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Wario World is a 3D platforming and puzzle featuring the titular character Wario. After his treasure is transformed into monsters and his castle is reduced to ruins, Wario swears that he'll get revenge on the perpetrator by punching it 100 times!

The game is split into two major components: Adventuring in a relatively linear 3D environment treasure hunting, Wario will spend his time defeating enemies with a series of powerful attacks, platforming over dangerous terrain, and grabbing as much gold in sight as possible.

Wario can't just blitz to the end of the stage, though. At the end of the level is the Stone Doohickey, a pillar that blocks access to the boss arena. This reveals the second major gameplay path of the game: Trapdoors. These mini areas have small puzzles or tasks to complete to acquire Red Diamonds (which remove the Stone Doohickey) to complete the stage. Some of these challenges are platforming based, others are puzzle-like games instead.

Help Wario beat up the jerk who ruined his castle, while getting ever richer along the way!