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The Shield Gun is one of the two weapons that you start off with by default. The other is the Assault rifle.

The maximum ammo this weapon has is 100 (secondary only, primary fire doesn't use ammo).

  • Killing an enemy: "B was pulverised by A's shield gun."
  • Killing yourself: "A threw his weight around once too often."

Primary and Secondary Fire[edit]

Primary fire is a close-range pulse of energy that can be charged up by holding the primary fire button down. The meter at the bottom-right of the screen shows how charged up it is. At full charge, the pulse is strong enough to kill an opponent at normal health in one shot. This doesn't consume ammo, so you can use it as much as you like. Touching another player (including your own teammates) automatically releases all charged up energy, so be careful not to touch your teammates.

Secondary fire projects a shield in front of you which protects you from enemy fire coming from the direction you're facing. The ammo count will drop whilst you use this, but it will recharge when you're not using it. When your ammo reaches zero the shield will drop.


The Shield Gun isn't the best weapon in the game by a long shot, but it's useful when moving into enemy fire or when you're out of ammo for all of your better weapons. If you're forced to use this weapon, try to hide from enemies and then sneak up behind them with a fully-charged pulse ready. Either that, or hope for the best. It's a good idea to find a better weapon, and quickly.