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Run out of where you have started and turn right. Follow the corridor to the next room. You will encounter a Red Cobra, so run as fast as you can and continue on. In the green room, you are safe. Now here, use an herb or any healing items if you need it. Continue to the next room, which contains another Red Cobra. Run! Now you will encounter some tunnels. Do not use the middle or right one, as they will poison you! Use the left one and you will have pushed a button. Now go all the way back to where you began and go through the opened door.

Make sure you have some herbs handy as there are two Red Cobras in the room. The door is to the right in this room. Go through and now you are on the secret pathway. It slowly appears as you walk on it, so it is not that bad. Collect the Medicinal Herb that is there and continue. The next door is in the next room, just behind a Red Cobra, so you might need that herb. Go down the ramp and you are in B2.

Run through and there is a Cobra right beside you. Run down the steps and grab another Medicinal Herb. Now run back up the steps and down the right corridor. Once you get past the Red Cobra, start sniffing. Dig by the door and learn the switch's scent. Now you will find the switch. Save time and jump down to where the step was. Jump up the steps and you will find the switch on a wall nearby. Now go through that door and fish for the Ancient Fish. Run down the corridor, and you will find another room with another Cobra. Put the fish on the altar and the next door will open. Run down the slope and you will be in B3. Stand on the the pedestal and select "Push" and you will meet the monster!

The Ancient Monster[edit]

After pushing the pedestal in Kunka Ruins by the landscape door, it will open and you will automatically run into the large room. The Ancient Monster, rather like a dinosaur in bones, threatens to crush you! The buttons vary every time you do this, so sniff in short bursts and find the right button. If the button beeps and you know it's the right one, get off and back on again.

Don't be fooled when he falls down in the cutscene, it's not over yet. Petasi will describe that this is a magical monster and there is a hidden switch. Don't worry about this part, just lure the monster away from the middle by running in tight circles around him and then veering off at the last moment to run straight to the center of the room, marked with a gray circle. Make sure you are properly in the middle then dig. This will make another cutscene of the Ancient Monster. He will charge toward your dog and your dog will push the button first, but thinks he/she will die. However, the monster falls down, crumbles into bones and dies before he can reach you.

You can now retrieve the Stone of the Heavens. When it is removed, the world begins to shake, so grab the mine cart and roll! Just take the safe paths by tilting the Remote button to the right tunnel, marked with a fruit.