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A Shrine of Virtue

The first thing the player should try to accomplish is the Shrine Quests, because they greatly improve the attributes (DEX, STR, INT) and the karma of the Avatar.

The procedure is the following: go to a Virtuous town, learn the Mantra, then go to the corresponding Shrine, meditate and be ordained the quest, go to the Avatar Isle and learn, then go back to the Shrine and have your attributes raised.

Virtue Town Characters who know the Mantra Shrine location Requirements Bonus
Honesty Moonglow Malifora Island North of Verity Isle Skiff INT+1
Compassion Britain Greyson East of Britain, between the lake and the mountains Skiff DEX+1
Valor Jhelom Thorne and Trian Island South of Jhelom Frigate STR+1
Justice Yew Jerone, Jeremy, Chamfort North-West of Yew, between swamp and sea Skiff DEX+1, INT+1
Sacrifice Minoc Rew In the Eastern Desert - DEX+1, STR+1
Honor Trinsic Gruman West of Trinsic, between swamp and sea Skiff STR+1, INT+1
Spirituality Skara Brae Saul, Kindor Talk to Lady Janell at the Lycaeum - DEX+1, STR+1, INT+1
Humility New Magincia Shirita, Wartow Island of the Avatar, North part Frigate -

Where the table above lists more than one character, it means that the first one tells you to talk to next one and so on until the last one tells you the Mantra.

After receiving enlightenment in a virtue, the player can return to the respective shrine for an attribute increase after meditating three cycles.

Virtue Wisdom from the Codex
7. Spirituality The neglect of one's spirit:
To forsake one's inner being is to abandon thy hopes for thyself and thy world.
8. Humility The weakness of a life consumed by pride:
Pride is a vice which pride itself inclines one to find in others, and overlook in oneself.
1. Honesty The failing of dishonesty:
A dishonest life brings unto thee temporary gain, but forsakes the permanent.
4. Justice The weakness of the unjust:
Those who inflict injustice upon others cannot expect fair treatment unto themselves.
2. Compassion The heart of a cruel soul:
Only a detested life owes its pleasures to another's pain.
5. Sacrifice The failing of unwilling sacrifice:
None live alone, save they who will not share their fortune with those around them.
3. Valor The failing of a life without valor:
Those who fear to try know not their limits, and thus know not themselves.
6. Honor The darkness of dishonor:
It is the guilt, not the guillotine, that constitutes the shame.