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Now you are on your journey to The Dog Island. On the way, a bird named Mr. Birdy falls onto the ship and you help him back onto his feet. There are seagulls flying over the sea, and the ship is continuously sailing to The Dog Island.

Swab the Decks 1[edit]

Though no dirt goes into your inventory, the scent will be logged in your Scent List under Special Items.

El Dorado tells you that if you want to go on his ship to The Dog Island, you have to work. Philipo, the St. Bernard who is most probably the cleaner of the ship, will ask you to clean the dirt off the deck, and you will memorize what dirt smells like. Use your smelling power to find all three bits of dirt, and when you dig each one up, you will have cleaned it from the deck. Go back to Philipo, and he will give you a Woof.

The night will pass, and the sun rises to a new day of working on the ship.

Fishing for Food[edit]

If you don't want to watch the ship sailing forever (or any cutscene) hit the Plus button button to skip it.

Bernard the Shiba Inu (he's the ship's cook) will ask you to catch a Sea Bass and a Pacific Saury for food. He will give you his fishing rod, and you will be at the deck of the ship. You will get randomly selected fish every time and you might even catch a Red Seabream, a very large fish. To fish, wait until the word "Fish!" appears on screen, and then pull up the Wii remote as if pulling on a line. If you pull too hard, the line will break, but pull too softly and the fish will get away! Try to keep the fish indicator in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the screen. After you've caught a Pacific Saury and a Sea Bass, go to see Bernard on the bow of the ship, and he will take the fish from you. He will give you a Woof for each extra fish you caught, so feel free to fish for as long as you want beforehand to get more Woofs.

Another night passes.

Swab the Decks 2[edit]

El Dorado will say you are doing a very good job, and will ask you if you want to work on his ship full time. Philipo will tell you that the crew on their ship is like one big family, and the captain hardly ever lets dogs they don't know onto the ship. Philipo then wants you to clean the deck again. There are five places to clean this time, including one on the step next to Mr. Postman, and one on the deck of the ship near El Dorado. After you've cleaned them all, talk to Philipo and he will give you a Woof.

Philipo will say that the wind is changing. "Cap'n, a storm is comin!"

The rain will start pouring down and the sea starts getting rough. El Dorado will tell you that he'll have to cancel the trip to The Dog Island, because he has to worry about his crew, but he'll take you there on the next trip instead. Unfortunately, you can't wait that long so you head for the side of the ship. The captain tries to stop you, but he's too late, because you've already jumped off the boat. You rapidly try to swim, but the waves are too much and you pass out, disappearing under the water. Mr. Birdy flies round in circles, then flies off to get help.