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Go back to Pupsville, then go to Dr. Potan's clinic. Talk to him, and he will tell you that he knows what herbs he needs to use, and he wants you to find them now.

Yellow Flower[edit]

You will memorize the smell of the Yellow Flower, and it is a mixture of two smells, Cabbage and Grapefruit. You can find both objects first, or just go to Green Meadows and sniff out the Yellow Flower. It is in the east of the level, between two snakes. There are three yellow coloured flowers on the ground, and you can find the Yellow Flower you need on the eastern one. Just be careful that the snake facing you does not notice. Take it back to Dr. Potan, and he will tell you that he also needs an herb called the Blue Flower. He asked the nurse, Francis the Maltese, to get it, but she should have been back by now. He asks you to find out why she's taking so long. You need to go back outside the clinic.

The Fainted Nurse 1[edit]

When outside, you will see that three of the Victory Gang dogs, Clark, Will and Gordon, are throwing tomatoes at Francis. She faints at the sight, but luckily you growl at the three bullies and they leave. After all that, Francis wakes up. She tells you about the Victory Gang dogs and their pranks, but she says that they aren't really to blame, it's her weakness. Although she is a nurse, she cannot stand the sight of blood. Apparently she was fine at first but after a while it got really bad and now she faints at the sight of red! She is too nervous to tell you the smell of the Blue Flower, but she has heard of a fruit that has the power to make dogs braver.

It is called the Brave Fruit, and it grows in Green Meadows. Francis thinks that if she eats the Brave Fruit, she'll have the confidence to tell you what the Blue Flower smells like. So you need to go to Green Meadows and sniff around near the broken bridge. It's on the west side of the map. Find it, then take it back to Francis. She feels a little braver, and can now teach you the scent of the Blue Flower.

The Axe Handle[edit]

You will memorize the smell of the Blue Flower, and Francis tells you that it is in the Treely Woods near the entrance to Zoomy Lake. To get to Treely Woods, you need to go through Green Meadows along the path, watch out for the Bear, which is under the big tree, and the Boar at the end of the path, and you will come to Treely Woods. Go along the left fork in the path about seven paces and you will come to a bridge. After going across it, go along the left path in the next fork and you will see that there is a large log blocking the path to Zoomy Lake. Goliath, the Boxer Dog, will be standing next to it with a question mark over his head. Speak to him, and he will tell you that he would cut the log, but his axe handle is broken. A gorilla in Treely Woods has the axe handle, and Goliath will qive you directions. Go back across the bridge, turn south and go past Eve the Dachshund who is standing guard over the path to Pupsville (it's not finished yet) and you will come to the end of the path. To the west will be Obaba's house and across from it will be a gorilla. Wait patiently until the gorilla falls asleep, but before then don't go too close or he'll see you. When he falls asleep, go up to him and bark or howl, and he will drop the axe handle. Take it back to Goliath, and he will chop the log.

Before long, the log is no longer blocking the path and you may pass. Goliath will go home because his back is starting to act up.

The Blue Flower[edit]

Run along the path, and when you get off, double back along the cliff face, north of where the road was. Start sniffing when you come to the corner of this area, where there are lots of flowers. You should find the Blue Flower here, and once you've got it, take it back to Dr. Potan in Pupsville.

He will thank you and say that you should rest up. When you get outside, Petasi will say, "Hmm?" You wonder what the matter is. Petasi replies, "Oh, I thought I just felt a little pain in my stomach. Oh, it's gone," than he says that you should rest up like Dr. Potan said. So go back to your house, go to the bed, and press the A button button when the "Sleep" command appears.

Petasi's Stomach Ache[edit]

When you wake up, Petasi is rolling around on the floor in pain. He tells you that his stomach hurts and that it hurts even to talk. He cries out, "A Doctor, get me a Doctor!" Your instincts say go to Dr. Potan.

However, if you go to the clinic and talk to him, he will tell you that he doesn't really believe in Ancs, but Alex, a Black Labrador, likes those stories, so you should go and see him. He tells you that Alex lives in the house shaped like a book. Go out of Dr. Potan's clinic, and you can find Alex in his house (or more like a tent) which is behind Amalia's house, because Alex and Amalia are brother and sister.

Talk to Alex, and he will ask you what's wrong. Petasi tries to explain that he has a stomach ache, but Alex can't hear him and says that he can't help you if you remain silent like this. Petasi realizes that there are two kinds of dog in this world; those that can see Ancs and those that can't. Petasi asks you to explain to Alex what the problem is. You'll tell Alex, but Alex doesn't really believe in Ancs either, although he has read about them. He says that you should go and see Obaba, a Shih Tzu who is also a healer. Apparently her treatment methods once made a dog fatally worse, but you don't have much other choice of doctors. She lives in Treely Woods, and you can now get there through the shortcut which was blocked earlier, because they have now finished the road. Alex will give you directions. Go back to the town center and go along the path to the right of the Café, past Tom the Papillion who was blocking the way before, and go to Treely Woods. Head south along the path, go through an arch and you will be by Obaba's house. Go inside, and you will meet Obaba and talk to her.

The Charm[edit]

Obaba asks what the problem is. She cannot see Petasi, but she can somehow sense he is there. To cure his stomach ache, she needs some Ashes from the fireplace. She asks if you have a fireplace at home, because you can get the Ashes from the fireplace there. She tells you what the Ashes smell like. Go out of Obaba's house and back along the path. Go back to Pupsville, and then go to your house. Sniff around the fireplace and you should find the Ashes. Next, go back to Treely Woods and to Obaba's house.

Petasi asks Obaba if she can hurry up and make some medicine with the Ashes, but she tells him that she is not going to make medicine with them, they are going to help her see Petasi. She rubs some of the Ashes in her eye and she can see Petasi. She says a few random words and then howls... Petasi's stomach ache is gone! Obaba tells you that she doesn't have many customers any more, because of one dog she couldn't cure. "It was that doctor's... best friend."

Obaba says that you should rest up (again), so go back to your house and go to sleep.