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You are the main character, and you are on a quest to find the Legendary Flower to cure your sibling. Between your hometown and the numerous villages on The Dog Island, you will meet many dogs and a few other creatures. The dogs are of all different breeds, and many will have a task for you to complete.


Dog Island Alex.jpg

Alex is the stay-at-home Black Labrador, who likes reading books more than anything else. He also assumes that he is the riddle master and will challenge you to four riddles throughout the game. He is Amalia's brother and, in her opinion, is just lazy and too old to be sitting around. Alex also lives next door to Amalia, his house being a giant book.

If you speak to Alex, and you're not supposed to be solving a riddle, he can detect how much health you have; if all your hearts are red, he will say "It's good to see you looking well", whereas if any of your hearts are black he will say that you look sick.


DogIsland alice.jpg

Alice is Noble's maid, and is a Poodle. She'll help her little princely-paws if he is going to get into trouble, even if it means taking a key from the master without permission.


DogIsland alphonso.jpg

Alphonso is a Rottweiler and he greets visitors coming from Zoomy Lake.


DogIsland amalia.jpg

Amalia is the kind Yellow Labrador Retriever who will show you the way to Dr. Potan's clinic and help you get started on your journey. Although she doesn't always get along with her brother, Alex, she'll get along with everyone else just fine. If you are a boy dog, she'll show interest in you and ask you out on a date. If you refuse, she won't speak to you for the rest of the game. She will ask you to make her stew.



Amedio, a Pug, is your hometown friend along with Viviana. He likes to go to the Puroro Town Festival with you and will send you a letter when you're on your journey. If you're playing a girl character, he hints that he may even like you romantically.

Anc Queen[edit]

Dog Island AncQueen.jpg

The Anc Queen has sent your friend Petasi down to the Land of Dogs as punishment for being a brat. She's saddened by the news that dogs have all but forgotten to thank Mother Nature for her bounty (spoiler: nature worship) and believes this is the reason for the deterioration of her homeworld. You can help her by retrieving the Stone of the Heavens for use in the Star Festival.

Ancient Monster[edit]

The Dog Island Ancient Monster.jpg

This malevolent guardian of the Stone of the Heavens will stop at nothing to keep you out of his lair. Find the right buttons, and you'll have no problem with this pile of bones.


DogIsland andrea.jpg

Andrea the Great Dane stays in the town square by your Anc Tree. She's very impressed by all the shops Pupsville has to offer. When you are saying good-bye to everyone near the end of the game, she comments on how she'll tell her fellows about how she helped you, although she never did.


DogIsland balthazar.jpg

Balthazar, a Doberman, runs the complicated mining machinery used to get water for his village. He shows his importance by saying how there is little water underground, but that is odd, since the Chiro Caves are full of water. Maybe the water is bad or too tricky to get without being mauled by bats.


DogIsland bernard.jpg

He's the cook aboard El Dorado's ship, and he requires fish for dinner. You get some time off of scrubbing the deck on your second day at sea to fish up a Sea Bass and a Pacific Saury for him. You even get a Fishing Rod out of the deal! If you collect extra fish, he will gladly take them off your paws and give you Woofs for them. He is a Shiba Inu.


DogIsland bill.jpg

Bill, a Bull Terrier, is the ex-leader of the Victory Gang. He'd like to turn them back into nice dogs, but he's pretty busy working for Isaki as a fisherdog. If you find his Victory Gang badge, maybe the other dogs will listen to you.


Dog Island Boris.jpg

Boris is a Dalmatian and a delivery man with a bad sense of direction. But once you've helped him overcome this, he'll happily take you to any village you've been to before on the Island, and a few outside areas too. So if you're in Pupsville and you want to get to the Chilly Fields in double quick time, you know who to talk to!


Preferring to keep to himself, Brian is in the building labeled "A House." He says the house near the lake is his, even though there is no such house.


DogIsland cameron.jpg

Cameron, a Papillon, sells accessories up north, which, if you want to be a pirate, is the only place to get an Eyepatch.


Camille runs an inn in the desert. Make good use of her services if you get poisoned in South Sandy Desert. Obaba's Antidote costs two Woofs more and doesn't even heal the hearts you've lost!


DogIsland camu.jpg

Camu, a Jack Russell Terrier, likes to play hide-and-seek and is more than willing to take you out on a date if you're playing as a girl dog. He is also a member of the Victory Gang.


DogIsland carol.jpg

Carol, a Beagle, is the proprietor of the Zoomy Village Accessory Shop.


Casbal is a rude little dog in one of the houses labeled "A House." Don't listen to him when he says you are too weak and small to run away from a buffalo. He should be pleased if you have a Silver on hand. when speaking to him, he will rob you of your Silver.


The Dog Island Cherry.jpg

Cherry, a Welsh Corgi, is the Flower Collector, and, while there are no missions associated with her, if you want to sell your flowers or earn the Flower Master Decorations, you'll be spending some time with her in the building labeled "A House."


DogIsland clark.jpg

Clark is a Pekingese and another Victory Gang dog, and his main hobby is catching bugs. He'll challenge you at some point, and if you win, you get the Bug Cage and the ability to catch bugs for the rest of the game. He ends most of his sentences with "man" and can't pronounce the word necessary. If you give him the Cabbage Butterfly before you help Amalia with her brother, he'll admit that she's really cool, suggesting that he might like her a bit.


The Dog Island Darna.jpg

Darna is a Border Collie. She is the Food Collector, appropriately stationed in the Restaurant. You don't ever have to talk to Darna, but if you want to unload some Food or you want to fill out the Food Collector book, you'll need to do some business with her.


Derrick is the Bug Collector who stays in a room in Noble's house with Kristina and Dougal. If you find any bugs while roaming around The Dog Island, Derrick's the one who can take them off your hands. He is alao an Akita.

Doluk / Doroken[edit]

Your father is either Doluk or Doroken depending on what gender you are and whether you have a younger brother or sister. Although you never actually see him during gameplay, you are told that he went to The Dog Island a long time ago to find a remedy for your sibling's illness, but he never came back. This is the reason why Mar wasn't sure about letting you go to the Island. If you make it through the credits at the end of the game, you'll see the family reunion when an old friend accompanies him back home. Your father, like everyone in your family, will be the same breed you choose for your character.

  • Places: You never get to interact with your father, but if you wait until after the credits at the end of the game, you will see him in a cutscene.



This is a wise old Weimaraner in your hometown who is always ready to tell a long story. He helps Mr. Postman figure out where to deliver your letter in the beginning of the game.


DogIsland dorothy.jpg

She is a Pomeranian and a health nut. She would do anything to stay healthy, even if it means doing something unhealthy. She will ask you to get some things for her.


Dougal, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is the Fish Collector who stays in Noble's house after you rescue Kristina. He will buy your fish from you or put them in his book. Complete the Fish Collector book and you'll get the Fish Master Hat.

Dr. Hill[edit]

Dr. Hill

Your hometown German Shepherd doctor, Dr. Hill is pessimistic about your sibling's chances of survival. Even though he's a skeptic, he does let you know about Dr. Potan on The Dog Island, who may be of more assistance.

  • Places: Dr. Hill is only seen in a cutscene at the beginning of the game in Puroro Town.

Dr. Potan[edit]

DogIsland potan.jpg

Dr. Potan is the doctor on The Dog Island. He lost his girlfriend long ago, and visits her grave on the day she died each month. Your sibling may be suffering from the same sickness that killed her, which makes him more than willing to help you. He had been holding a grudge with Obaba about his girlfriend's death, but eventually forgives her. Despite the fact that a Beagle's sense of smell is 55 times more powerful than a human's, he doesn't really know how to sniff. In a letter he may show romantic feelings for Mar.


DogIsland eisman.jpg

Eisman is a Chihuahua, and believe it or not, eisman is the German word for "ice cream." Very handy, considering he lives in the middle of the desert!

El Dorado[edit]

El Dorado

Captain of his own ship, El Dorado the English Cocker Spaniel brings letters from afar and is willing to take brave dogs to exotic destinations. When you decide to travel to The Dog Island to search for a cure for your sibling, El Dorado will doesn't mind taking you, as long as you're willing to work for your passage.


DogIsland elaine.jpg

This is Nurse Francis' childhood friend, with whom she has lost contact. Maybe if they were reunited and they resolved their misunderstandings, Francis could overcome her chronic fear.

Emilio / Maria[edit]

Your sibling's name is Emilio or Maria, depending on whether you chose a little brother or little sister, respectively. Your brother or sister is sick with a dangerous illness that has no cure, or so the doctors say. Your sibling hates being sick and will try hard to fight against it. On your travels you will get letters from your brother or sister and maybe even a drawing. Your brother or sister, like everyone in your family, will be the same breed you choose for your character.


DogIsland enzo.jpg

Enzo is an Australian Shepherd, and he is the milkman of Puroro Town. His son sometimes helps him, although it isn't really "helping" at all, considering that he lost Enzo's basket.


DogIsland eve.jpg

Eve, a cream Dachshund, is the other half of the Pupsville construction crew besides Tom. She is working on clearing the shortcut between Pupsville and Treely Woods from the Treely Woods side.


DogIsland francis.jpg

She is a Maltese and terribly afraid of the color red! All because of an incident that happened when she was a child, and because of that she decided to become a nurse, but now the Victory Gang Dogs like to pick on her. Francis, like Alex and Obaba, will comment on your health if she doesn't have a mission or other information for you.


This is the innkeeper up north. If you've tangled with some Polar Bears or you just want to get out of the cold, he'll let you rest up in one of his beds for only 1 Woof.

Gentle Bear[edit]

He is, as the name suggests, a bear that is very kind. The fact that he is bright pink also makes him stand out in a bear crowd! With some honey from Ohlala, he'll help by being the beast in the circus. He sees a great honey-making opportunity!


DogIsland gina.jpg

A Pug named Gina runs the Zoomy Village Item Shop.


DogIsland giraffe.jpg

There are actually a bunch of Giraffes in the game, but this is the only one you talk with, and for whom you do a mission. This giraffe is rather young, and is scared of what his mother will say when she finds out about how he lost his Giraffe's Note. If you help this Giraffe out, you get a pass that allows you to be lifted to higher places by other Giraffes throughout the game.


DogIsland goliath.jpg

Goliath is a Boxer, who is quite strong and will happily chop the huge log blocking the path to Zoomy Lake. Because he is so strong, Ohlala would like him in his circus as a strongman. But don't work him too hard or his back will start to act up again!


DogIsland gordon.jpg

Gordon the Saint Brenard is another one of the Victory Gang dogs, and he likes to go Sledding. He's eager to beat you, but if you don't want to race him straight off, he'll understand.


DogIsland gustavo.jpg

He is a Flat Coated retriever, and if you talk to him on the night of the festival, you can have a go at the treasure hunt contest.


He is a Collie, and an artist. He needs you to find a few things to make some paint. His new color...? Well, it cannot be put into words.


Heinrech is a nice little dog living in one of the buildings labeled "A House."


DogIsland henry.jpg

Henry is a small Basset Hound with a Santa Hat who has a constant stuffy nose. He is always losing his things. To make up for this, he is a great artist and he's found new ways to make paint. But he needs your help… a lot! He is also the subject of all the "Wanderer Series" missions.


She runs the inn near the Ancient Grove. This is your last stop before Kunka Ruins, so make sure rest up before tangling with all those Pink Cobras in there.


While there are no diary entries associated with Hope, if you want to make any New Products, you'll have to spend some time and money with him. Besides helping you make new stuff, he also acts as the local accessory retailer in Malshige's Shop.


Ignatsi the Burnese Mountain Dog beats the desert heat by staying indoors, although he does seem enchanted by the desert's unique sights, and suggests that you should enjoy them too.


Igor is an American Cocker Spaniel and stays indoors in his boulder house in Chiro Village. His advice to you is to watch out for the bats in the Chiro Caves!


DogIsland isaki.jpg

He too is a fisherdog, and he is a Golden Retriever, but he hasn't been out fishing for Marlin in a while. Help out his wife, Sayori, and he will give you a little present.


DogIsland izzy.jpg

Izzy is a Chocolate Labrador and runs the Item Shop in Gigili Desert. Along with normal healing items, you can now buy Really Cold Ice Cream in case you overheat in the desert before you can get to the oasis for a drink.


DogIsland jeremy.jpg

Jeremy, the Great Dane, is a cloud removing practitioner. He'll need help to make a weather rod so he can clear those rainy skies. When the world is ending and there is a fierce storm, your hard-work is repayed, as he removes the clouds and the rain.


Joyclen, a Pomeranian, runs the Restaurant in Pupsville. She doesn't talk much, instead preferring to just stick to business. She will sell you some health items if you need them.


DogIsland keifer.jpg

Keifer is part of the Gigili Village search and rescue team, and always stands ready at the entrance to North Sandy Desert to run out and help distressed travelers. He means well, but don't rely on him too much, because he won't be able to help you if you overheat or get stuck in the sliding sand.


Knuckles is a Chihuahua and runs a store in your hometown down by the docks. There's a fish on his sign, but he refuses to sell you anything. He gets mad when they make him stay home on the night of the festival. When you come back with Dr. Potan, he is not in his shop, hinting he may have gone on strike. Apparently, his sister fell in love on the day of a Puroro Town festival.


DogIsland kristina.jpg

Kristina the Chiuaua is a traveling princess who likes nature but doesn't want to get her paws dirty. When she's not out around the island disguised as a commoner, you can find her in Noble's house with her two Collectors of fish and bugs.


DogIsland kurtisproper.jpg

Kurtis the Daucshund is the fishing Victory Gang dog, and will require you to find a Black Bass if you challenge him.

Le Palpa Rohme[edit]

DogIsland rohme.jpg

Rohme the Shiba Inu is the proud owner of Le Chen Brun (the Restaurant) in Pupsville. You can help him get his lost pepper and find a way of getting rid of the complaints that the food is too salty. Talk to Joyclen if you're looking for food.


Leo is a fellow wanderer, who is resting in the local inn. He hopes to someday see an Ancient Fish, although he doesn't seem to care if you happen to have one on you.


DogIsland lesley.jpg

Lesley is a quiet Flat-Coated Retriever that sits outside Patricia's house.


Linda is a Papillon and a brilliant dancer, apart from a minor accident when she hurt her ankle. If you can get something for it, she'll happily join the Cirque de Bonhuer.


Lola, a Shiba, runs the largest underground inn on the island. There may even be a Medicinal Herb there you can take with you into the Chiro Caves.


There are two dogs named Luke in the game. The first Luke, an Australian shepherd, runs the Cafe, which he keeps in good condition despite being open 24 hours a day, with a group of regulars as well. The other Luke runs the Item Shop in Chiro Village, stocking Obaba's Antidote on account of the poisonous snakes residing in the caves.


He is the bossy Bichon Frise, owner of the fashion boutique in Pupsville. Talk to his sales dog Hope to purchase some accessories or create your own.


She is your protective mother. Although it takes some convincing for her to let you go to The Dog Island, you persuade her to let you save your sibling in the end. She likes making fish soup for Moon Day and knitting you clothes, so make sure you read all her letters. Your mother, like everyone in your family, will be the same breed you choose for your character.

Mary Theresa[edit]

Dog Island Mary Theresa.jpg

She is the King Charles Spaniel who owns the Furniture Dealer. You'll need to talk to her for some quests, like getting glue or nails, but you can't actually buy furniture from her at any point in the game.


DogIsland mccoy.jpg

McCoy the Doberman is last Victory Gang dog you must face and is a very good soccer player. He is bossy and a bit unruly, and until you beat him in soccer he will want to be the next Victory Gang leader. Just beat him in a best-of-three match to get his badge. If you're playing a girl dog, you can also choose to date him.


Dogisland mid.jpg

Mid the Corgi is a talented musician, who sings and plays the Guitar. He has to keep his voice in good working condition, and is rumored to be on the short list of Ohlala's circus talent prospects.


DogIsland milan.jpg

Milan is a Border Collie and ready to greet any travelers coming from Hoya Plains.

Mr. Birdy[edit]

DogIsland mrbirdy.jpg

Mr. Birdy is a blue bird who crash lands on El Dorado's ship when you first travel to The Dog Island. When you jump off the ship and pass out under a wave, he goes to get help from Amalia.

Mr. Postman[edit]

Mr. Postman

When you meet this friendly Bulldog, not only can you save the game, but you can receive letters (and send them on some occasions) too! You can find him in Puroro Town, on El Dorado's Ship, and his twin brother (who is also called Mr. Postman, and wears the same hat, so he's basically the same dog) is in Pupsville.

Nameless dog[edit]

There are a few inns in the game that have a dog behind the counter where you can't speak to him. These dogs might actually have names, but you can't get close enough to see them. There are also random, filler dogs in some of the cutscenes, to whom you are never introduced. Also, Potan's girlfriend's name is not mentioned, all that is shown is her as a black and white English Springer Spaniel.


DogIsland nikita.jpg

She is a Husky and stands guard at the entrance to West Chilly Field, making sure no Polar Bears get into the village.


DogIsland noble.jpg

Noble is a Yorkshire Terrier, and the by-the-book village Chairdog of Pupsville. He can give you a house to use during your stay, but he's a stickler for adhering to the rules, so don't be too surprised if he follows a few laws that are useless.


DogIsland obaba.jpg

She is a brown-and-white Shih Tzu, and she is also a healer. Since she couldn't cure one specific patient, not many dogs come to her anymore, and they think her ways of curing dogs are just voodoo or superstition. Who was the dog she could not cure? She says, "It was that doctor's… girlfriend…"


He is a French Bulldog and used to be the Ring Master of a circus. Although that was a long time ago and now he has lost his Ring Master Outfit, with your help he can start up a new Cirque de Bonheur!


Olga the Chihuahua runs the Zoomy Village inn. One Woof per night seems pretty reasonable.


This Cocker Spaniel just stays in her house and doesn't bother anyone. She's the one minor character that gets her own house in Pupsville. She will help you work out the first of Alex's riddles if you go to her.


DogIsland petasi.jpg

Petasi is an Anc who has been sent to the Land of Dogs by his queen, to do good deeds to learn his lesson. Back in the Land of Ancs he was often known as the prankster. He sprayed graffiti on the Anc Gate and cut down Anc Trees. Although not every dog can see him, he can help you on your journey. Petasi will be with you throughout the game, giving you hints on what to do next and making suggestions. You will also see him in your menu screen, jumping from option to option as you select them. Petasi was tasked with planting and growing an Anc Tree before he can return to his home land. The tree grows by its owner receiving appreciation, so you can help Petasi by helping dogs and receiving their gratitude.


Noble's son (and known to Alice as princely-paws), is a Yorkshire Terrier like his father. He is shy and secretly in love with Amalia. His success with her depends on whether you are a boy or a girl. He tries to overcome his anxieties when Malshige asks him to be a model at a fashion show.


DogIsland philipo.jpg

Philipo the Saint Brenard is Captain El Dorado's first mate. You can purchase a ticket to The Dog Island with your sweat, and Philipo makes sure you've got the decks of the ship clean as a whistle.


Dog Island Rastisraf.jpg

He is an English Springer Spaniel who hangs out by the locked door in Chiro Caves until you recieve the key from Alice. After which he isn't there anymore. It's either he doesn't know how to spell Noble's name, or it's just a typo.


DogIsland raymond.jpg

An Australian Shepherd named Raymond hangs out in front of El Dorado's ship when it's in port at Puroro Town.


He is a Pug, a regular in the Cafe, and once saw a mysterious stranger that looked kind of like you, who told him about a big festival in a place called Puroro Town.


DogIsland rode.jpg

Rode , a Mini Schnauser is your second sniff instructor, and has his own dojo. It requires an Apprentice's Ring to gain an audience with him, and even then you have to prove yourself worthy to be taken on as his pupil. Rode can level you up twice, if you haven't already been advanced by Yi Lu, his errant student. You can tell who Rode's students are by the brimless Apprentice's Hat they all (except for you if unless you choose to) wear. Complete Rode's rigorous training and he will introduce you to the greatest trainer in the land, Tao.


Sasha is an Akita who lives in "A House" in the Snow Village. Luckily, her house is a cozy igloo, so she stays nice and warm!


This Scottish Terrier is part of a group of travelers that have the power to control the shifting sands in the desert. You'll have to help him find his Quicksand Stick before he can open the way to Dry Valley for you.


DogIsland sayori.jpg

Sayori is a Golden Retriever and is Isaki's wife. She likes making his favourite Saffron Soup, and needs your help to find the spice for her.


DogIsland sergio.jpg

Sergio, a Collie, hangs out around the fountain in your hometown and knows a little bit about the Star Festival.


DogIsland shirley.jpg

Shirley the brown Newfoundland is on the welcoming committee in Pupsville, so she stays on the main road in from Green Meadows in front of the Flower Collector's house.


DogIsland seider.jpg

This bulldog is the proprietor of Item Shop in the snowy regions. He's all out of Ice Cream, so don't even ask.


DogIsland siegfried.jpg

Siegfried the Wimeriner is trying to get to Snow Village and out of the cold, but there's a huge wall of ice blocking the path. You need to go there too, so you might as well help him melt it.


A confused Shiba on convalescence at the Inn in Rune Village.


Dog Island Sphinx.jpg

The Sphinx in the desert is an enigmatic, taciturn statue that usually remains unresponsive. If you're trying to prove yourself ready to graduate from Rode's dojo, however, it will facilitate by administering your test.


Tancredi the Pug lost his daughter's hat in Rune Caverns, and he suspects the Gray Cobra in there might have nabbed it. If you're going to check out the statue in there, you might as well see if you can get the hat back for him as well.


DogIsland Tao.jpg

Your final sniff trainer, a West Highland White Terrier, Tao is somewhat of a hermit, living alone far up in the mountains. Tao can level you all the way up to Grand Sniff Master, which gives you all ten hearts in your life meter. He's insistent that you help other dogs and learn as many scents as you can. When you've learned 100 scents and your Anc Tree has grown tall enough, you'll be given the scents for the two pieces of the Book of the Sniff Master, and the key to Kunka Ruins, where you'll find the Sniff Master Medal. Be sure to check back with him often, as he'll also reward your hard work with Woofs if you've learned new scents.


This black Pug runs the Accessory Shop in the desert. A nice Straw Hat would help keep the sun out of your eyes!


A Papillon and one of Pupsville's contruction crew, he's working on a road to Treely Woods.


Trey is the ultimate retailer of Item Shop goods. He has the only shop where you can get whatever you're looking for, from Medicinal Herbs to Hot Drinks.



Viviana is a Cairn Terrier and one of your hometown friends, making up part of your crew with Amedio. She's a little more laid back than Amedio, and will send you a letter of encouragement when you're on The Dog Island. If you're a boy dog, she may even indicate that she's romantically interested in you.


Dog Island Wilbur.jpg

This Shetland Sheepdog watches the cow in the corral outside Noble's house. He knows a lot about the Star Festival, and is working on a new invention for the tradition of floating lights into the sky.


DogIsland will.jpg

Will is a victory gang dog that likes to race. He lives in the desert even though he has a nice, thick coat as a husky. Go to him anytime you want to race, and you can win special prizes.


DogIsland yan.jpg

Yan is a Newfoundland and one of Rode's apprentices. He stands guard outside the dojo.

Yi Lu[edit]

DogIsland yilu.jpg

Yi Lu is your first sniffing trainer. He can get you two level-ups if you learn 50 scents before apprenticing to Rode. He likes to make out that he's some sort of sniffing superstar, but in reality he's one of Rode's dropouts. Watching you toil hard to become a Sniff Master will inspire him to get his life back on track though. You'll need to find all the pieces of the Apprentice's Ring to get an audience with Rode.


DogIsland yugo.jpg

Yugo is a French Bulldog who likes to stay warm by the fire, and is ready to greet anyone coming into the village from Gola Highlands.


Zeitser runs the Accessory Shop in front of Rune Caverns and Rune Canyon. This is the only place to get Ten-Gallon hats that you didn't make yourself.