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When you go near Amalia, you will see a cutscene with her and two of the Victory Gang Dogs. She says that they are fighting over something silly that no one cares about. She says that they don't scare her. Then you come along and growl at them as well. Then Camu and McCoy, two more of the Victory Gang Dogs, come along. McCoy asks who you think you are. You don't say anything, and so McCoy says that you've got some guts.

McCoy says that they will not take your orders, unless you can prove that you are better than them. In other words, if you can beat all of them then they will follow your orders. But Camu steps in and asks McCoy who died and made him leader. He asks what would happen if they were to lose, because obviously McCoy doesn't think that'll happen. McCoy tells him to shut his mouth and follow his orders. Then he tells you in order to challenge any of the Victory Gang, you'll need a Victory Gang Badge of your own.

When they are gone, Amalia tells you that they are the Victory Gang Dogs. When Bill used to be the leader, they were good dogs who did good things for the villagers, but ever since Bill retired to become a fisherman, it has been a battle between McCoy and Camu because both wanted to be the next leader. So they aren't really bad dogs.

Amalia asks if you can go and talk to Bill to stop the Victory Dogs from fighting, and see if he has a badge to give you. Bill is working as a fisherman at the beach in Green Meadows.

Last Leader of the Victory Gang Dogs[edit]

Go to Green Meadows and down to the beach, and you will see Bill with a question mark over his head. Go and talk to him. He will say that he used to be the leader of the Victory Gang Dogs. He says that he is sorry for the trouble they are causing. When he retired, he wanted the next leader to be voted on, but instead it has become a battle between McCoy and Camu to see who could collect the most Victory Gang Badges. He would go and talk to them, but he has lost his Victory Gang Badge somewhere in the Treely Woods. If you get it for him, he thinks they might treat him as an ex-leader.

Go to Treely Woods, go across the bridge, and turn south. Turn left where the path splits in two, and you will see a Gorilla. Wait for it to fall asleep, howl at it, and sniff around for the Victory Gang Badge. When you have it, take it back to Bill.

Bill thinks that even though he has the badge, the other Victory Gang Dogs still won't listen to him. Therefore he asks you to take the badge and talk to them. He thinks that Camu, the Jack Russel Terrier, is in the Victory Gang Dogs' Hideout in Pupsville.

Hide and Seek with Camu[edit]

Go to Pupsville, and the Victory Gang Dogs' Hideout is to the east of Noble's house (the one with two spires near Amalia's house and Jeremy's house). Go near the door, and Camu will appear. You give him Bill's message, but he doesn't trust you. He says that if you win at a game of Hide and Seek with him, he will trust you. You need to look for Clark the Pug, Kurtis the Dachshund and him, Camu. For an advantage, he will let you sniff their Badges.

Once the game begins, you can start sniffing around. Kurtis is hiding behind Amalia's house, Clark is hiding behind Dorothy's house and Camu is hiding between the Cafe and the flower collector's house at the west edge of town. When you have found them all, Camu will say that you win, and will give you his Victory Gang Badge. He thought he might lose, anyway.

He will tell you that one of the other Victory Dogs told him that someone in this town needs help.

Pull him out of his house[edit]

Go near Amalia, who is standing by Alex's house, and you will see them having an argument. Amalia tells Alex that he is a lazy old good for nothing, and that he is too old to be staying inside all the time. Alex says that she shouldn't use words like that. She tells him he needs more variety in his life. He then tells her that he is a perfect example of variety, and starts to talk about why. Amalia has had enough and tells him to shut up. Alex points out that she started this and now she wants him to shut up, and he says that she's not a very good conversationalist. He tells her that the pen is mightier than the sword, and the big brother is mightier than the little sister. He says that he chooses to stay at home and read as much as he can.

When you talk to Amalia, she will ask if you saw what happened. She is embarrassed, but asks you to help her. If you say yes, she will take you to Alex.

She will tell him that she brought someone to help her, so he is in trouble now. He says that he is impressed by her efforts... a little. He says that you must answer his riddle, and then he will come out of the house. "It wears a white dress, and gets shorter as the clock hand moves forward. Bring me the answer."

If you are good at riddles you may have worked out that the answer is a candle. If you hadn't worked it out you can ask Alex for a clue. You can either ask for a clue about what it is or where to find it. If you ask for a clue about what it is, he will tell you to go and talk to Patricia. Her house is opposite Han's house. If you talk to her, she will think about it while talking to you and finally work out that it is a candle. She will then tell you that she saw one in a house, but she doesn't know where.

If you go and talk to Amalia, she will say that she saw a candle in the Victory Gang Dog's Hideout.

Go to the hideout and sniff around near the table (because there is a candle on the table) and you will find a candle. Take it to Alex and he will tell you that you are right. He then comes out of his house.

Amalia thanks you and tells you that Clark was boasting about having some kind of competition with you, and that he is waiting for you in the Zoomy Village.

Challenge with Clark![edit]

You can do the Clark and Kurtis missions in either order, and you can trigger one while in the middle of the other.

When you get to Zoomy Village (either through Zoomy Lake or via Boris), go near the accessory shop owned by Carol, the Beagle, and before you get there you will meet Clark.

When a Victory Dog appears, they lick their lips!

You give him Bill's message. He will tell you that he doesn't trust you, he only trusts dogs that can catch bugs better than he can. You will then do a tutorial by trying to catch a Yellow Butterfly. Afterwards, Clark will realize that you don't have a bug cage, and will tell you that a bug cage is necessary. He will let you borrow his, then tell you to go and catch a Cabbage Butterfly. The one in Hoya Plains is closer, but the one in front of the first snake in Zoomy Lake is more frequently present.

He will be surprised that you caught one and will give you his Victory Gang Badge. He will also let you keep the bug cage, so you can now catch bugs around The Dog Island.

Challenge with Kurtis![edit]

Go near the shop selling health items (owned by Gina, the Pug), and you will meet Kurtis. When you give him Bill's message, he will tell you that he only trusts dogs who can fish better than him. He tells you to go and catch a Black Bass and he will trust you.

You can catch a Black Bass at either of the fishing piers in Zoomy Lake. When you catch one, bring it back to Kurtis, and he will give you his Victory Gang Badge.

Bee Problems[edit]

If you go to the north end of Hoya Plains, to the entrance of the South Sandy Desert, you will see Kristina, the Chihuahua, and a mob of angry bees. When you go near, Kristina will tell you that she wants to go to the South Sandy Desert, but the bees are blocking the way. She then asks you to find a Lotus Flower, as bees love them.

After memorizing the smell, sniff around and you may figure out that the Lotus Flower is on a ledge that you cannot get to. Next to the ledge there is a tree stump and if you sniff around you will memorize the smell of the Elephant Food. Now you must sniff around for that and you will find it behind one of the snakes (in the scent sniff bar it will look like an apple with green slime-like stuff on the bottom of it). Put it on the tree stump (the food, not the snake) and the Elephant will come to eat. You will now be able to get to the ledge.

Go up the hill by the sea and then hop across the Elephant's back to get to the ledge. Sniff towards the edge and you will find the Lotus Flower.

Take it back to Kristina and put it on the tree stump. The bees will stop chasing her and come to the flower instead. Kristina will thank you and say that her trip to the desert shall be postponed. She will then order you to take her to Noble.

If you haven't done the mission 'Challenge with Clark', the Bug Collector will not be in the room as you will not have a bug cage.

You will automatically be back in Pupsville and in Noble's house. Outside the room where Noble usually tells you not to go into, Kristina asks you to wait there. After a few seconds she will say "You may now come before me." You will go in the room, and Kristina will be waiting for you. She will tell you that she is a princess (she has now changed from her hat to a tiara) and she has come to this island to study all the bugs and fish, but because she is a princess, she cannot be seen out looking at them, and so she has summoned a Fish Collector (Dougal the Burnese Mountain Dog) and a Bug Collector (Derrik the Akita). She will then tell you that there are dogs in this village that need your help, you must help them.