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The third area boss of the game is a large, bulky bull with a fiery demeanor. The battle takes place on an interesting arena floating on a stream of lava: When ground pounded by either Wario or Red-Brief J, the platform sinks into the lava, and those on the mesh edges of the platform risk taking damage from fire. The camera is locked to focus on the boss, not Wario, which may help understand Red-Brief J's position.

Squaring off against the bull

Attacks and Strategy[edit]

Red-Brief J has a wide variety of attacks to harm Wario. The first is simply walking around the arena, where every step causes a plume of fire to erupt. Second is an attack where he shoots fireballs that home in on Wario and disappear after a short while.

The next attack is where Red-Brief J turns white and spins into the sky, eventually rocketing at Wario at high speed. The easiest way to dodge this attack is to simply keep moving or dashing around far away from the boss. There is a similar fourth attack where Red-Brief J leaps off-screen and slams down the center of the arena to sink it into the arena. It can be roughly determined where Red-Brief J will slam down because the camera will still center to his position, so move to a different place while still on the center segment of the platform to avoid damage.

Not done yet! The fifth attack Red-Brief J has is a pink spinning attack where he quickly spins towards Wario to deal damage. Like most other of his attacks, just keeping distance is the best way to avoid injury. Alternatively, taking damage stops Red-Brief J from performing this attack.

The final attack is the most important one: Red-Brief J also dashes like Wario! He will dash towards Wario at a high speed, and eventually teeter on the edge of the platform. This is the time to slam the main platform into the lava and deal damage to Red-Brief J: No other form of attack like punching will damage the bull. Every skull of damage dealt increases the amount of dashes performed by one.

Completing this boss fight unlocks Sparkle Land—the first stage being Mirror Mansion.