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There are 121 total diary entries, ranging from automatic entries gained by a cutscene playing in the normal course of the game, to optional ones where you'll have to travel across The Dog Island to complete them. There is some leeway in the order in which you may accomplish the diary entries. Also, not all diary entries are mandatory.

This page consists of a big list of all entries for reference from other pages. While you can scroll down and look at the missions, there's no easy way to find the one you're looking for, and in most cases you won't know the name of the mission you want because you'll be trying to start it. You will find links to the missions in the Walkthrough, on the Safe Areas and Wild Areas pages, and on the Scent List page.

When you have completed To the Anc Road, if you don't have three missions completed on the sixteenth page of your diary, chances are you won't be able to get all of them. The entries in the list are laid out in somewhat chronological order, so it is possible to get an idea of what missions you can do by looking at entries around ones you've already completed. It is much easier to follow along in the walkthrough, however, and this will ensure you don't miss any of the ones that you can't go back and do later.


Mandatory Missions
Optional Missions