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Overhead shot of the arena, using a spring

The final area boss of the game, Captain Skull is a formidable foe. Unlike other bosses, Captain Skull will change battle strategy as the fight goes on. The arena is a ship split in half, with a connecting concrete section at the bottom, and two lookout points on top. There are two spring pads that will rocket Wario to the opposite side of the ship when jumped on.


Most attacks will come from the captain's cannon arm. The first type of shot is a massive cannonball that has a very large blast radius: It cannot be stopped, so the only method here is to dodge by using a ghost spring or the lower concrete section to get away. This attack will never hit the same side of the ship that Captain Skull is on. The second form of cannon shot is blue flare projectiles, which move in straight lines. The third are slower moving but homing pink projectiles. The fourth and most important shot is regular cannonballs, which are flaming when shot out, but cool off after they land on the deck.

During the battle's second phase, regular punches will no longer work on Captain Skull, and he will counter-attack Wario directly.

Strategy to defeat[edit]

Throwing a barrel into the boss

Most of the fight is kept constantly moving, thanks to Captain Skull's hookshot arm and use of the massive cannonballs. The first three skulls of damage can be cleared by stunning the captain through regular punches, then using a Mad Move to finish the job. Once three skulls of damage have been dealt, Captain Skull no longer will take damage from punches, and must be damaged another way. This can be done by either Mega Tossing a cooled-off purple cannonball back at the boss, or, using one of the various barrels on both halves of the ship.

Clearing this boss allows Wario to face the final boss.