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The large variety of terms and vocabulary found in a typical FPS game, such as Unreal Tournament 2004 tends to confuse newbies. This section deals with all terms found in the game.



A point. Awarded for different things depending on which style server you are on. For example a frag in DM (death match) would be awarded for killing anyone else. In Team DM it would be awarded for killing an opponent on the opposite team. In CTF (Capture The Flag) it would be awarded for killing a member of the opposite team or for capturing the opponents flag. Frags are the method of keeping individual scores in Unreal Tournament 2004.


When something enters the map. A player spawn, or a weapon spawn, or a vehicle spawn, etc. Where those things spawn is called a spawn point.


Killing yourself. Either by jumping into something that kills you (lava, acid, off into space), by shooting yourself or getting hit by your own weapons blast, or by typing /suicide into the console.


your score is the number of kills you have gotten in a given round, match, or challenge.

Single Player[edit]


Ladder mode consists of four game types: Double domination, Capture the flag, Bombing run, and Assault. each gamemode in the ladder must be completed to unlock "the finals" at the top of the ladder.


Credits are earned in every match except bloodrites and online multiplayer matches. Your wager placed on a challenge will be doubled if you win the match. There are a few ways to earn extra credits, for example double kills, multikills, etc. will give you a small amount of credits each time you get one. certain killing sprees can earn you more credits than their smaller counterparts. For example, 1x WICKED SICK = 420 Credits. So as you can imagine it is very desirable to get as many of these credit enhancing killstreaks/ multikills.

Change Arena[edit]

Changing arenas is exactly as it sounds, the player pays a fee to have the map for that round swapped to a different preset map. You cannot choose which map it switches too other than the one preset map available to be changed to.


During the single player game, your team may challenge or be challenged by another to a battle, either for credits or a player. If you reject a challenge you have to pay a fee.


Team A pays to challenge Team B for the ownership of a Team B member. If Team A wins they get that member.


Team A challenges the leader of Team B to a one-on-one deathmatch. Each team pays a wager and the winning team gets both.


Killing Sprees[edit]

Awards for every 5th kill without dying

  • Killing Spree - 5 kills
  • Rampage - 10 kills
  • Dominating - 15 kills
  • Unstoppable - 20 kills
  • GODLIKE - 25 kills
  • WICKED SICK - 30 kills

Multiple Kills[edit]

Awards for building up chains of kills in quick succession (maybe 3-4 seconds apart or less?)

  • Double Kill - 2 kills
  • Multi Kill - 3 kills
  • Mega Kill - 4 kills
  • Ultra Kill - 5 kills
  • Monster Kill - 6 kills
  • Ludicrous Kill - 7 kills
  • HOLY S**T - 8+ kills


Killing by shooting someone in the head, with either the Lightning Gun or Sniper Rifle. Head shots do more damage than body shots with these weapons, and a single head shot can kill a player even with 100% health.

Flak Monkey[edit]

Score 15 frags with the Flak Cannon.

Head Hunter[edit]

Score 15 Head shots with the Classic Sniper Rifle or Lightning Gun.

Combo Whore[edit]

Score 15 frags using the Shock Rifle combo.

Rocket Scientist[edit]

Score 15 frags with the Rocket Launcher.

Team Games[edit]



Spawn Point[edit]




Spawn Point[edit]


Vehicle Destruction[edit]


Power Node[edit]

In the onslaught game type their are power nodes scattered between the bases for the teams. The goal is to capture power nodes leading into the enemy base. when a line of power nodes has been captured that links one teams power core to the other teams power core the enemy power cores shield will be disabled and the attacking team may then start destroying the enemies power core. If the attacking team should lose a power node then the link will be broken and the shield will reactivate and the attacking team will not be able to destroy the enemies power core until enough power nodes have been captured to disable the enemies shield again.

Power Core[edit]

Each team starts with a power core in their base. the objective is for one team to destroy the other teams power core while still defending their own power core. this can sometimes be difficult with the power nodes spread out over the map. the key to protecting your power core is to not let any of the power nodes closest to the defending teams base fall to enemies.

Vehicle Awards[edit]

These don't contribute to the score of the player:

  • Top Gun: shooot down a Raptor with an other Raptor.
  • Eagle Eye: shoot down a Raptor with the Goliath tank's cannon.
  • Wrecker: destroy at least 3 vehicles in assoult mode.
  • Fender Bender: bump into an enemy Scorpion or Hellbender with a Scorpion or a Hellbender.
  • Daredevil: perform a big jump with the Scorpion or the Hellbender.

Deathmatch Variants[edit]

Bottom Feeder[edit]

In the Mutant game type, the player at the bottom of the scoreboard is named the Bottom Feeder, the Bottom Feeder can also kill other players and not only the Mutant. Also, sometimes a player is named a Bottom Feeder if they wait in the shadows and pick off anyone who is badly hurt or, again, at the bottom of the scoreboard.


Used in the Mutant game type, the player who scores the first kill respawns as the mutant, having 150 hit points, 150 armor, neigh invisibility, faster movement, and increased firing speed. The health of the mutant drops constantly, but it is recharged with each kill. If someone kills the mutant, the person who fires the killing shot becomes the mutant themselves, and his score is adjusted to (mutants score + previous score)/2, if the former is bigger. The mutant scores 5 points for killing the bottom feeder. All non-mutant players see the position of the mutant on a radar screen.


A person who stays in one spot for whatever reason. A person who stays at the opponents spawn points and kills them as they enter the map would be a spawn camper. A person who guards his or her own base/flag/power core would be a camper. Also a person who stays in one place and uses sniper weapons to kill their enemies would also be called a camper. Generally used as a term of derision, although in most cases it is simply a matter of good defense. The opposite of camping would be "Strafing" or "Running & Gunning".

Invasion Wave[edit]

In Invasion, this is a wave of aliens that attacks the group. The waves, at default, get progressively harder, and there are 16 waves. In an Instant Action invasion, there are only 2 computer controlled players to help.