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There are 121 total diary entries, ranging from automatic entries gained by a cutscene playing in the normal course of the game, to optional ones where you'll have to travel across The Dog Island to complete them. There is some leeway in the order in which you may accomplish the diary entries. Also, not all diary entries are mandatory.

This page consists of a big list of all entries for reference from other pages. While you can scroll down and look at the missions, there's no easy way to find the one you're looking for, and in most cases you won't know the name of the mission you want because you'll be trying to start it. You will find links to the missions in the Walkthrough, on the Safe Areas and Wild Areas pages, and on the Scent List page.

When you have completed To the Anc Road, if you don't have three missions completed on the sixteenth page of your diary, chances are you won't be able to get all of them. The entries in the list are laid out in somewhat chronological order, so it is possible to get an idea of what missions you can do by looking at entries around ones you've already completed. It is much easier to follow along in the walkthrough, however, and this will ensure you don't miss any of the ones that you can't go back and do later.


Mandatory Missions
Optional Missions
Help the Milk Man

Enzo is on the east side of the fountain next to the fence. He wants you to find his Basket. The Basket is on the other side of the fountain (west) from Enzo. Go back and talk to him.

Treasure Hunt
You don't get to keep the flowers or learn their scent for the Scent List.

Gustavo is next to the northwest side of the fountain, directly in front of the path up to your house. Gustavo wants you to find three Spiral Shells around town to win the treasure hunt. Here are their locations:

  1. Along the fence, southwest of the fountain.
  2. On the west side of the docks.
  3. On the east side of the docks near the water.
Departing from Home

Easy entry - just leave your house!

Sweeping the Deck 1

Philipo will teach you the smell of Dirt, and you will have to clean 3 Dirt spots off the deck of the ship by digging (shaking Remote button). The three spots are here:

  1. 5 paces in front of Philipo and slightly east.
  2. Just south of the main mast.
  3. On the second stair up to the fore, directly south of the mast.
You can also catch a Red Seabream here.

On the second day on ship, you are asked to catch a Sea Bass and a Pacific Saury. During the explanation, you will get a tutorial on how to fish.

Go up the stairs to the aft and back to the pier off the east side of the ship. The fish you caught in the tutorial doesn't count toward the mission, so you need to fish until you catch both of them. After that head back to Bernard at the fore of the ship to turn in your fish.

You will get a Woof for each fish you bring in, so in theory you can get 30 Woofs on this mission by filling up your inventory space with fish.

Sweeping the Deck 2

Same as the previous Dirt mission. Here are the spots:

  1. 4 paces southeast of Philipo.
  2. Second step up going aft, closer to the side of the ship.
  3. Northwest corner of the ship.
  4. 2 paces southwest of the main mast.
  5. First step going fore, right behind Mr. Postman.
Meet Dr. Potan

Head west from Amalia's house to the center of town. On the map, it looks like a green circle with buildings boxing it in, in each cardinal direction. Amalia is waiting at the building just east of the town center.

Haunted House

Leave Noble's house and head directly west. Amalia is waiting outside the first house you come to (it's the one with the pink mailbox out in front). Once inside, go to the fireplace and dig. After being introduced to your new friend, Petasi, go back and talk to Noble. He lives in the big house at the north side of town.

Problem solved
  • Mission location: Pupsville
  • Mission Source: Noble
  • Reward: You get to stay in Noble's spare house.

Just go back and talk to Noble.

The Anc Tree

Go the center of town (green circle on your map) which is to the southwest of Noble's house.

Is Dr. Potan Ready?

Just go into the clinic and see Dr. Potan again for this entry.

Medical Herbs

Head down the path to Green Meadows at the southwest corner of Pupsville.

Meet Yi Lu

Follow the path deeper into Green Meadows and when it curves to the right (north) search just off the path on the west side. Get the Ring Fragment and head back to Yi Lu.

Yi Lu's Test

Follow the cliffs on the east side of the map until you see the first Green Snake. Sneak up behind him and bark with Minus button then go talk to Yi Lu.

Yi Lu's Suggestion

Go back and talk to Dr. Potan in the Pupsville clinic.

Yellow Flower
The Yellow Flower smells like Cabbage mixed with Grapefruit.

Go to Green Meadows and follow the east cliffs. The flower is on the north side of the tree between the first two Snakes you come to. Return your find to Potan.

Meet Francis

Walk outside the clinic to complete this entry.

The Fainted Nurse 1

The Brave Fruit is on the far west side of Green Meadows. You will find it past the large tree, near the river about 20 paces east of the path to the broken bridge. Head back to the clinic and talk to Francis.

Blue Flower
The Blue Flower smells like Grape mixed with Lavender.

Head to the northwest corner of Green Meadows to find the entrance to Treely Woods. From the entrance, keep going straight ahead (east), across a bridge and farther until you see Goliath, who will be waiting next to a fallen tree. Talk to him and complete the The Handle.

Now that Goliath has cleared the path to the east, follow it down to a lower area, then double back and find the Blue Flower between the trees and the wall of the path you just came down. Once you have your item, go back to Green Meadows through the northwest entrance in Treely Woods, then back to the clinic in Pupsville. Give the Flower to Dr. Potan.

The Handle

Goliath is in the northeast by the fallen tree. Head west from where you were talking with Goliath, back over the bridge to the western part of Treely Woods. Follow the river all the way to the south and bark at the Gorilla to get the Axe Handle. Now go back and give it to Goliath.

Petasi's Stomach Ache

You can either go talk to Dr. Potan in the clinic, or you can go directly to Alex. Alex is located under large book behind the clinic to the east.

Meet Obaba

Now that it is open, you can take the path by your house directly west to Treely Woods. Once there, enter the hut in the southwest corner of the map.

The Charm

Go to your house in Pupsville and dig in front of your fireplace to get the Ashes. Now go back and talk to Obaba.

Francis' Anxiety

Take the southwest path out of Pupsville to Green Meadows, then head to the Treely Woods entrance. Go directly east all the way to the entrance to Zoomy Lake. Potan is on the biggest island, which is looks like a circle in the southern half of the lake on your map. Go talk to him.

Dr. Potan's Past

Don't do anything. This entry is included with Francis' Anxiety.

Angry Yi Lu

Head to Zoomy Lake to find the next Ring Fragment. You have two options here. You can begin sniffing when you enter Zoomy Lake and follow the pawprints wherever they may take you, or you can head out into the water from the north side of the beach. Go straight to a series of three small islands all in a row going north. When you get to the last one, complete the Jumping on the Hippo.

Now that the Hippo is in place, you can go jump on his back across to the north side of the lake. Go up the slope and find Ring Fragment (2) in the middle of the clearing. Now take it back to Yi Lu to complete the mission.

Jumping on the Hippo

The Hippo Food is on the beach near the corner made by the wall as the beach slopes back up to the Treely Woods entrance. Go back to the island with the stump, and place the food on it.

The Flu

Just talk to Dr. Potan in the clinic.

Finding Deflungi
Deflungi smells like Grape mixed with Apple and Orange

Head over to Treely Woods and find the Deflungi by the river across from the entrance back to Pupsville.

Deliver the Deflungi

Take the Deflungi back to Dr. Potan in the clinic in Pupsville.

White Flower

The White Flower is in Green Meadows. You'll find it just west of the Brown Bear in front of the huge tree in western Green Meadows. The Flower can be found a few paces west of the signpost where the path splits.

Growing an Anc Tree 1

Go to the center of town and check on your Anc Tree.

Finding the Legendary Flower

Go talk to Obaba at her house in the southwest corner of Treely Woods.

Road to Rode

Head to Treely Woods and cross the northern bridge to the east side of the map. Take the path south when it branches off to Zoomy Lake. The next time it branches take the left down into a lower part of woods. The Ring Fragment is against the wall with the fence on top of it in a clump of grass just south of two blue flowers. Take the Ring Fragment back to Yi Lu in Green Meadows.

To Zoomy Village

Search the stump on the little island in the east part of the lake. You will find the Hippo Food on the large circular island in the south side of the lake. It is a few paces to the east of the top of the stairs. Go back to the stump and place the food.

Rode's Condition

Go to the Hoya Plains, which is out the east exit from Zoomy Village. You will need the Giraffe's Note to get the Flower Vase, so do the Help the Giraffe mission, then talk to the same Giraffe who gave you the note to be placed up on a small cliff. Follow the path, jumping on the Elephant's back and then across a small gap. Follow this next path and near the end of it, you will find the Vase. Bring it back to Rode, who is in the Dojo (the biggest building) in Zoomy Village.

Help the Giraffe

Bark at the Boar in the middle of the map where the plains narrow between the south and north halves. Take the Giraffe's Note to the northernmost giraffe. You can see him to the east as you are returning from the Boar.

The Delivery Man

Take the Firewood back to Noble in Pupsville. His house is the big one on the north side of town.

Sense of Direction

Talk to Alex. He's the one under the book on the east side of town.

Fixing the Problem

Head to the Hoya Plains. Upon entering from Zoomy Village, go straight east until you see a Giraffe down the ravine to the left of the slope going up. Talk to the Giraffe to be placed up on a rise. The Map Stone is at the end of this path. Take it back to Boris in Pupsville.

Victory Gang

Amalia is in front of the Victory Gang Hideout, which is the easternmost house in Pupsville. Watch the cutscene, or skip it with Plus button, to finish this diary entry.

Last Leader of the Victory Gang

Head to Treely Woods and go to the east side over the bridge to the north. Take the path south, and then when it splits, take the left fork down to the Gorilla. The Badge is in the flowers across the path in front of the Gorilla. Take it back to Bill at the Green Meadows beach.

Hide & Seek with Camu

This mission is activated by walking up to the Victory Gang hideout after finding Bill's badge. To complete the entry, just find the three dogs, who are hiding in Pupsville. Here are their locations:

  • Clark: In the grass behind Amalia's house (the house just south of the Victory Gang's hideout).
  • Kurtis: In the clump of grass behind Dorothy's house (the one on the other side of the stream from your house).
  • Camu: In the flowers behind Cherry the Flower Collector's house (the southwesternmost house).
Bee Problems

Kristina is in the northernmost part of the map being harassed by bees. She wants you to bring her the Lotus Flower, but first you need to move the Elephant to get to it. Complete The Elephant's Back before continuing.

Now that the Elephant has moved, jump on its back to get to the elevated section with the Lotus Flower on it. Take the slope near the beach up and go straight ahead to jump the Elephant. The Lotus Flower is in an open patch of ground at the south end of the small plateau. Now just take it back to Kristina, or skip her and place it on the stump near her.

The Elephant's Back

In the northeast corner of the southern section of Hoya Plains is a stump. Sniff the stump to learn the scent of the Elephant Food. The item is in the open area between the two Green Snakes in the southwest part of the map. Take the Food back to the stump and place it.

Pull Him Out of His House

Amalia is in front of Alex's house (the big book on the east side of the map). To get the Candle, go into the Victory Gang's Hideout and dig in front of the candle. Take it back to Alex's house/book.

The Riddle 1

Talk to Alex to hear his riddle, then talk to him again and answer it. You don't need to actually find what he's talking about. Just select the answer "Nail" when he asks.

Peter's First Love

Peter is in one of the rooms in Noble's house, and asks you to find a Romantic Drop for him. They are on the north side of the South Sandy Desert, along the east side of the pyramid.

The Fainted Nurse 2

You can activate this mission by running into the center of Pupsville where the Anc Tree grows. Go talk to Elaine in Zoomy Village. She is the dog with the blue hat on at the beginning of the path to the Hoya Plains entrance.

The Anti-Cloud Staff

Jeremy's house is the northeasternmost one in Pupsville. You can find an Ash Tree for him about 10 paces south of the palm tree at the oasis in North Sandy Desert. The oasis is in the middle of the northwest quadrant of the map.

Princess Needs New Furniture

Mary Theresa is the proprietor of the Furniture Dealer, which is one of the shops on the south side of the Anc Tree. Take her Furniture to Noble at the large house on the north side of town. Make sure you go back and talk to Mary Theresa to complete this entry.

A Broken Mace
Glue smells like Pumpkin mixed with Potato.

Go talk to Mary Theresa at the Furniture Dealer south of the Anc Tree to learn the Glue scent. You'll find the Glue in a flower patch on the south side of the northeasternmost island in Zoomy Lake. Take the glue to Noble to finish the mission.

The Useless Law
This is one of the few missions, and the only optional mission, that forces you to complete it before moving on in the game.

You can start this mission by talking to Noble after you have fixed his mace. He mutters something about a new law, and the next day you can't leave Pupsville. You must collect the Signatures of the committee to repeal the law. Just talk to the three dogs here:

  • Jeremy: Northeasternmost house.
  • Hans: The house southwest of Jeremy's.
  • Dorothy: On the west side of town, the house across the stream from yours.
Working For Bill
Crab smells like Silver Fish mixed with Sardine.

Bill is near the southern pier, and wants you to find a Crab for him. Head to the beach and you'll find one on the southeasternmost side.

Fishing for Marlin

You can catch the Righteye Flounder and Blue Fish at the river pier in Treely Woods. It is right across from the entrance to Pupsville.

Challenge with Kurtis!

You can trigger this mission by running to the area in front of the path to Gina in Zoomy Village. Gina runs the shop that sells herbs and things of that nature. To get Kurtis' badge, catch a Black Bass. The closest one is in Zoomy Lake. Bring him back the fish to finish.

Challenge with Clark!

This challenge is triggered by walking into the space in front of the path to Carol at the Accessory Shop. The closest Cabbage Butterfly is in Hoya Plains, although the one in Zoomy Lake is more consistently present.

Growing an Anc Tree 2

Check on the Anc Tree in the center of Pupsville.

Graduation Test

Go to South Sandy Desert and run up to the Sphinx on the east side of the map.

The Great Sphinx

Head west from the Sphinx and bark at the farthest west Blue Snake to get the Ivory Key. Run back to the Sphinx.

Search for the Certificate

Head directly west from the Sphinx and dig inside the glowing circle at the westernmost point of the map. Head back to Zoomy Village and deliver the Certificate to Rode.

Grand Master Tao

Go to the Green Meadows and talk to Henry, who is waiting by the broken bridge on the west side of the map. He will give you a mission to perform. Complete Henry's mission, I Want to Cross the River.

Now that the bridge is fixed, follow the path east, double back behind the Boar and enter Gola Highlands. Go to the stump just west of the entrance to learn the scent of the Elephant Food, then complete the Feeding an Elephant mission.

Now that the Elephant has moved, you can jump across his back. Continue to travel higher up the mountain by going up the slopes on the west and east ends of the map. Eventually you will see a house on the west side of the highest level. Approach the house and meet Tao.

I Want to Cross the River

Go Treely Woods and enter Goliath's House, which is by the river just south of the entrance to Pupsville on the west side of the map. When you bring Goliath back, he will have a task of his own for you. Complete Fix the Bridge, I Want to.

Fix the Bridge, I Want to

Talk to Mary Theresa in Pupsville. She is in the Furniture Dealer, on the south side of the Anc Tree. Take the Nail back to Goliath at the broken bridge in Green Meadows.

Feeding an Elephant

From the stump, head towards the pond and take the slope upward. Continue to the top of the slope and press A button to search the cave at the top. Take the Elephant Food back down to the stump and place it to lure the Elephant.

Maid to the Rescue
For more on how to get to Chiro Village, see the walkthrough.

Alice is in Noble's house, and wants you find a Blue Rose. Enter the Chiro Caves from Chiro Village. Cross the bridge you see upon entering the caves and head all the way east until you come to a closed door. Press A button to open the door using the key you got from Alice. Head straight through the tunnel in the next room, which will tak you to another part of the caves. Avoid the Spotted Orange Snake here and take the right fork to another tunnel entrance. In the room it leads to (Chiro Caves B1), the Blue Rose can be found a step or two into the water. Take it back to Alice.

The Lake Mud

Dorothy is in the house on the west side of Pupsville just across the stream from your house. You can find the Lake Mud at the end of the southern cliff in Zoomy Lake. Dig it up next to the flower patch, and return it to Dorothy.

Making the Furniture
Cork smells like Lily mixed with Rhinoceros Beetle.

Mary Theresa, inside the Furniture Dealer south of the Anc tree, needs you to find Cork for her. You will find the Cork in Gola Highlands with the help of a Giraffe. There are three Giraffes in this map, two that you have to jump down to and one that lifts you up to a ledge. You want the latter one.

Coming from the Green Meadows entrance, this will be the first Giraffe you come to. Conversely, if you are coming from Chiro Village, or have warped in with Boris, it will be the third Giraffe you come to. Show the Giraffe your note to get up on the ledge. Head to the east side of the ledge and you can dig the Cork up in the clump of grass that is separated from the rest of the grass. Take the Cork back to Mary Theresa in Pupsville.

The Saffron Soup

Sayori is on the beach in Green Meadows. You will find the Saffron by jumping down to the middle Giraffe in Gola Highlands (the second one you come to going either up or down the mountain). The Saffron is right next to the only tree down there, on its northeastern side. Head back to Green Meadows to deliver your Saffron.

The Marlin Bait

Just talk to Isaki on the Green Meadows beach after finding the Saffron flower for his wife, and he will give you a lure so you can catch Marlin (Swordfish).

Entrance of the Cave

Henry is stuck in the far end of the Chiro Caves. Directionally, this can be quite confusing, because in the first map of the caves (B1) you are travelling east, then in the next section (B2) you travel west. When you get into the last section where Henry is, it flips again, and you end up going east to the other side of the cavern.

You need to find four Heavy Stones to put on each pedestal in the room he's in, in order to open the door. All four Stones are in the caves just west of that room (Chiro Caves B2). Take a look at the B2 map, and you should see the paths splitting and reconverging to form a triangle on the west side of the map. The four stones are scattered around this triangle.

There is a Heavy Stone in the middle of each side of this triangle. The fourth stone can be found at the beginning of the tunnel that branches off to the north. There are Bats all over these tunnels, so be careful, and if you are having trouble, bring something to heal yourself with you. When you have all four Stones, go back west to the B3 map and place a Heavy Stone on each of the four pedestals.

The Icy Wall

At the east end of West Chilly Field, Siegfried wants to use Firewood to melt the ice blocking the entrance to Snow Village. You find the Firewood in the northwest quadrant of the map. There is a Polar Bear guarding a little cave built into a snowbank. Either stun the Bear with a bark/howl or sneak over to the cave when it walks away, and press A button to search the cave and find the Firewood. Once you have it, take it back to Siegfried, who will open up the path for you.

The Riddle 2

Alex's riddle is "What carries its own home when it rains," and the answer is a snail.

The Riddle 3

"It has a mouth on its head and eats anything. It is usually carried around on someone's back. What is it?" A backpack.

The Magic Travel

Jeremy's house is the northeasternmost one in Pupsville. He wants you to take his Ash Stick around The Dog Island filling it with magical power. Start by going to the beach in Green Meadows and running out to sea between the two fisher-dogs. From there, run along the east side of the river north of the bridge to the west side of the map.

Now that you have the power of the sea and the river, head to Zoomy Lake and swim out to the westernmost one of three islands going across the middle of the lake to Zoomy Village. Your last stop is in West Chilly Field. When you get there, run out to the northern edge of the map to find the last Mana spot.

My Little Prince

For this mission, go to West Chilly Field and bark at the southernmost Polar Bear. When you get back to Pupsville, you can give the Golden Watch to either Alice or Peter, who is standing outside of Noble's house.

The Ingredients

Chef Rohme is in the Restaurant just north of the Anc Tree. You will find the Pepper he lost in West Chilly Field. The Pepper is on the southwest side of the map, so you need to move the sleeping Polar Bear that is blocking the way to that area. Smell the stump near the sleeping Bear to learn the Smelling Potato scent, then head south and find it by the dead grass next to the two penguins down there. Take it back and place it on the stump. Now that the Bear is out of the way, head to this new area and dig up the Pepper between the house and its garden. Deliver the Pepper to Chef Rohme for your reward.

The Messed-up Chef

After getting your mission from Chef Rohme in the Restaurant, head over to the clinic and talk to Francis. You can find the Oyster behind the northernmost house in West Chilly Field. Looking at your map and you should see a little inlet along the north sea cliff. The Oyster is right along the southern wall of that inlet. Take the Oyster back to the chef.

The Glacier ice
If you're having trouble following the penguin across the ice, use Neutral dpad to turn the camera instead of just trying to steer with Remote button. This will allow you to make sharper turns.

The Glacier Ice is in the northeast part of East Chilly Field, so you have to get across the ice field. Bark at the penguin who is waiting on the ice, then follow him across, making sure to only run on the ice squares that the penguin went on. When you are on the other side, dig up the Glacier Ice between the northern hot springs and the pier. To get back to Snow Village, you can run west along the ledge at the north of the map. Take the Ice back to Dorothy.

Let's Sing Again

Mid needs Cough Drops, and you can find them by stunning an Alligator. The Alligator he's talking about is on the far end of the Chiro Caves in the room where you had to put the four Heavy Stones (B3). Wait for the Alligator to turn away from you, then run up behind him and bark. Now take the medicine back to Chiro Village and give them to Mid.

The Wanderer

There are pawprints you can sniff to follow and they will lead you to the Bag Henry is missing. Or you can just go run straight there and dig it up on the ice about six or seven paces northwest of the fishing hole. Either way, take the Bag back to Henry to complete the mission.

The Wanderer Series - The Lost Hat

You can find the Knit Cap on the northeastern edge of the northmost hot springs on the east side of East Chilly Field. Just head to East Chilly Field, use the penguin to cross the ice, and run over to the hot springs at the north end of the map. Dig up the Hat on the northeast side of the springs and take it back to Henry.

Challenge with Gordon!

You can trigger this Victory Gang challenge by running to the east side of the fountain in Snow Village. If you are having trouble with winning the sled race, check out the tips on the Minigames page.

The Secrecy of the Sniffing - First

The First Book of the Sniff Master is in East Chilly Field, on the east side of the map. Cross the ice and dig up the Book on the western side of the igloo. Once you have the Book, take it back to Tao.

Growing an Anc Tree 3

Simple: go back and check on the Anc Tree in Pupsville, then return to Tao.

Tao's Lesson

Just visit Tao again after Growing an Anc Tree 3.

The Wanderer Series - The Hunger

The Special Grape Henry wants is in the east side of Treely Woods. There is a path on that side of the woods that leads down a depression where the sea pier a Gorilla are. At the end of that path is a stump with mushrooms growing out of it. North of the stump is a group of three trees with two orange flowers in front of them. You will find the Grapes in the clump of grass right behind those orange flowers. Now just head back to Snow Village and give them to Henry.

Challenge with Will!

This challenge is triggered by entering the area around the front of the inn on the opposite side of the mailbox. The race with Will is on the Forest race course. Check the Minigames page for more information.

The Quicksand Stick

After beating Will, he will tell you about the sliding sand in the North Sandy Desert. When you enter the desert the next time, Sayir tells you about how he lost his Quicksand Stick and needs you to find it for him. That's pretty easy, because it is simply a matter of using A button to search the cave in the westernmost section of the map. Dodge the small quicksand pits and Purple Cobras there and back to finish the mission.

Fly Your Hopes Into the Sky

Wilbur is in the corral with the cow in front of Noble's house. He needs you to get him the Burning Water. It is in the south of the Dry Valley, between four rocks with a Vulture circling above. You can see the rock formations on the map, but if you're having trouble locating them, look for the eastern rock formation, which is a large spherical rock atop a small mesa. You can see it just to the west of the main path that cuts through the level. Avoid the Vulture, and bring the Burning Water back to Wilbur in Pupsville.

Peter's Confusion

You will find the Hibiscus on the north edge of the oasis in the North Sandy Desert. The oasis is easy to spot on your map (the blue circle surrounded by green) in the northwest quadrant of the map. Dig it up and bring it back to Peter in Noble's house in Pupsville.

Pooch Fashion Collection is Coming

You can find Malshige's Shop just south of the Anc Tree in the middle of town. After talking to Malshige, head to the North Sandy Desert to dig up the Beautiful Feather. You will find the Feather about two paces north of the cactus due west of the oasis. Take your find back to complete Malshige's mission.

The Cool Blue

Hans left his house in Pupsville to go in search of a new color. He is in Gola Highlands outside of Tao's Dojo. He needs you to find the Lapis Lazuli, which is in Gola Highlands as well. From Hans, run back to the east along the top level of the highlands. In the northeast corner of the map is a place with a Giraffe you can jump down to before the ramp that takes you down lower on the mountain. Jump down there and dig up the Lapis Lazuli on the northern side of this little area. Have the Giraffe lift you back up once you have it, then take it back to Hans.

The Burning Red

Hans is still looking for the right color, and this time, in Snow Village, he thinks it's red. You will find the Cinnibar he's looking for in East Chilly Field. It's across the ice to the east, dead center between the north and south ends of the map. You'll find it in an open area about 10 paces from the eastern wall. Be careful, because there is a Polar Bear patrolling the area. Take the northern ledge back to the other side, re-enter Snow Village and give the Cinnibar to Hans.

Understanding the Art
This is the only mission where you get a different outcome depending on what you say.

After finding the blue and red elements for him, Hans will notice Henry's Painting on you, if you've completed The Priceless Art. He will ask for it, and he'll give you 1 Woof if you hand it over. When you talk to him later, he will also have something different to say depending on your answer.

Bring Back the Circus

Ohlala is the dog by the piano in the Cafe, just west of the Anc Tree. Head out to Dry Valley to find his Ring Master's Outfit. On the main path through Dry Valley, there is a totem pole on the east side of the path. In the middle of the path south of the totem pole, with a Buffalo attempting to run you down, you can dig up the Ring Master's Outfit. Return the outfit to Ohlala so he can start his circus.

The New Cirque de Bonheur 1

Head to Dry Valley after talking to Ohlala in order to find the Gentle Bear. He's the big pink bear on the west side of the map. To be very specific, looking at the map you will see three green patches in a line on the southwest side of the map and the Bear is in between the north and middle ones. Talk to the Bear then head back to the Cafe in Pupsville to introduce him to Ohlala.

The New Cirque de Bonheur 2

Ohlala will ask you if you know a good singer, tell him you do and that the singer's name is Mid.

Life is a Carnival

Linda hurt her ankle dancing, and needs some herbs. You can get a Medicinal Herb from a shop for 2 Woofs, by digging one up or if you still have one that's been given to you. Just make sure one is in your inventory, and Linda will be happy to take it off your paws.

The New Cirque de Bonheur 3

This time Ohlala is looking for a dancer. Tell him you know of one, then recommend Linda.

The New Cirque de Bonheur 4

To complete this diary entry, just respond with "Goliath" when Ohlala asks you if you know a dog with muscles.

The Wanderer Series - The Need for Wheat

Talk to Henry by the exit to the Rune Caverns, then head down to North Sandy Desert to find the Flour. Looking at your map, you will see an outcropping of rock at the farthest west point on the map. Just to the west of the rock is a dune, just to the west of the dune is a Purple Cobra, and just to the west of the Cobra is the Flour. Dig it up and take it back to Henry.

The Priceless Art
  • Mission location: Rune Village
  • Mission Source: Henry
  • Reward: 1 Woof, Henry's Painting

Go back and talk to Henry after finding his Flour, and you will get a Painting and a completed diary entry.

Challenge with McCoy!

Run around in Rune Village until the meeting with the last Victory Gang dog is activated. Beat him in soccer by keeping your pawprint cursor on the ball and pressing B button.

Victory Gang' Leader

After beating all the Victory Gang dogs' challenges, enter their Hideout in Pupsville (the easternmost house) to become their leader.

At Last the Circus is Here

Talk to Ohlala in the Cafe after getting everyone together for his circus. Then head over to Green Meadows and run up to the front door of the tent to watch the show.

The Golden Pup

For boy dogs: Talk to Amalia and find out that she likes you and wants to go on a date.

For girl dogs: Head over to the Victory Gang Hideout in Pupsville and you get to pick either Camu or McCoy to date.

Once you've got your prospective date, you need to go on four dates with your new girlfriend or boyfriend. Keep running out to the beach in Green Meadows to find your date, and don't forget to press Minus button if you want to skip the cutscenes.

Present from the Daughter

Talk to Tancredi then head out the south exit to the Rune Caverns. You will notice a Gray Cobra in there; just wait until it turns away from you, then run up and bark/howl at it. Take the Hat that you get from the Cobra back to Tancredi to complete the diary entry.

Second Book of the Sniff Master

Travel to Rune Village and dig up the Second Book of the Sniff Master. It is east of the south entrance to Rune Caverns, in the first bush past the tree. Take it back to Tao once you have it.

Growing an Anc Tree 4

Go to Pupsville and check on your Anc Tree again.

The Model

Talk to Malshige in her shop south of the Anc Tree and she will ask if you know a handsome young dog. Tell her about Peter and that's it.

The Road to Sniff Master

Just talk to Tao, and if you have 100 Scents, the entry is made.

The Mysterious Board

Hopefully you got an Ancient Fish outside the ruins. If not, go back and fish one out of the pond next to the bottom of the stairs to the ruins. When you have an Ancient Fish, run up to the altar and you'll place it, opening up a hidden exit in that room.

The Closed Door

Looking at the map of this level, you will see a large room against the middle of the north wall. The door to this room is closed, and you need to find the Silver and Gold Dog Statues to open it.

The Silver Dog Statue is in the room colored in black on the map. Take the hallway that leads to the northwest corner of the map, and when you get to the room with water and a Pink Cobra in it, you can run through the vines in the south wall to the "secret" room. Dig up the statue.

To get the Gold Dog Statue, first you must open the door to the room just east of the main room you're trying to get into. Follow the hallway on the east side that leads to the northeast corner of the map. When you get to the end, dig at the door to learn the scent of Door A.

You will find its switch in the room at the end of the southeast hallway. Go look at the west wall in that room and you will see a large, slightly darker stone in the north end of the wall. The switch is just to the left of it. Run back to the room at the northeast corner of the map and dig up the Gold Dog Statue in the center of the room near the south wall.

Go to the middle north room and place both Statues on the pedestals to either side of door. Now you have access to the room with the Sniff Master Medal in it.

The Sniff Master

In the Kunka Ruins, use A button to search the Sniff Master Medal, and you will be transported back to Tao's Dojo to regale him with the tale of your adventure. In appreciation he awards you the title of Sniff Master.

Pooch Fashion Collection is Open

Run into Malshige's Shop and watch the fashion show.

Dream Come True

Head to North Sandy Desert and dig up the Desert Flower along the west wall of the entrance to Dry Valley. Take it back to Peter out in front of Malshige's Shop in Pupsville.

Where is the Legendary Flower?

Find the three petals of the Legendary Flower:

  1. At the edge of the southernmost flower patch.
  2. At the edge of the middle of the west side of the island.
  3. About 12 paces southeast of the southeast pier.
To the Anc Road
Once you go to the Anc World, you no longer have access to The Dog Island. Make sure you have collected everything and done everything you want to do first like get healing items.

Run to the big tree in the middle of Green Meadows to get to the Anc World.

The Queen

Enter the opened door after going through Anc Road and speak with the Queen of the Ancs.

The Ancient Monster

Complete the last diary entry by defeating the Ancient Monster. To do this, you must step on the correct colored button. There is one in each corner of the area you are in, and you can tell which one to stand on by sniffing. Meanwhile, the Ancient Monster will be trying to run you down. Run in a tight circle or run toward him and veer off at the last moment to trip him up. When he falls down you'll have a few seconds to sniff out which button you need. Just go by how big the icon in your scent meter gets when you face in all directions. When you find the right one, run over to it before the monster gets back up.

After stepping on all four in the correct sequence, you'll need to sniff out the last switch. Save yourself some time and just run to the center of the room and dig it up. That will trigger the monster's death, and you'll be free to retrieve the Stone of the Heavens.