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After the beginning cutscenes where you create your character, you start the game by waking up on your bed and speaking with your mother, Mar. She will task you with bringing back some milk, so head out of the house and out to fountain in the center of town.

Help the Milkman[edit]

Look on the east side of the fountain and you will see Enzo, a dog with a question mark over his head. Talk to Enzo, and he will say that his nephew was helping him, but now he's lost his basket. He will tell you what it smells like, and you memorize the smell. Hold down A button and walk to the other side of the fountain, and you should find the basket next to the fence. Shake the Wii remote to dig up the basket. Take it back to Enzo, and he will thank you, and give you a Woof. Then he will say that you should be getting back home because otherwise your mother will be wondering where you are. Go back up to your house, and go inside.

After a cutscene where you see your sick sibling won't be going to the festival, go out of the house and meet your friends, Vivianna the Cairn Terrier and Amedio the Pug. They will ask you why you look so sad, because it's festival night! Donatello tells you three that falling stars are a sign that trouble is coming, and he hopes nothing bad happens.

That trouble is your sick kin. While Mar is asleep, your sibling will creep out the house to go to the festival.

Treasure Hunt[edit]

You will see Gustavo, the Flat Coated Retriever, standing by the fountain with a question mark over his head. Go and talk to him, and he will tell you about the treasure hunt. You need to find three Spiral Shells hidden in Puroro town, and he will teach you the scent. He is about to say go, when he spots your sibling. When it becomes apparent your sibling won't go home, the hunt begins.

The first spiral shell is buried close by, in the lane near the houses at the side. The second one is down the lane to the docks near Donatello. The final shell is by your friends at the other end of the dock. Now you have all three shells, so go back and see Gustavo.

For a prize, you win a bunch of flowers, which you give to your sibling who in turn gets too excited and collapses. The music changes, and El Dorado carries the sick dog back home.

Departing From Home[edit]

The Doctor looks at the sick puppy, and tells Mar that their condition is not going to get any better. But then he remembers hearing about a Dr. Potan who lives on The Dog Island. Emilio/Maria can't travel to The Dog Island in their state, so it's up to you to go to The Dog Island to save save your family member. Mar finally makes up her mind and lets you leave, although there are terrible storms around there, and many boats have sunk just trying to get there. It's a dangerous job.

El Dorado agrees to take you to The Dog Island in his ship, and he goes home to get ready.

The next morning, after your family wishes you luck going to The Dog Island, go out of the front door to continue. You take one last look at your house, then go down to the docks, passing Donatello.

"Shooting stars are a sign that trouble is coming. Be careful," he says.