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Climbing at Warp Speed: Tower of Spirits Floors 13-17[edit]

When you leave the Temple, you'll emerge at the mouth of the statue, above the sea level. Travel back to the Tower of Spirits and talk to Anjean. She says that there is just one Temple left, then all of the energy will be restored, and you will be able to reach the Altar of the Demon King. The next Temple is in the Fire Land, and, as always, you must find a new Glyph/Rail Map to reach the new Land. Enter the new section of the Tower at the top of the spiral staircase. Be very careful on this level. If you look at the Map, you'll see some new, blue eye-like enemies called Phantom Eyes. If these detect you, they'll follow you, and eventually attach themselves to you, slowing you down so a new type of Phantom, the Warp Phantom, can warp to you, making it easier for it to attack you. They can't enter Safe Zones, like the Phantoms, so if you are unlucky enough to cross one's path, run to the nearest one. The easiest way to defeat them is to hide behind a corner, throw the Boomerang at it to knock it out, then run up and finish it with the sword. Be quick doing what must be done while it's gone, though, since a new one will spawn after a few seconds.

Go right from the entrance, watching out for the Phantom. Run up, defeat the Phantom Eye, and enter the Safe Zone for the first Tear of Light. Go north from here, and into the Safe Zone with the purple switch. Hit it to create a bridge. Go down, left and up the small staircase. Go north to find three statues, one with a blade in its mouth. Put it in the mouth of the right statue with the Whip (the left creates another Phantom). A chest will appear near the bridge that appeared earlier. Go there without rousing any of the Phantom Eyes, and open the chest for a Small Key. South of the area where the first Tear of Light was are two torches, one lit, one unlit. Light the other one with the Boomerang. A chest will appear containing another Key. Return to the three statues with the blade. To the left of the area is a series of Whip Posts. Cross them, being careful to avoid the Phantom Eyes, and without dropping down off the higher platforms. This brings you around the left area of the floor, at the centre of which is another Tear of Light (the Phantom Eye near it is almost unavoidable). Return to the north-east of the floor, open the locked door, and go up.

Go south, and take the first left. Defeat the Phantom Eye. Let the next one see you, since you need to get the Phantom out of the way. Run to the Safe Zone to the right, and wait for it to open. As soon as it does, enter for the Tear of Light. Wait there for the Phantom to reappear. Get Zelda to possess it. She is now a Warp Phantom! Now she can warp to the Phantom Eyes! Go back upstairs. Go around the floor to the area to the left of the Tower entrance. To the far left is a locked door. Open it with the Key. Inside is a purple switch. Have Zelda warp to the Phantom Eye on the other side of the blue door. South-west of where she lands is another purple switch. Have her hit it, then switch to Link and hit the other switch. The blue door will open. Go through and up the stairs. Up here, go south, and a Blue Electric Chu-Chu will appear. Only Zelda's sword or bombs can defeat it. Defeat any that appear. To the south of the floor is a quicksand pit and a switch. Zelda can't cross quicksand, so get her to stand on the switch, then, as Link, cross the quicksand and stand on the other switch. A bridge will appear that Zelda can cross. Continue east and you'll come to a pit of spikes that only Zelda can cross. Have her cross it and stand on the red circle. Switch back to Link and go east, then north, and stand on the glowing red circle. Link and Zelda will switch places. Now bring Zelda back to Link by crossing the spikes. To the left of the blue door are two statues. Take the blade from the statue on the left, and put it in the other statue. The door will open. Go upstairs.

From the stairs, go south. Have Link stand on the yellow triangle. Switch to Zelda. Cross the spikes, and go as far east as possible. Go south and west to the yellow triangle to switch places with Link. Control Link, and go north across the quicksand. The Geozard here is much easier defeated. Use the Whip to take away its shield, then attack it with the sword to kill it. Go north-west and you'll see a block. Move it left four times, up seven times, and right twice to place it on top of a switch. Go south-west to a blue square. Stand on it and switch to Zelda. Walk straight north to the other blue square. Continuing to control Zelda, go straight north from here and stand still on the switch to drop the large pit of spikes. Switch back to Link. Cross the area where the spikes were, and go north to a large door. Switch to Zelda and go there. Together you can open the door. Go in and open the chest for a key. Go west and south to a small raised platform. Jump down. Go left as far as the abyss. Look across to see a purple switch. Throw the boomerang at it to create a bridge. As Zelda, warp to the nearby Phantom Eye. Cross the bridge and go to the south of the room, across the pit of spikes. There is a red circle there to the right, so stand on it. Switch to Link, and go south to the other red circle to switch places. As Zelda, warp to the Phantom Eye across the abyss, and go to the south of the room. Just before the second pit of spikes, go right and stand on the switch. Switch to Link and cross the spikes the switch lowers. Get Zelda to go north, along the left of the rows of spikes, smashing the boulders that roll towards you by walking north and rolling them into each other. Eventually, you should reach the hole they are coming from. Stand there, and switch to Link. Follow Zelda, but turn right at the opening. Stand on one of the switches. Switch to Zelda. Stand on the other switch to create a bridge. Call Zelda, and walk north to the quicksand. Have Zelda stop there, just before the blue bridge. Knock out the Phantom Eye, but don't kill it. Instead, blow it with the Whirlwind across the quicksand to the area to the left of it. Don't worry about it waking up, since it gets even more dizzy as you blow it. Once it is on the blue ground to the left of the quicksand, teleport Zelda there and get her to stand on one of the switches. Get Link to stand on the other one to open a door. Get Zelda to warp to the Phantom Eye near the opened door. Link will need to walk there. Open the locked door and go upstairs.

Go south to a sign. It tells you to walk from the green tile to the red tile, following a certain path. Look at the map. Warp Zelda to the Phantom Eye to the left. Watch the right of the map. The Phantom is walking a long path. From the top-left, it will walk south, north-east, west, and south-east. Zelda needs to walk this route from the nearby green tile to the red tile, without stepping on either one before finishing the route. Walk to the bottom-left corner, then diagonally across to the top-right, across to the top-left, without stepping on where the green tile was, then diagonally across to the bottom-right red tile. If you do the path correctly, the blue door will open. Get Zelda back to where Link is, then go up the stairs.

This is the Glyph/Rail Map room, where Zelda will leave the Phantom's armour, and Link's sword will lose its energy. Get the Glyph/Rail Map on the pedestal. This restores some of the Spirit Tracks leading into the Fire Land. This is the last Glyph/Rail Map, and Link and Zelda high-five in celebration, but a voice from behind them calls out. Staven/Byrne appears behind them. He prepares to attack, but Anjean arrives and stops him. She reveals that she predicted this would happen, ever since Staven/Byrne left the Tower and her apprenticeship. Link and Zelda cannot believe all they are hearing. Staven/Byrne states that he would not wish to serve the Spirits, if he can become as powerful as them. He turned against the Spirits when they refused to grant him the power he desired, and now believes that if he resurrects the Demon King Malladus, he will make him more powerful than the Spirits. Anjean warps Link and Zelda to the Spirit Train, and she and Staven/Byrne prepare to battle. Link and Zelda land near the train. Zelda says that now, the only way to help Anjean is to travel to the Mountain/Fire Temple, and restore the Spirit Tracks.

Chilling out with the Gorons[edit]

Talk to Zelda. Tell her that you want to travel to the Snow Land. Board the train and set your route for the new tracks to the right of the Tower. This short journey takes you into the Fire Land. Once you enter, the mountain will begin to erupt. Watch out for falling rocks as you climb the mountain. Travel to the station to the right. The smaller station is a minigame area. To stop safely at this station, you need to slow down just before you leave the tunnel. You've arrived at the Goron Village. Lava is erupting from a crater in the ground, and the villagers can't reach their homes. A villager will tell you that you must find the Mountain Spirits' Messenger, Kagoron, if you need to get into the village. Go to the left of here. Keep going left in the next area. When you reach some boulders rolling downhill, wait for one to pass alone, then it is safe to try and pass. Keep close to the right wall until you try to cross to the steps. At the next path, keep to the left wall instead of the right to pass safely. Go south and you'll see a purple switch. Keep going left and you'll see some whip posts. Stand near them, then throw the Boomerang at the switch. There is a time limit, so once you let go of the Boomerang, start crossing the posts. Cross the bridge that appears before time runs out. From here, go north to find Kagoron. Talk to him, and he will tell you that only the village elder knows the way to the Sanctuary. To get into the village and find the Elder, you must help him by using your train. Go back and turn right. You'll see some whip posts. Cross them, go up the stairs, and follow the high path south. Jump down between the two torches and go right to the village. Head back to the train. Along the way, Kagoron will catch up with you, and ask the villager to attach a wagon to your train. Now your train can carry cargo for people! You need this to help the villagers. Kagoron will ask you to find something cold enough to cool the lava. Board the train and head back to the Snow Land.

Once you reach the Snow Land, you need to go to Anouki Village. There, find the blue Anouki at the lake in the north-west. He will tell you about Mega Ice, the village's main export. But an Ice Chu-Chu fell into the water used to make Mega Ice, and now, a horrible film is floating on the water, and it can't be used any more. He then asks you to take him to a cold area with a lake. Agree to take him. Board the train, and travel to the Icy Spring/Wellspring Station. Since you have a passenger, you need to obey all the signs, avoid attacks, and stop safely and in the grey area at the station. Once there, the Anouki will go over to the spring. Talk to him, and he'll give you a Force Gem. Go into Ferrus' hut, to allow him time to make the Mega Ice. Go back and talk to him, and he'll sell you 20 packs of Mega Ice for 25 Rupees, but if you refuse, you can negotiate him down to 10 Rupees, and eventually get it for free. He'll also give you advice for carrying the ice. Don't get hit as you travel, and travel quickly, since the ice will start to melt quickly once you reach the Fire Land. Board the train.

Travel back to the Fire Land. Look at the map. A Phantom Train is parked on the tracks between the train and the Village, making the route longer and harder. Go north. Smash any rocks that fall in front of you, defeat any enemies, and, most importantly, avoid the Phantom Trains. As you leave the tunnel, slow down to stop safely. If you arrive with 10 or more packs of Mega Ice, you'll have enough for the villagers to freeze the lava. Find Kagoron and tell him you have the ice. Soon, the lava will be gone, and Kagoron will tell you to find the elder. To find him, go north-west to the largest house on the map. Once there, the Elder will thank you for helping his village, and allow you to enter the Valley/Fire Sanctuary.

Inside the tunnel, go north to a whip post. Cross it and stand on the switch. It creates two bridges. Cross them. Continue east. Be very careful here, since many of the pots are shaking, indicating the presence of Like-Likes. Avoid them, and go north up the stairs. Up here is the Sanctuary. Follow the long path north, then south. Along the way are some Fire Keese and Deku Baba. Make sure to defeat the Deku Baba, and only use your sword, since your weapons either won't work or end up causing you damage (the Whip, for example, drags them towards you, so they can eat you quicker). You should find a lone lit torch. Use the Boomerang to light all of them, and create a bridge. Go up the stairs, cross it, and go east to reach what is probably the most difficult stone head puzzle in the game. The sign tells a story. Once upon a time, two men fell in love with a beautiful woman. The story tells of two men who fought for a woman's love, until they were united in friendship, which shone between them like a light. It was as if a door had been unlocked. Stand between the second and third heads in the middle row (right). Play the Song of Light here. A beacon will appear, and open the blue door.

File:LoZ-ST Fire Sanctuary.jpg
Stand here and play the Song of Light.

Enter the door. Inside lives Embrose, the guardian of the Fire Land. As in every Sanctuary, he will ask you to play the Song of Restoration. He will teach you your part, then you must play with him to restore the Spirit Tracks to the Temple. As always, it is a duet, here with you and the Spirit Pipes, and Embrose with his timpani. Once you play it successfully, the Spirit Tracks will be restored. Before you leave, Embrose will advise you to talk to the villagers before you leave. Now return to the village.

Unlocking the Mountain[edit]

The elder will also tell you to talk to the villagers. They tell you that the monsters holding the keys to the Mountain/Fire Temple don't like a certain noise ('bop-boooooo'), should be attacked head-on, and once they are defeated, head straight to the Temple. Board the Train. Go right from the Goron Village. The map will show the three monsters carrying the keys. All you can do is travel around the mountain, trying to meet the monsters, and attack them by blowing your whistle twice, once short , once long, then attack with a cannonball. They will eventually wake up and follow you, so do it again to knock it out again. Keep doing it until you have all three keys, then travel to the Mountain Temple at the centre of the area as quickly as possible, while fending off the monsters. While you are trying to retrieve the keys, you don't need to mark out a route, since you will need to change it so much. You'll only need it once you have all three keys, to set out the quickest route to the Temple. Once you have all three keys, and the door is opened, travel to the Temple as quickly as possible.