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You do not need Nunchuk button to play this game. Before playing, attach the strap to your wrist to avoid damaging Remote button or other people/objects around you.

On the PlayStation 2 version, there are separate buttons for each action, unlike on the Wii version, which only uses the Remote button. Because of this, certain gameplay mechanics are easier on the PS2, such as sniffing around other dogs (sniffing and talking both use the A button button) and moving around inside buildings where the DogIsland cursor.png can get trapped off screen on the Wii when you are trying to get to far walls. However, one advantage of the Wii version, is that your dog automatically dashes (runs at full speed) and maintains maneuverability while doing so. On the PlayStation 2 version, you dog turns very slowly and you are forced to quit dashing to make the sharp turns that are often necessary when racing. Neither version allows for alternate button setups or assigning buttons yourself.


Wii PlayStation 2 Action
Remote button+B button Neutral lstick+Circle button Movement
  • For the Wii, the Remote button moves the DogIsland cursor.png and B button moves your dog toward it. The closer your dog is to the DogIsland cursor.png, the slower it will move.
  • For the PlayStation 2, push Neutral lstick softer to go slower or harder to run. To dash, press the Circle button button repeatedly.
A button Square button Sniff
Shake Remote button Triangle button Dig / Scratch
Plus button Start button Menu, skip cutscenes
Minus button Cross button Bark (hold to howl)
Neutral dpad Neutral rstick Move camera
1 button R1 button Move camera behind your dog
2 button R2 button Cycle through mini-map displays, sort accessories


Wii PlayStation 2 Action
Neutral dpad Neutral lstick Neutral dpad Cycle through options available
A button Cross button Select
B button Triangle button Back


Wii PlayStation 2 Action
A button Square button Sniff (island map)
B button Triangle button Back
Plus button Minus button R2 button Toggle between island map and local map