a problem.

Helping the Giraffe[edit]

Talk to the Giraffe, and he will tell you that he has lost a precious thing. He has lost his Giraffe's Note, and his Mom is going to be angry with him. He asks if you could look for it, and he tells you that someone saw a Boar near where he lost his Giraffe's Note.

You can sniff around and find which Boar is near the Giraffe's note. Wait until it falls asleep, and howl at it. Once it is knocked out, it will drop the Giraffe's Note. When you have it, take it back to the Giraffe.

The Giraffe will tell you that while you were looking for the Giraffe's Note, his Mom asked him where it was. He had to tell the truth, and she said that he had to give you something. But, he is a Giraffe, so he doesn't really have anything. He tells you to keep the Giraffe's Note, and then any Giraffe will lift you up to higher places. He tells you that Giraffes cannot owe, they have to give the one who helped them something when they are helped.

When the Giraffe has finished talking, you can ask him to move you to the ledge above. Ask him to move you, and then carry on sniffing and following the trail of pawprints. Jump across a ledge, and you will come to the end of the trail, and you will find the Flower Vase. Take it back to Rode, and he will tell you that you are now his pupil. He says that there is someone in this Village that needs your help.

The Delivery Man[edit]

When you go out of Rode's Dojo, Boris the Dalmation will be standing nearby with a question mark over his head. If you speak to him, he will tell you that his sense of direction is getting worse and worse, and he needs you to help him. He asks you to take some Firewood to Noble. He will try and go along there too, but he doesn't know how long that will take.

You need to go through Zoomy Lake and Treely Woods and then go to Pupsville. Go to Noble's house and talk to him to give him the wood. When you go back outside, you will go behind Malshige's Shop and the Furniture Dealer where you usually find Boris, but he isn't there. He is in the middle of town near the Anc Tree.

Boris tells you that if his sense of direction gets any worse, he will be in trouble because he won't be able to do his job. Apparently he can't even walk in a straight line. He says that he wants to ask Alex what he should do, but he doesn't think he'll be able to find Alex's house. He asks you to tell Alex about his problem. You need to go and talk to Alex, and he will say that he doesn't know of any cure for bad sense of direction, but Boris could use a compass. But compasses are very pricey. Then Alex has an idea that you can make a compass with a stone he has heard of called a Map Stone. Go back and tell Boris what you found out.

Map Stone Hunt[edit]

Boris remembers that someone told him to look for a Map Stone, but he has such a bad sense of direction that he wouldn't be able to find one. He asks you to find it for him. You can find a Map Stone in the Hoya Plains, or so he was told. You need to go to the Hoya Plains and start sniffing to find the Map Stone.

When you're sniffing you'll probably come to the bottom of a small cliff. The search meter will be almost full, but you won't hear the "ping" signaling you're on top of the item. You need to go along the cliff until you find a Giraffe, and then he will move you up higher so you are on the other side of the cliff. Follow the path and you will find the Map Stone. Take it back to Boris.

When you are back in Pupsville and have given Boris the Map Stone, he will tell you that he can take you to places where you have been before, for one Woof. This is useful for if you are trying to get to somewhere on the other side of the Island.

Go along the edge of the Village a bit and you will find Amalia outside the Victory Gang Dogs' Hideout with a question mark over her head.