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Battle Rings are mandatory challenges appearing in most stages throughout Wario World. Starting in Greenhorn Ruins, Wario will enter a Battle Ring and be trapped inside for a full minute. A timer will count down at the top of the screen for how much time remains. When the battle starts, a lot of enemies will spawn to attack. When cleared, another wave of enemies will be spawned. The enemies will never stop spawning, and generally get more difficult or aggressive as the waves go on. Fighting them is completely optional (as Wario can stand on a column out of the way of most attacks with no penalty), though the more enemies defeated during a Battle Ring, the larger the reward provided after the fight in the Wooden Chest that appears.

Some Battle Rings can be skipped entirely with careful movement. Once a Battle Ring has been completed, it will never be initiated again on a subsequent playthrough.

Greenhorn Ruins[edit]

This Battle Ring is primarily composed of Magons and Cractyls. It can actually be carefully skipped by grabbing the outside rim of the area and jumping around the outside border.

Horror Manor[edit]

This Battle Ring is found when dropping above in the manor itself to the creepy basement. It features three columns to use as tools, a lot of Magons, and a few skeletal Clubbosaurs. It can be skipped easily by holding down as soon as falling down the hole and running along the bottom wall.

Wonky Circus[edit]

This Battle Ring cannot be skipped, and is about 3/4 of the way through the stage. It has a lot of clown Magons and Clubbosaurs.

Shivering Mountains[edit]

Thrillsville stages have two Battle Rings each.

Battle Ring 1[edit]

This is found approximately halfway though the stage at the end of the second large ice slide. It must be completed to progress, regardless of taking the top path or not. It has four pillars to use, and has a lot of Clubbosaurs and Cractyls.

Battle Ring 2[edit]

This appears right at the end of the stage before the second Angler Mangler fight. It is incredibly easy to bypass: Simply hug the top wall and run across the top to skip it entirely. Due to the length of both the Battle Ring and the Angler Mangler fight back to back, it is highly encouraged to try this bypass out.

Beanstalk Way[edit]

Battle Ring 1[edit]

This Battle Ring can pretty easily be skipped, but it will bypass a Gold Statue Part in doing so. Uniquely, it spawns Wind Winders, Stingrays, and even an Ankiron. Due to the frequency of Wind Winders and Cractyls spawning, it is harder to bypass the time limit by just standing on a column.

Battle Ring 2[edit]

This is near the end of the stage on top of a giant cut-down stalk. While the last Battle Ring spawned unique enemies, this ring challenges the player by spawning a very large amount of enemies: Dozens of wolf Magons, Rams, and Clubbosaurs nearly nonstop.

Mirror Mansion[edit]

For whatever reason, Sparkle Land returns to only one Battle Ring per stage. Mirror Mansion's is only half of a circle, and features only two columns and three doors along the back wall. These doors reveal Ninja Crows throughout the fight. It is a mandatory fight when entering the third floor. When the Battle Ring is over, the doors along the back will explode.

Pecan Sands[edit]

This ring is found at the end of the sand slide about halfway through the stage. It is very easy to skip this Battle Ring by jumping leftward from the top of the slide, or by running upwards right at the end of the slide before touching the sandy floor of the Battle Ring. If combat is initiated, prepare to deal with Clubbosaurs and Big Scorpers.