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Team Deathmatches are the same as an ordinary Deathmatch only everyone's coloured either red or blue and you can't attack people who are your colour (in other words, teams). The first team to reach the required amount of frags or have the most when time runs out wins the match.

How to win[edit]

  • Play like you would in a deathmatch. The only different tactics you need to employ for Team Deathmatches are...
  • Be a little considerate when taking supplies. Don't always take ammo if you know someone nearby needs it more. If no-one's around then you take whatever you want. If it comes down to double damage powerups, adrenaline, shields or superweapons then you don't need to worry because there's nobody who really needs those powerups any more than you do.
  • Try not to be trigger-happy. Shooting at the first sight of movement works in Deathmatches because practically every moving object is an opponent which requires killing. In Team Deathmatches there's usually a 50-50 chance that it'll be a team member and other players on your side will get annoyed if you keep shooting them. If friendly fire is on too it really doesn't help your team if you keep killing them.
  • Stay in small groups. This isn't a necessary tactic, since if you're playing with only 2 people per team staying in a pair will minimise your chance to kill. The reason why you might want to do this (in matches with larger teams) is mainly because two players fighting together are hard to kill with standard weapons; you'll be able to kill a stray opponent much quicker and at a higher success rate with two players than just one. Any larger groups aren't advised because this will start minimising chances to kill. Of course, you can group together as much as you like if you're playing a small map.