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  • Joystick: Use the 8-way joystick to direct the silver Solvalou (or the gold one if you are Player 2) around the screen; they are always moving forward but you can direct them virtually anywhere except the top of the screen (as in the original Xevious, and Super Xevious, this is due to their gunsights).
  • First Button: Use this button to make your Solvalou fire shots at the air-based enemies; as in all four previous games, the Bacura are indestructible.
  • Second Button: Use this button to make your Solvalou drop bombs on the ground-based enemies or the location of a hidden Sol or Zos to reveal it.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin the game as Player 1 (silver) or Player 2 (gold); both players' Solvalou shall initially play exactly the same, but when one drops a bomb on a Powerup Core to destroy it, its top shall become an item which can be collected for increased firepower.



The protagonists of this game; Player 1 controls the silver Solvalou shown on the left, while Player 2 controls the gold one shown on the right. They initially play identically until one of them drops a bomb on a Powerup Core to destroy it, then collects its top (which becomes an item) to increase its firepower - however, if either of them gets killed after collecting one or more Powerup Core tops, their effects will be lost (and in a one-player game, you shall also either be sent back to the start of the current area if you had only cleared up to 69% of it, or ahead to the start of the next one if you cleared over 70% of it). If you manage to clear all sixteen areas in one coin the game shall also not end at that point; instead, you will have to play "Extra Area 1", and if you manage to clear it without dying (in a two-player game, both players have to clear this area without getting killed in order to continue), you shall have to play "Extra Area 2". Furthermore, if you manage to uncover and destroy sixty Sols over the entirety of this game, you shall have to play "Extra Area 3" - however, you shall still have to clear the sixteen standard areas in one coin, and clear "Extra Area 1" without getting killed, to satisfy this requirement (as continuing in the sixteen standard areas prevents you from proceeding to EA1, and dying in EA1 prevents you from proceeding to EA2).

New enemies[edit]

In addition to these enemies, all the enemies from the original Xevious (the names and point values for whom are listed on Xevious/Gameplay), the Galbosses from Super Xevious and the Zos from Xevious 3D/G also return; however, the Galbosses are now worth either 1000 points (if they don't fire), 1500 points (if they do not fire, but move at high speed), 2000 points (if they fire), or 3000 points (if they fire and move at high speed). The Zos are now also worth a mystery point value - and the first Powerup Core top collected is worth 2000 points, but the value is then doubled for each subsequent one collected without dying, up to a maximum of 64000 points (the Komochi Andor Genesis motherships also serve as an updated version of the originals).

Enemy Name Type Points
Hakai Kanou-Dan Air 10
Garu Spario Air 50
Burazzi Air 200
Varge Air 60-120
Frosser Air 250-400
Enezakato Air 300-600
Borces Air 80-150
Yokomuki Bacura Air N/A
Leiya Ground 1300
Doraudo Ground 1200
Ettle Ground 1200
Powerup Core Ground 1000
Yokomuki Grobda Ground 200-10000
Komochi Andor Genesis (Areas 4 and 16) Air 6000 (Core), 1200 (Argo), 1100 (Kodomo)
Kogata Andor Genesis (Area 8) Air 3000 x 3
Kubo Andor Genesis (Area 12) Air 8000 (Core), 1200 (Argo)
Senkan Andor Genesis (Area 16) Air 5000 (Core), 1200 (Argo), 1000 (Tokushu Hodai)