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Springtime is here in Beanstalk Way, the second stage of Thrillsville. The level features a plethora of spiraling vines, rocky cliff-sides, and plenty of enemies to keep Wario at bay. With two Battle Rings and three mini-bosses, this stage is certainly a doozy. Utilize Garlic Dispensers when necessary or take a break if need be.

Spriteling 1[edit]

With leaves like that, this must be the place

To start, the order of completing the stage will be slightly adjusted to help prevent backtracking—each section is by order in the stage, not necessarily when objects are encountered. Immediately head upwards to the slanting ledge with a wooden fence running along it. With some careful jumping, Wario should be able to simply bypass this fence entirely and reach the first Spriteling! It will explain how to defeat the mini-boss of this stage: The Tree Freak.

Continuing onward[edit]

Head left and punch the chartreuse button before using the Swirly Slab to climb across the leaves. Instead of exploring around any further, head up the giant vine instead. Wario will come back through here later, so don't worry about missing anything.

At the top of the vine, avoid the Stingrays and press the red button to the left. Finish climbing the vine and move right. Take out the enemies in this dark grassy patch—they might impede the fight against the first mini-boss of the area!

Mini-Boss: Tree Freak[edit]

Evil walking trees! These have fruits that are half spiky and half smooth. Knock the fruit down by punching the Tree Freak, then lob a fruit at its green bulb by picking up the smooth side of the fruit. The Tree Freak will constantly make more fruit as the fight progresses, so don't worry about running out. After opening the bulb with one hit, throw another fruit at it to defeat the mini-boss. If the fruit isn't convenient to pick up, try ground pounding near it!

Afterwards, Wario will encounter a chasm to cross with a Tulipatooie: Jump on the glue globe and very quickly jump off to cross the gap. If you fall down, use the Swirly Slab below to climb up and try again. Alternatively, just Corkscrew Conk across the gap. Climb up the vine for the first Trapdoor of the stage.

Trapdoor 3[edit]

This is technically the third Trapdoor of the stage! It features a Wooden Chest that falls from the sky, a block in the center of the room, and a switch off to the side. This Wooden Chest is unique as it only will drop bombs, and infinitely respawns with a new bomb each time the last explodes. Grab a bomb, quickly run to the center, and throw the bomb at the switch to rise up to the floating platform to grab a Red Diamond and Gold Statue Part.

After the completion of this Trapdoor, head straight downwards to the pit under the Tulipatooies. There are a few goodies here!

Trapdoor 2[edit]

This Trapdoor is nearly identical to one in Greenhorn Forest, only instead of one ring to pass through, there are two. Navigate Wario around the glue globe to pass the gates, using the C-stick to change the camera to help see clearance better. Don't move around when near the spiked balls, as sometimes the collision will poke Wario from inside the glue globe and it will cause him to fall off. Grab your Red Diamond and Gold Statue Part.

Yellow Button and Treasure[edit]

This treasure is the reason some of the completion is out of order. At the back of the right half of the Tulipatooie pit is the yellow button. The chest is right at the very start of the stage where Wario dropped in! How frustrating. Run back to the left of the pit and jump down the waterfall for a shortcut back, but grab the following things before you do:

Red Button and Treasure[edit]

The button is at the top of the first vine to the left, and the treasure itself is at the bottom of the waterfall. There is also a Wooden Chest nearby as well. Head upwards for the Trapdoor next!

Trapdoor 1[edit]

This is technically the first Trapdoor available to use. It features columns of blocks to jump up and reach the second Spriteling. Reminder, Wario can jump three of these small rock blocks high. The Spriteling here explains to Wario what Tulipatooies are. The Red Diamond is present at the top of the central metal block tower.

After completing this Trapdoor, jump down off this ledge to the starting area, grabbing the yellow Treasure.

Gold Statue Part 3[edit]

Next to the Enemy Generator is a lone Swirly Slab. Open it with a ground pound, then use a nearby Wolf Magon to reach the Gold Statue Part!

By now, Wario should have three Red Diamonds, three Gold Statue Parts, two Spritelings, and two Treasures. Head back to the Tulipatooie area and this time cross both of them to proceed onward.

Trapdoor 4[edit]

Amidst a horde of enemies is the fourth Trapdoor. Use an enemy to enter, then use the C stick to look straight down. The platform is waaaaaay down below, and requires careful aiming to reach. Hold forward nearly the entire time falling: Wario's momentum here is a little strange, as he falls faster than he can move sideways. The Red Diamond is on the first ledge. Where's the other reward? Even further below that platform is the Gold Statue Part, right above a single block. Even if Wario misses the part, he will grab it should he use the Escape Spring.

Gold Statue Part 5[edit]

While it is very easy to jump right over this Battle Ring, the fifth Gold Statue Part is directly below the stone block to enter it. Grab it by ground pounding right over the X and endure the minute long battle.

Chartreuse Button and Treasure[edit]

The button for this Treasure is at the very beginning of the stage next to Spriteling 1. The Treasure itself is immediately after the Battle Ring.

Perform a Corkscrew Conk to the right (or use a Monstrous Magnet nearby) to press the Purple button.

Green Button and Treasure[edit]

Take the top path for now—you'll be looping out of the bottom in a moment. Climb the first set of magnetic panels using Monstrous Magnets. It may be necessary to stun both before throwing one to climb up if they keep flying in Wario's way. Instead of continuing further, instead hug the back wall and ground pound down the gap. Wario will hit the button on the way down.

The Treasure is off to the side of this pit, but is difficult to grab until after completing the next Trapdoor. This new room has a Rock Block on the floor. By breaking it, Wario will enter a new water-filled pit with the Light Blue button, enemies, and a Trapdoor.

Trapdoor 6[edit]

This steel Trapdoor has a massive gear-piece in the center. Wario is best able to navigate moving around the left side of the metal object to get to the opposite platform containing a Red Diamond and the blue Spriteling. The Spriteling suggests that cliff bases will have treasures.

Escape using the vines to the right.

Gold Statue Part 6[edit]

This part is located at the top of the vines portion to escape the pit, along with the Green Treasure. Collect both and progress left to get the Trapdoor that was passed.

Trapdoor 5[edit]

This Trapdoor features three switches and three platforms. One of them is already moving. When the final moving platform is as close as possible, hit the middle switch. Then when both of those platforms touch or are close enough, press the left switch. This Trapdoor has a Red Diamond and the green Spriteling (which explains the Monstrous Magnet enemies).

Light Blue Button and Treasure[edit]

The button is located in the watery pool with Trapdoor 6. The chest is located on the rocky cliffs with the Rams. There are other things to do here, but they will need to be returned to at a later time. Run past the rams and prepare for battle.

Mini-Boss: Tree Freak 2[edit]

Same as the last fight, only four fruits are needed to defeat the foe. Low on health? There's a Garlic Dispenser nearby.

Battle Ring 2[edit]

After the Tree Freak, climb up the large stalk to enter the second Battle Ring. This ring likes to use a high amount of enemies to swarm Wario, so feel free to stand on columns to get by safely. Continue rightward, preferably with a pillar in tow.

Mini-Boss: Crystal Entity[edit]

A blue Crystal Entity lurks at the center of the flower here. It can be skipped, but it is in the way and isn't too hard to clear out anyway. It has no attacks or changes from the last few, so it should be easy to wipe out. The pillar from the Battle Ring can help deal an early point of damage too! Instead of following the flower path to the right, drop off this flower and move underneath it.

Trapdoor 7[edit]

This steel Trapdoor has a lot to do with momentum of moving blocks. The first jump can be skipped with a Corkscrew Conk, but the rest need to be timed while the block is moving upward. One piece of advice is that if Wario makes a very short jump instead of a regular one, you've jumped too early. If it's a regular height jump, it is too late. Wario's jump should be larger than normal in order to reach the Red Diamond and purple Spriteling who explains how to duel the boss Spideraticus.

Purple Button and Treasure[edit]

The button is located to the right of the Chartreuse Treasure with the Monstrous Magnets. The chest is located directly next to Trapdoor 7 and the Dark Blue button. Speaking of the Dark Blue button, Mega Toss a nearby Ram into it, using the pad of the Purple Treasure to line up the shot.

Dark Blue Button and Treasure[edit]

After pressing the Dark Blue button, backtrack using the flower bridge, over the Battle Ring, and back to where the running Rams are. The Dark Blue chest will be here in between all of the running Rams. Before Wario leaves, consider falling just off the edge towards the sides of the cliffs (as the Spriteling suggested) to find more treasures available.

Gold Statue Part 7[edit]

This Gold Statue Part is out in the open on the right side of the cliffs.

Pink Button and Treasure[edit]

This button is located on the left side of the cliffs, along with a Wooden Chest. The treasure is located directly next to Trapdoor 8. It is a Nintendo 64!

Mini-Boss: Tree Freak 3[edit]

After returning to the flower bridge platforms, continue rightward to find the third and final Tree Freak. It is the same as the last fight, with six fruits are needed to defeat the foe. There's no health recovery this time, so be cautious about losing too many hearts.

Trapdoor 8[edit]

Located directly to the Tree Freak on the right, through a small gap in the fence. There's a lone Clubbosaur out here, so be wary. This Trapdoor features a grid of rock blocks that randomly slam into the ground. Hop on top of one, and carefully to the middle to grab the Red Diamond. Break a few to safely get underneath the floating platform and grab the final Gold Statue Part.

After the completion of the Trapdoor, progress onward to climb the final large beanstalk, being careful of the spiked balls floating around it. There is also one at the top, so be cautious when entering the little lookout point. There is a Garlic Dispenser here, along with a final plethora of enemies before the Stone Doohickey.

Boss: Spideraticus[edit]

This creature is anything but little

This boss is one gigantic, ugly spider. It sits on a large web which Wario will become stuck to when standing on. He can't jump very well on it, and will dash slower as well. The first primary attack of Spideraticus is jumping high into the air and slamming down, causing a shockwave. In later phases, this will be done twice. Wario should be off the webs to avoid this attack appropriately. The second is firing several slow moving projectiles that hover towards Wario. There is a rare attack where Spideraticus will turn around and fire a laser from behind. If Wario gets too close to the boss at any point, it will run after Wario and try to bite him—this spider bite is a whole heart of damage! The way to damage and eventually defeat Spideraticus is via his final attack, spitting out five Glue Globes, waiting for Wario to latch on, and then sucking them in one at a time. Once the boss begins inhaling the Glue Globe Wario is on, jump above Spideraticus and ground pound, fully stunning it. From there, use a Mad Move to deal damage. Repeat the process five times for victory.

Assuming all Gold Statue Parts have been collected, Wario should have seven hearts of health by now!