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The following are a list of GDI support powers. Support powers are similar to that of Generals powers from Command and Conquer: Generals. However, instead of requiring promotions, support powers are launched from certain buildings, much like superweapons. Unlike Generals powers, they require also a fee for deployment.

Radar Scan[edit]

CnC radar.png
Cost300 (250 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsCommand Post
Power TypeIntelligence Power

The radar scan reveals the target area and any stealthed units. It is extremely useful since you get it early in the game and because its so cheap. It provides an excellent precursor to another support power, or an Ion Cannon strike. Since you get it so early, it is also possible to radar scan the enemy base to watch their build order and see if they're focusing on vehicles, infantry, or aircraft.


CnC paratroopers.png
Cost1500 (1000 in pre-1.05)
Power TypeReinforcement Power

The first of several reinforcement powers. When launched in groups, GDI's many reinforcement powers can summon a veritable army to their location.

The airborne support power, for a fee, deploys four V-35 Oxen to the target area. Once they land, they will deploy two veteran GDI Riflemen and two veteran Missile squads. While not the most powerful of support powers, it can work if you need a quick drop of infantry to a location, or in combination with the Bloodhounds support power.

It is not a good idea to send the Airborne squads right into enemy fire, as the transports are very vulnerable during both transport and landing.

Sharpshooter Team[edit]

CnC sharpshooter.png
Cost3500 (2500 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsTech Centre
Power TypeReinforcement Power

Another reinforcement power, using this power sends three V-35s to the target area to deploy three squads of veteran snipers. Three snipers are more than sufficient to stop most infantry charges, and the team can also call in Juggernaught bombardment at a specific area.

Orca Strike[edit]

CnC orca strike.png
Power TypeOffensive Power

Orca aircraft are always standing by to deliver a payload of infrared-guided air-to-surface missiles precisely where needed.


The target area is bombarded by a group of fast-flying Orcas. Unlike the regular, constructible Orcas, these ones fly in and out of the target area, firing a volley of two missiles each (from three planes) to cause light damage to the target. While they fly relatively quickly, they are best deployed against immobile buildings, especially lightly armoured power plants. It is not powerful enough to completely destroy a critical building, but can harass an enemy power plant or finish off a critically-damaged building. Very useful against enemy emissaries.


CnC bloodhounds.png
Cost3000 (2000 in pre-1.05)
Power TypeReinforcement Power

The Bloodhounds support power summons two veteran Pitbulls and two veteran APCs via V-35 Oxen to the target area. One of the more useful powers since the APCs in particular can supplement Predators against infantry. It should be noted that the Bloodhounds support power does not require a War Factory for deployment; because of this, it is entirely possible to build an APC-Engineer rush without a War Factory.

In Kane's Wrath, the Steel Talons subfaction receives a pair of Wolverines instead of APCs (see right icon).

Zone Trooper Drop Pods[edit]

CnC3 DropPod.png
Cost4500 (3000 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsSpace Command Uplink
Power TypeReinforcement Power

Without a doubt GDI's most powerful reinforcement ability in the game, the Zone Trooper drop pods deploys three veteran GDI Zone Troopers to the target area via a Drop Pod. This drop pod falls straight from the stars to land in the target area - it cannot be intercepted like V-35 Oxen. While concentrated fire can destroy the pod before the Zone troopers emerge, the Zone troopers require only a short while before they pop out, making this devastating power difficult to stop at best.

Shockwave Artillery[edit]

CnC3 Shockwave.png
Cost2000 (1500 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsSpace Command Uplink
Power TypeOffensive Power

GDI's main EMP attack, the Shockwave artillery is a powerful support power that, when triggered, activates an offscreen artillery strike that strikes enemy units for damage. The main use of this ability, however, is the EMP effect that the shells have on enemy vehicles and structures. This makes it most effective on groups of power plants as well as Nod's "turret farms" - that is, large groups of clustered turrets.

Orbital Bombardment[edit]

RequirementsSpace Command Uplink
Power TypeOffensive Power

GDI area bombardment delivered from an orbital artillery platform. A targeting laser is fired momentarily before the bombardment commences and the shells fall randomly within the area originally designated. This power is best used in conjunction with the Ion Cannon and Orca Strike if needed to eliminate Construction Yards/Drone Ships or against buildings that have been placed closely together.

Ion Cannon[edit]

CnC3 IonCannon.png
RequirementsIon Control Centre
Power TypeSuperweapon

GDI's superweapon is the ever-famous Ion Cannon. Its appearance and effect has changed considerably from its previous incarnations; it is now much more flashy, shining down several beams first that converge on the centre of the blast. Once all the beams reach the middle, the main cannon itself fires a huge blue laser beam of death straight into the target area, annihilating everything.

The Ion Cannon, theoretically, can cause slightly more damage due to its secondary lasers, but its usefulness is somewhat limited due to the amount of time it takes for the main gun itself to fire. However, its destructive potential and ability to strike in the shroud (unlike any other support power) makes the Ion Cannon feared among GDI's enemies and respected by GDI's generals. In Kane's Wrath however, the Ion Cannon cannot fire in the shroud.