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This page is structured exactly like any Yellow Pages directory: it lists all different shops divided by type.


Apothecaries sell reagents necessary for mixing and casting spells.

Nightshade fungi and mandrake roots are very expensive in shops, but they can be found for free.

Shop Town Ash Gin Gar Sil Mos Prl Nig Man
Madam Pendra's "Healer's Herbs" Yew 1 2 2 4 5 - - -
Toama's "The Alchemist" Skara Brae 1 2 - - 5 3 - -
Nilrem's "The Herbalist" Moonglow - 2 2 3 - - 12 13
Virden's "The Sharper Mage" Lycaeum - - - - 12 - 30 40
Enlor's "Mysticism" Cove - - - 12 - - 30 40


Surplus equipment can be sold only at the armories that have it in stock.

Weaponry Town Ranged weapons Melee weapons Armors
Ronan's "Arms of Justice" Yew Magic axe Silver sword,
Leather armor,
cloth armor,
leather helm
Gwenneth's "Iolo's bows" Britain Sling,
bow, arrows,
crossbow, quarrels,
magic bow
Dagger -
Max's "North Star Armoury" Britain castle - Silver sword,
long sword
Plate armor,
chain armor,
magic shield,
ring of protection,
chain coif
Paul's "The Paladin's Protectorate" Trinsic - Halberd,
two-handed sword,
two-handed axe
Plate armor,
scale armor,
large shield,
iron helm
Shenstone's "Darkwatch Armoury" Minoc - Two-handed hammer,
short sword
Ring mail,
small shield,
iron helm
Kitiara's "Buccaneers Booty" Buccaneer's Den Flaming oil Short sword,
main gauche,
Ring of invisibility,
leather armor,
leather helm
Nomaan's "Naughty Nomaan's" Jhelom Flaming oil Throwing axe,
morning star,
Spiked collar,
spiked shield,
spiked helm
Thol's "Siege Crafters" Serpent's Hold Crossbow, quarrels Morning star,
throwing axe,
Chain armor,
chain coif
Steve's "The Shattered Shield" Bordermarch Two-handed axe,
magic bow, arrows
Two-handed hammer Magic shield,
amulet of turning,
ring of regeneration

Guild shops[edit]

Jerone the chef in Yew sells five keys for 50 GP.

Shop Town Torches Gems Keys
Danfits' "The Guild" Paws 11 GP 200 GP 40 GP
Daem's "The Nemesis" Buccaneer's Den 20 GP 150 GP 60 GP
Braunam's "The Den" New Magincia 12 GP 255 GP 30 GP


Unfortunately, Lord British didn't introduce free health care (as in the European Union) yet, so you have to pay cash every time you go to a healer. At least, they don't ask to see your health insurance (unlike in the USA and UK).

"Heal" restores all health points. "Cure" cures poison. "Resurrect" revives one companion with minimal health points.

Shop Town Heal Cure Resurrect
Jessip's "The Empath" Empath Abbey 65 GP 10 GP 262 GP
Milan's "Healer's Sanctum" East Britanny 50 GP 35 GP 237 GP
Leila's "Wounds of Honor" Trinsic 40 GP 25 GP 215 GP
Regina's "The Healer's Mission" Minoc (any) (any) 200 GP
Faye's "The Shield of Truth" Lycaeum 60 GP 15 GP 249 GP
Temptious' "The Spirit Healers" Skara Brae 45 GP 30 GP 225 GP
Jessica's "Sanctuary" Cove 55 GP 40 GP 247 GP


Fares are per night and per person. You can leave a companion from the party in a room.

Shop Town Fares Rooms
Donya's "Wayfarer's Inn" Britain 2GP 3
Terbor's "Hotel Britanny" North Britanny 3GP 2
Lorien's "The Smuggler's Inn" Paws 2GP 2
Rogi's "The Haunting Inn" Skara Brae 2GP 3
Ransack's "The King's Ransom" Buccaneer's Den 3GP 1
Gremnor's "Warrior's Stead" Jhelom 3GP 4


The most convenient shipwright on the mainland is in Britain. The overall cheapest one is in Buccaneer's Den, but the village can be reached only using a frigate.

Shop Town Skiff Frigate
Master Hawkins' "The Oaken Oar" East Britanny 125 GP 650 GP
Captain Blyth's "The Crow's Nest" Minoc 175 GP 753 GP
Bantral's "Island Shipwrights" Jhelom 200 GP 600 GP
Jones' "The Rusty Bucket" Buccaneer's Den 100 GP 700 GP


Rew from Minoc says that if someone drops a coin in some well, horses will magically appear. This is true: one such magic well is in Empath Abbey.

Shop Town Fares
Hettar's "Horse and Rider" Trinsic 100 GP
Theoan' "The Stablehouse" North Britanny 130 GP
Ferru's "Wishing Well Horses" Paws 160 GP


Cory, the cook in Empath Abbey, will give you free meals if you ask her squid or shark dishes. Terrance, a farmer in Britain, gives free meals if you say you have not enough food.

Rations are sold in packs of 25 for the listed prices. Some taverns only sell single meals and drinks, that are comparativerly more expensive.

Shop Town Rations
Sam's "The Honest Meal" Moonglow 10 GP
Tika's "Wayfarer's Inn" Britain 15 GP
Dr. Cat's "The Cat's Lair" Paws 20 GP
Nicole's "The Sword and Keg" Jhelom 20 GP
Rob's "The Folley Tap" Lycaeum 30 GP
Felicity's "The Humble Palate" New Magincia 30 GP
Jaymes' "Blue Boar Tavern" West Britanny -
Duclas' "The Slaughtered Lamb" Yew -
Nikki's "The Fallen Virgin" Buccaneer's Den -