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The Flak Cannon is a strong close-range weapon.

Maximum ammo is 35 (primary and secondary fire consume 1 ammo each per shot).

  • Killing an enemy with a flak burst: "B was shredded by A's flak cannon."
  • Killing an enemy with a flak shell: "B was ripped to shreds by A's shrapnel."
  • Killing yourself with a flak burst: "A was perforated by his own flak."
  • Killing yourself with a flak shell: "A blew himself up with a flak shell."

Primary and Secondary Fire[edit]

Primary fire is a burst of flak which spreads quite a bit over distances. However, since each piece of flak can do a bit of damage, at close range this weapon is lethal, killing an enemy at normal health in one or two shots.

Secondary fire is a bomb of sorts. When it hits a solid object, it explodes and sends shrapnel flying. This hurts a lot, although the shrapnel tends to miss often.


This weapon doesn't require much in the way of aiming skill. If you're close enough to enemies, it's an easy kill too. The flak from a flak burst will suddenly become affected by gravity if it hits a wall or the floor, so you can apply some skill and bounce flak around if you just want to annoy people at long distances. If there are people on high ledges too, and a flak burst won't directly hit them, the gravity-affected flak shell can be shot over and onto the ledge to damage people a flak burst won't be able to hit. If you're trying to attack over distance however, quickly opt for another weapon because at range you will be beaten quite easily.