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Go to the centre of the village and you will see the cutscene again with Clark, Will and Gordon throwing Tomatoes at Francis. When she wakes up, you can find out why it happened again.

The Fainted Nurse 2[edit]

Francis will tell you that she is sorry. She was fine even with actual blood when she had the Brave Fruit that you gave her, but when the effect of the Brave Fruit wore off, it made her phobia worse. Somehow the Victory Gang Dogs found out and now they like to pick on her again. She says that it's probably all to do with a certain incident that happened when she was young. If you choose to help her then she will tell you about it.

When she was young she had a best friend (as most of us do) and one day they were playing, but they started fighting over something really silly. At first it was just an arguement but it got rough and they started attacking each other. They rolled around biting annd hitting each other, until Francis thinks she may have killed her best friend. She remembers she pushed her and she didn't get up, so Francis left her. Finally she gained enough courage to go to her house to apologise, but her family had moved away. Francis thinks they moved to forget the sad memories of losing their daughter. Francis thinks that they moved to Zoomy Village. She asks you to go and look for Elaine.

When you go to Zoomy Village, go towards the Hoya Plains and next to Rode's Dojo, you will see a brown Miniature Pinshure. Go and talk to her.

She will tell you that a dog over there looks like it wants to talk to you. Francis will come over and tell you that after you left she had second thoughts about sending you. This was her issue and she should sort it herself. She will then ask the Mini Pinschure if there is an Elaine or a family with an Elaine around here. She asks who she is, and Francis tells her her name. The mini Pinschure is infact Elaine herself and she is surprised to see Francis. She asks about her family but all Francis can say is "Elaine...". Finally she tells her that she is sorry and Elaine wonders what for. Francis tells her that she killed her (and she is quite surprised,) and she has to explain what she meant. After the explanation, Elaine tells Francis that the whole thing was actually her fault. She was going to tell her that she was moving but she must have chose the wrong words and they had a fight. They say that they are going to be friends forever. "Hooray, I'm not afraid of tomatoes anymore!"

Peter's First Love[edit]

If you go into Noble's house, and then into Peter's room, you will see Peter, Noble's son, with a question mark over his head. If you go and talk to him, he will be talking to himself about how pretty Amalia is. When you speak up, he will be slightly embarrassed that you saw him, but he will admit that he really likes Amalia. But he can't say anything when he is around her, because he is shy. He wished he was more romantic, and asks if you can go to the South Sandy Desert and find something called a Romantic Drop. After he says pretty please, you agree to find the flower for him.

When you get to the South Sandy Desert, which is just beyond the Hoya Plains, Petasi will tell you that it is hot, and you need to drink water or else you'll overheat, and also to watch out for the five Blue Snakes. You can drink water by drinking from the oasis, or you can cool down by eating ice cream which you can buy in the shops in some villages. If you sniff around, you will find the Romantic Drop behind the pyramid, just west of Gigili Village. When you have it, go back to Peter.

He will thank you and give you a woof.

The Anti-Cloud Staff[edit]

If you go into Jeremy's house, you will see Jeremy, the Scottish Terier, with a question mark over his head. He will tell you that he is a cloud removing practitioner. In other words, he can turn rainy weather into sunny weather. He says that he will show you. He says a load of words that will probably make no sense to you, and then you wait. When nothing happens, Jeremy will tell you that his staff is broken. He asks you to find some wood from the Ash Tree so he can make a new Weather Rod. He says that the ash tree is in the North Sandy Desert.

If you go through the South Sandy Desert, you will come to Gigili Village. Beyond here is the North Sandy Desert. But when you get there, you won't be able to see a thing. There is a non stop sand storm in the North Sandy Desert, which makes it hard to find items since you can't see far in front of you and there are lots of snakes. The easiest way to find the Ash Tree is to use the map and find the Oasis. Drink some water if you want, and sniff around the edge. You will find the Ash Tree here. Take it back to Jeremy.

He will say that this is indeed wood from the Ash Tree, but there are more tasks to be done to make a Weather Rod. Luckily, though, you don't have to do it yet.

Growing an Anc Tree 2[edit]

When Petasi says you should check the Anc Tree, go to Pupsville and to the centre of the town. The Anc Tree will have grown a little more. It will be starting to look vaguely like a tree instead of a sapling.

Petasi says that you should go and see Rode soon.