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Guild items[edit]

These items can be purchased at Guild Shops, but they are often dropped by defeated enemies.

  • Keys: they allow to open locked doors.
  • Magic gems: they allow to see a map of the surroundings.
  • Flaming oil: throw them at an enemy to damage them.


Except for the horses, all these means of transportation are necessary to access some areas.

  • Horses: travel fast on the land; fairly useless.
  • Skiff: allows to navigate across shallow and very shallow waters.
  • Frigate: allows to navigate across shallow and deep waters; every frigate carries two skiffs.
  • Flying carpet: allow to travel across pits, but also over calm (shallow and very shallow) waters.

Special items[edit]

These items are either optional, or required to obtain some of the Quest Items below.

  • Sextant: determines the latitude and longitude of your party, but can only be used on the world surface at night.
  • Spyglass: it allows to see the night sky, with information about the location of the Shadowlords.
  • Moonstones: they generate a Moongate whenever you bury them.
  • His majesty's ship "Cape" plans: they double the speed of any frigate.
  • Skull keys: they allow to open magically locked doors.
  • Grapple: allows to climb mountains; necessary to get to Stonegate, where the Magic Sceptre is held.
  • Black badge: allows to safely walk in Blackthorn's palace, where the Magic Crown is held.

Quest items[edit]

All these items are necessary to complete the game

  • Gem shards: necessary to destroy the three Shadowlords.
  • Lord British's Magic Crown: prevents the enemies from using magic.
  • Lord British's Magic Sceptre: dispels any magic field with no effort.
  • Lord British's Magic Amulet: necessary to access the final dungeon, where Lord British is held captive.
  • Sandalwood box: it contains an item necessary to set Lord British free.