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Once you have inserted your coin into the cabinet of Namco's 1995 compilation arcade game Namco Classics Collection Vol. 1 and pressed either Start Button, the game selection menu shall appear on Xevious; once you have pressed either button to select that, the Xevious mode selection screen shall appear on "Original" mode (a recreated version of the original Xevious), so you shall have to push the joystick down to select "Arrangement" mode, then press either button to confirm it. Once you have done so, the text "PUSH 1P OR 2P START BUTTON" will appear on the screen - and you will now have to press either Start Button in order to start the game, 1P as the silver Solvalou or 2P as the gold one (for a two-player game, they initially play the same until one of them drops a bomb on a Powerup Core to destroy it, then collects its top as it comes flying down towards them, for the increased firepower).