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Superweapons are, needless to say, a cut above all the other standard-issue weapons you get, capable of inflicting mass amounts of damage in huge areas of any map. However, they take a lot of time to respawn and only grant one shot for each pickup. Not to mention all of the people who will be watching the spawn point waiting for them to appear. A mutator is available to turn off Superweapons if you want. Be advised that not all Superweapons are available on all maps; generally the Redeemer appears in a few of any main game-mode's maps, but the Painter weapons are often only available in Onslaught maps. Knowing which maps have what Superweapons can be quite advantageous of scouring the map trying to find something useful when it's not there.

Ion Painter[edit]

The Ion Painter fires a small, harmless beam of red light where you point it. This isn't all that dangerous, but hold the beam in place for a few seconds and a split second later a giant pink laser blast will shoot down from the sky and obliterate anyone nearby. Bots tend to run away from the target area once the weapon has done its job, however, so the weapon isn't as effective on bots as it is on players (players are a lot easier to surprise). This weapon is by no means as powerful as the Redeemer, but it is still powerful enough to instantly kill anybody fairly close to where the blast hits. Secondary fire utilises the scope, which is useful in Onslaught matches if you require precision destruction at a distance.

Target Painter[edit]

The Target Painter is similar to the Ion Painter in that it fires a small, harmless red signalling beam where you point it. However, rather than a pink laser blast hitting where you "painted", a few seconds afterwards a bomber plane (called the Phoenix) will fly overhead and begin dropping a load of Redeemer-like bombs which aren't as powerful, but cover a wide area. Target Painters are often only seen in Onslaught maps. Secondary fire is the same as that of the Ion Painter.


Ah, the Redeemer. No Unreal Tournament game would be complete without this portable nuclear missile which is pretty much an instant kill for anything caught within its almost unforgivably large blast radius. Statistically, this is the second most powerful weapon in the game, second only to the Leviathan's ion cannon. Unfortunately, since you ARE firing a nuclear missile the launcher itself can only hold one shot, and if you want to use the Redeemer again you will have to wait for it to respawn and find it again. Also, the missile itself is very slow-moving, and can be shot down without going off, essentially making it a waste, so be careful. Primary fire launches the missile in a straight line, and it will continue until it gets shot down or collides with something, when it will proceed to blow up. Secondary fire sacrifices your movement but instead allows you to guide the Redeemer's missile in-flight by means of an onboard camera, allowing you to inflict death and destruction from a safe place on the other side of the map. There is a skill to controlling the missile, and as you are standing still with no immediate field of view while you are steering the missile, you are rather vulnerable during this time.