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It has new and old units but some old units like Vertigo Bombers are upgraded with special pods and others are modified like Zocom Mammoth tanks do not have railguns. This page lists new units and old units that has either no specific upgrades or other.


The GDI is a powerful faction in the CNC Universe. They are a counter-terrorist faction that favors armor and firepower to counteract NOD and SCRIN forces. Most of their vehicles and some of their infantry are heavily armored; their ground superiority is unmatched but they lack in airborne firepower.


Steel Talons Rule!

Wolverine worships their subfaction

The Wolverine makes a reappearance in Kane's Wrath, still in a dedicated anti-infantry role. Armed with twin machine guns, the Wolverine's firing pattern is somewhat erratic when targeting large groups or focused against singular attacks, making it effective against both mobs and against single enemies.


Wolverines are dedicated anti-infantry; anything aside from infantry will suffice.


Getting Bored!


A Steel Talons replacement for the Predator Tank, the Titan from Tiberian Sun makes a reappearance. It is just as fragile as a predator and costs a little more, but it is considerably more powerful firepower-wise and has the advantage of crushing tanks beneath its feet. The newest patch disabled the ability for a Titan to crush another Titan.

The Titan is also a little less mobile since it can't Call for Transport, but like the Predator it can be upgraded with railguns for vastly increased firepower.


Any normal anti-tank weapon will suffice, particularly missile troopers and tier 3 anti-vehicle units. Keep your distance with any units smaller than it as it can easily crush them.



Systems engaged!

Hammerhead deployment

The Hammerhead gunship is essentially an aerial APC, featuring more or less all the same advantages and disadvantages. Like the APC, when not transporting a unit it is very powerful in the anti-infantry role, capable of taking out infantry with ease. It can also, like the APC, load up an infantry squad and allow them to fire out, making this unit very versatile.

The Hammerhead, unlike the Venom and the APC, cannot target aerial units without a missile trooper or other anti-aircraft infantry inside. This makes the missile squad-hammerhead particularly deadly, and the ZOCOM-specific Zone Raider-Hammerhead combo a pricey but highly effective anti-tank anti-air combo.


Hammerheads are considerably more costly than Venoms, and the loss of a Hammerhead-Zone Raider combo is particularly devastating. Any ordinary anti-aircraft machine will work, but if it is the Hammerhead-Zone Raider combo, then anti-aircraft in numbers will have to suffice.


Next Power!


Little less than a Sonic Emitter put on a hovering chassis, the Shatterer is highly effective against masses of units and structures. Although its attack is very powerful, the shatterer itself is very weak, and must be protected like an artillery unit at all times.


Shatterers cannot attack air units, and are very fragile on their own.


Cant take this much longer!

Slingshots hate being attacked by Planetary Assault Carriers

  • Speed: Fast
  • Armour: Light
  • Weapon: Super heavy Anti aircraft Cannons
  • Cost: ????

This thing likes to shoot aircraft out of the skies and swat even Scrin aircraft but hates things that got anti vehicle cannons, Bazooka rockets, Laser Cannons and railguns.

Additional Notes

An effective anti-air platform, the Slingshot was a tank using the hover technology of the Second Tiberium War prior to its recalling and decommissioning. In fact, the Slingshot was the last surviving unit from this previous research. Unlike older units, the Sligshot's hover chassis was less susceptible to ion storms, making the unit more reliable. With its use of HoverTech the Slingshot had light armor, but was fast and highly maneuverable.

The vehicle carried four high caliber cannons mounted to the sides of its turret, and was capable of shredding through enemy aircraft with ease. Slingshot ammunition could be upgraded with tungsten shells, making the Slingshot the most powerful anti-air unit fielded.


Although excellent for anti-air defense, intel files suggest the Slingshot's light armor and weaponry made the unit vulnerable to infantry and other vehicles. That means it hates going out into the battlefield alone without Mammoth Tank Support.


Steel Talons have Mobile Repair Vehicles which has a single repair drone instead of machine gun(s) but maintains the ability to transport infantry.

Zone Raider troopers[edit]

We can handle it!

Overconfident troopers

  • Cost: $1300
  • Build Time: 13 seconds
  • Built From: Barracks
  • Prerequisites: Technology Center
  • Weapon Sonic Rifles and Missile Launchers

The high tech trooper of ZOCOM. Best use against certain enemy units.

Additional Notes Zone Raiders are an elite GDI infantry class, utilizing a heavily modified variant of the standard zone troopers armor. Zone Raiders are equipped with dual, shoulder mounted, anti-air rocket pods, and a specialized cannon, designed to fire rocket-propelled sonic grenades. These shells are a unique ordnance that releases a massive burst of sonic energy upon impact. As such, these grenades are useful for removing Tiberium, which allows them to participate in reclamation projects.

Zone Raiders, with their area of effect Sonic shells, excel at eliminating large groups of enemy infantry, and enjoy the same level of protection from Tiberium and enemy tanks, as the standard Zone Trooper. Thanks to their anti-air rockets, Zone Raiders are also extremely effective against enemy aircraft. However, also like the Zone Trooper, the Zone Raider is especially vulnerable against anti-infantry specialists, such as the Nod Shadow Team, Black Hand, and Scrin Buzzers.

Zone Trooper power armor was designed with flexibility and survivability. It was designed to be independent, able to deal with any type of enemy. Unlike the bulky Trooper armor, the Raider's armor is slimmer, with smaller shoulder pads, scaled down arm armor, and body armor that hugs the body. Jump jets have also been integrated, necessary to travel through the vast ruin of the Red Zones. Armour can be upgraded with scanner packs, helpful for detecting ambushes, and power packs. In addition, they are able to call for transport when needed. Drop pods can deploy Zone Raider veterans from orbit.

Zone Raiders are deployed under GDIUP Zone Operations Command, and have been in service for an unknown period of time. Originally, the Raiders were developed with the idea of working with Zone Troopers. However, their role changed from anti-air to scouting, replacing Zone Troopers forces in ZOCOM. Interestingly, Zone Raider forces only consists of women. ZOCOM's R&D developed their power armor with a "bikini style" chest plating with this in mind.


Zone Raiders hates the Black Hand infantry and also hates things that overwhelm them. Their missiles do not do good against Devastator Warships and their weapons lack accuracy against fast targets.


  • Weapon: 200mm Artillery Cannons
  • Cost: 2200
  • Requirements: Tech Center

The Behemoth, as used by the Steel Talons brigade, is the precursor to the Mk. III Juggernaut. The design was developed in response to the weakness of the Juggernaut's performance against infantry. As many failed reconnaissance missions had shown, the walker was all too susceptible to close-range infantry attacks.

To counter this flaw, the Behemoth design incorporates a loading bay that can carry an infantry squad. This allows the infantry to attack from the Walker, and allowing the unit to be more versatile in combat.

Like the Juggernaut, they serve as long range siege units, although, unlike the Mk.III, cannot bombard due to the fact the Steel Talons lack infantry (except Rifleman Squads, Missile Squads, Engineers, and Grenadier Squads).


Aircraft and anti-tank infantry both work well on the base unit, but their effectiveness may change depending on what infantry is garrisoned in the Behemoths bunker.

Zocom Orca[edit]

Thats right we got them!


Same as GDI Orca Gunships just with Sonic Grenades instead of rockets.

Their Sonic Grenades do splash damage which hits more than one target and they are effective against anything off the ground but it does have only 3 chips to fire and cannot be upgraded to carry more.


This thing does brutal damage to any ground unit and must be taken out by using other aircraft like Venoms or stormriders.

Zocom Shatterer[edit]

Next power!


This thing is same as regular Shatterers but now with a special attack.


This thing hates heavy foes and aircraft. Also their special ability makes them unable to act after use.


Assault Vector Alpha


  • Weapons 3 sonic cannons, harvesting materials and 4 infantry hard points
  • Armour thick for an epic unit
  • Speed Lousy
  • Size OH MY GOD!! THAT TANK!! IT’S ENORMOUS! IT can crush anything
  • Cost 5000 this tank is so large and expensive so don’t let it get destroyed once built.

The MARV is a powerful Epic unit and Grand Finale of GDI that cause devastation in their Wake and is another worst foe you will ever meet. Also this thing is a Super Heavy Tank/Harvester Hybrid. DO NOT ATTACK IT UP CLOSE OR EVEN AVATARS CAN GET FLATTEN BY THIS MONSTER TANK!

Additional Notes

The Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle is a extremely powerful GDI combat vehicle. It is approximately 3 times the size of the Mammoth Tank utilized in the Third Tiberium War. It has a tri-barreled sonic cannon turret mounted onto its chassis and can carry up to 4 infantry squads inside, similar to the Scrin Eradicator. It also has the ability to harvest Tiberium and convert it into funding instantly, but this act diminishes the value of the harvested Tiberium somewhat (350 per full green patch, and 700 per full blue patch).


The Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle, or MARV, was crafted by GDI Engineers to complement ZOCOM Red Zone anti-Tiberium operations. Significant advances in Tiberium harvesting and refinement have allowed GDI to house a full Tiberium processing plant within the enormous, armored behemoth. Using a frontally-mounted scanning and collection system, the MARV can gather, process, and convert terrestrial Tiberium to usable resources in a matter of minutes.

Potential threats, originating from Nod-based operations or any number of separatist splinter or mutant factions, forced GDI to add significant armaments to the MARV before Red Zone deployment. In addition to the massive size and high-durability armor afforded to the MARV, a tri-barreled sonic cannon was added to provide offensive power to the MARV design. Firing a large area-of-effect sonic shell, the MARV’s massive cannon is equally as effective against unexpected uprisings as it is at breaking down massive Tiberium deposits for reclamation. In addition, four garrison slots can accommodate a variety of GDI infantry, allowing the MARV to meet any potential threat on the battlefield.

Garrison effects

  • Riflemen Squad: anti-infantry machinegun which is quite strong on any troopers
  • Missile Squad: anti-vehicle/anti-air rockets but the rockets are quite weak
  • Engineer/Combat Engineer: persistent healing, addition of a second, third, and fourth Engineer will heal the unit more rapidly but only let the tank have 3 sonic cannons
  • Grenadier squad: anti-structure, garrison-clearing grenade launcher which is quite inaccurate
  • Sniper Team: anti-infantry sniper rifle which hates armoured tanks
  • Zone Trooper: anti-vehicle railguns which hates some infantry
  • Zone Raider: anti-mass sonic grenades which hates jets and hated by swarms

Although the MARV is an Epic Unit, it does gain veterancy, as do all other Epic Units. The MARV must be built in its structure called the Reclamation Hub.


This thing hates things that can fly because its AA Rockets does not do good damage. When attacking it do not get close to it at all. The Redeemer's Rage Generator is effective if the enemy appears in large numbers(Rage generators can turn even powerful epic units on each other). Gdi grenadiers that have been upgraded with EMP grenades can disable MARVs


This faction is the enemy of GDI and is religious. They worship Kane 25 hours a day forever. They seek Tiberium and expect Tiberium to help them live forever. They favor numbers over anything else and use stealth on most of their vehicles, they are a hit-and-run faction, so using an army of avatars to flatten a base is not normally what you would expect: if you are fighting them you will want to use a lot of stealth-detection technology and heavily armored aircraft.


They die so brightly!


  • Cost: $1200
  • Weapon One huge gun bigger than the 3 cannons of the Juggernaut
  • Build Time: 20 seconds
  • Armour: Light
  • Speed: Fairly slow
  • Built From: War Factory
  • Prerequisites: Tech Lab

This stealth artillery is one annoying foe.

Additional Notes

With new reports appearing about the Brotherhood of Nod, data about the Specter has become available. This vehicle is the Brotherhood's new unit, an advanced stealth artillery supplementing the beam cannons.

While information remains sketchy currently, it is known that Nod Shadows can interface with these artillery units and deploy an artillery beacon to accurately guide their fire, much like GDI sniper teams and Juggernauts. In addition, Specters have top of the line optic camouflage technology, making them extremely difficult to single out.

New intel suggest that the Specter may be utilized by the Marked of Kane, based on their combat doctrine. However, this has yet to be confirmed.


It hates aircraft like all artillery. Fast, stealth-detecting ground units can also be useful, as the Spectre has no effective close-range defences.


A force to reckon with!


  • Armour: Heavy (once deployed it gains an armor boost)
  • Weapon: Infantry and dozer blades
  • Speed: Medium-Fast
  • Cost: 900

A newly discovered element of the Nod armed forces, the Reckoner is a heavy transportation unit, much like the GDI APC. However, unlike its counterpart, it's half-tracked, more heavily armored and is capable of permanently deploying into a frontline battle bunker.

However, it cannot be undeployed, so the decision to deploy must be considered beforehand. Prior to deployment, the two infantry squads within cannot fire their weapons, and the Reckoner is defenseless (with the exception of optional dozer blades). Once deployed, however, the Reckoner unpacks into a bunker, gaining enough space for a third squad to occupy it, and all three squads can fire out of its hull. Its weakness includes enemy Mammoth Tanks which the APC hates so badly.

Tiberium Troopers[edit]

The Crystal moves with us!


  • Cost: $900
  • Build Time: 9 seconds
  • Built From: Barracks
  • Prerequisites: Operations Center
  • Speed: Medium (can be upgraded to go faster)
  • Armour: Medium-Heavy
  • Weapon: Tiberium Gun

These troopers wield Tiberium Weapons instead of flamethrowers.

Additional Notes

Recent intelligence footage has confirmed the existence of the Marked of Kane-exclusive units in the Nod army: the Tiberium Troopers. These units are the result of research from Dr. Giraud, who defected from GDI. Wearing what appears to be powered armor similar to the Black Hand, these infantry are not equipped with flame weaponry, but instead, use an advanced version of the chemical sprayer, and require an operations center to be set up before deploying.

The mixture sprayed from their tank can melt anything and has the passive effect of slowing down anything it touches. In this vein, they appear to be a throwback to the chem warriors of the First Tiberium War. Within the Marked of Kane, they replace the Black Hand soldiers in their combat roles. It have been confirmed that these troopers have undergone significant (in comparison with the rest of the Brotherhood) Tiberium and cybernetic enhancement, and can be further upgraded with cybernetic legs, significantly increasing their speed.


Possibly Aircraft due to its weapon is good for ground units.


Combat systems engaged!

Cyborgs that attacked others

  • Armour: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow (can also be upgraded with Cybernetic Legs)
  • Weapon: Particle beam, EMP cannon
  • Cost: ????

Recent intelligence footage has confirmed the existence of the Marked of Kane-exclusive Enlightened Cyborg. Any resemblance to humanity is taken away, and what remains is a powerful cyborg suited for anti-vehicle roles.

Acting as the subfaction's elite infantry, the Enlightened are armed with particle beams capable of cutting through vehicles and an EMP blast with a far wider range than their Awakened counterparts. Their armor are also much more resilient than the one carried by the Awakened - but this comes at a price - the cost of their deployment are more then two times as expensive as the price of one Awakened cyborg squad. However, this armour prevents ground vehicles from crushing their squads. Because the Enlightened are deployed in three-man squads, snipers can better pick them off than other heavy infantry. The Enlightened require a Secret Shrine to be recruited, which means that they are tier 1.5 heavy infantry.

Several upgrades can further enhance the Enlightened. When upgraded to charged particle beams, the weapon fires a double-charged ionic Tiberium beam that can deal more damage. Additional bipedial servomotors can be added to the cyborg, increasing its speed fast enough to chase down tanks.

Just as Awakened, Enlightened aren't immune to Tiberium. They will take damage, just like ordinary infantry.

Database operatives will continue to study the new information.


Aircraft and heavy infantry.


Your Wishes?


  • Cost: 500
  • Weapon: Machine gun, EMP cannon
  • Speed: Slow
  • Armour: Medium

With the recent acquisition of new intel, data about new infantry units of the Marked of Kane has surfaced. The Awakened is a heavily armed and armored cyborg reactivated to serve Kane. The Awakened are of a more advanced design than the Second Tiberium War Cyborg, and serve as the basic infantry of the Marked. These units also maintain buildings for the subfaction. Should these buildings be sold, the Awakened within would then join the front line, although slightly damaged.

While speculated to be the remnant of CABAL's forces, recent intel have revealed that they were the result of a secret project conducted in Central Asia, using human corpses as a base for heavy cybernetic enhancement. Originally meant to be used during the Second Tiberium War, their release was delayed until recently.

Awakened are armed with an EMP cannon implanted in its right arm, a heavy machine gun grafted onto its left, a rebreather unit and numerous other augmentations. Their armour, while its composition remains unknown, is the toughest used by any basic infantry force. For better control, their enhanced cyber-neurological impacts are linked to a world-wide control network. They are capable of creating an EMP blast to temporary disable a unit or building.

While stronger than regular infantry, the Awakened are more costly and slower, making them poor scouts. Also, they lack any further upgrades. Deployed in three-man squads, the Awaken have smaller numbers than most other infantry, and making them more susceptible to anti-infantry weapons, as well as crushing.

A large difference between the TWII Cyborgs and the Awakened is that Awakened aren't immune to Tiberium. They will take damage, just like ordinary infantry.

Regular Brotherhood forces do not produce these cyborgs. However, the Redemption capability allows them to resurrect deceased militants into the Awakened.

Counters Only aircraft are truly effective against the Awakened, otherwise superior numbers of anti-infantry units can counter these.

Redeemer Walkers[edit]

Resistance is futile!

Redeemer attempts to get GDI Tanks to not resist

We could get a big Nod Walker and have it step on stuff like Mammoth Tanks.
  • Cost: $5000 this is an epic unit what to expect?
  • Weapon: You do not want to know what it is armed with
  • Speed: Slow Oh god.....
  • Armour: extremely thick
  • Build Time: 50 seconds
  • Built From: Redeemer Engineering Facility
  • Prerequisites: Tech Lab

This unit is a giant terror walker that can destroy everything it sees (as long as those thing are on the ground). Unlike the Scrin Eradicator and the MARV it cant make cash out of things. Powerful against epic units. In the Nod Campaign you will be using it very often.

Additional Notes

Recent intel has confirmed the existence of an "Epic Unit" of the Brotherhood of Nod. This "Redeemer" is a massive mechanized walker, similar in design to the Avatar Warmech, though it is significantly more heavily armed and armored, as well as being quadrupedal, adding stability. It is armed with obelisk-based tri-part lasers, which are able to cut through the heaviest of armour. The Redeemer also serves as a symbol for the Brotherhood, whose power is the representation of Kane's own presence.

After their defeat from their first encounter with a MARV, Nod realized they could loose control in the red zones. They needed a unit to counteract GDI's new weapon. Using covert forces, Nod succeeded in raiding a ZOCOM MARV production center. Using GDI's construction plans and the Avatar's basic design, Nod developed its own Epic unit.

The Redeemer can bolster its already formidable laser cannon, like the Avatar. However, unlike its predecessor, which destroyed Nod vehicles for added firepower, infantry sacrifice their weapons to the Redeemer, possibly going with the Avatar to operate the weapons. These upgrades depend on the units Redeemed:

  • Militants, Awakened and Confessor Cabal: Anti-infantry machineguns.
  • Militant rocket squad: Anti-armor and anti-aircraft missiles.
  • Black Hand: Anti-infantry/anti-structure flamethrower
  • Tiberium trooper:Anti-infantry/anti-structure tiberium sprayer
  • Saboteur: an automatic repair module. An additional Saboteur will double the healing rate.

Another weapon is the glowing device on the Redeemer's back, the Rage Generator, which is able to drive enemy units into a frenzy, causing them to ignore Nod units and attack one another. It has been confirmed that the Redeemer can crush Mammoth 27 tanks and other Heavier units by simply walking over it, thanks to his size. It's armour and bulk prevents its legs from being destroyed by Commandos, who could be easily crushed.

However, the production of such a device is resource-intensive; its size is roughly twice that of a standard Avatar. In addition, it requires its own production facility, the Engineering Facility to create. The expense and technical expertise required for the walker's construction is so great that a commander is allowed to have only one Redeemer under his or her command at a time.


Anything that flies or EMP weapons combined with an army. Luckily the Redeemer does not make cash out of stuff unlike Eradicators and MARVs and only carry two infantry.


  • Armour: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Weapon: Anti air Rockets
  • Cost ????

The Mantis is a support tank available to the Black Hand designed for, and is very effective as anti-air defense (even against scrin ships). This vehicle replaces the Stealth Tank, due to the organization's beliefs against stealth. From recent intel, the unit is armed with surface-to-air missiles, and equipped with stealth detecting sensors. The unit can be upgraded with tiberium core missiles.


Unlike the Stealth Tank it replaces, the Manta's missiles are only usable on air targets, so any anti-vehicle ground force should be enough to take these down.

Confessor Cabal[edit]

We are the chosen!


  • Cost: $300
  • Build Time: 3 seconds
  • Built From: Barracks
  • Prerequisites:None
  • Speed: Medium-Slow
  • Armour: Very light
  • Weapon: Machine Guns and Hallucanagetic Grenades

Additional Notes

While the Nod Confessor has been an increasingly common sight on the battlefield since the Second Tiberium War, it was not until the establishment of Brother Marcion’s post-Slavik Black Hand that these armored priests were considered effective combatants in their own right. Seeking to bolster his own standing as a 'pure' religious figure, untainted by the purported heresy of his predecessor, Marcion took the radical step of replacing his standard Nod Militant advance guard with regiments of combat ready Confessors, armed, as always, with machine guns and psychotropic hallucinogenic grenades, all the better to spread his word...and put his enemies to the sword..

Hallucinogenic Grenades: Like the Nod Confessor, the Confessor Cabal can throw Hallucinogenic Grenades, preying upon the nightmares of their enemies and causing enemy infantry to turn on one another. For the Cabal, this is a selectable ability. In addition, since each Cabal member throws a Hallucinogenic Grenade, this ability covers a much larger radius than the single grenade thrown by a Confessor-upgraded Militant Squad.

Word of Marcion: The Confessor Cabal embodies the living Word of Marcion, inspiring nearby units into a frenzy of religious zealotry. Infantry within proximity of the Cabal fire more quickly, take less damage, and are more resistant to suppression.

Upgrades Available

Black Disciples: As the right hand of Marcion, the Black Hand are truly feared even within the ranks of Marcion’s forces. A single Black Hand squad member is often added to many infantry squads to keep order and retain the message of the Word. The Black Disciple adds additional melee presence with his powerful flamethrower and increases the total hit points of the Cabal. Available at the Secret Shrine.

Purifying Flame: As the fervor of Marcion’s troops hit a fever pitch, the impassioned Black Hand scientists sought a way to bring the white-hot fanaticism to the battlefield in a very real and visible manner. Using a proprietary tiberium-carbon blend, the flame weapons of Black Hand units can achieve a massive increase in temperature on combustion, significantly increasing the damage done. The resulting flame can burn through both units and structures in a flash of spectacular blue.

Charged Particle Beam: As his voice on the battlefield, Marcion sought to bring the Prophecy of Tiberium even to the lowest of his soldiers. Confessor Cabals can be augmented with the Prophet’s Crystal to fire a beam of ionic tiberium, a highly-reactive charged species that can rip through enemy flesh and light armor. Available at the Tech Lab.


Same as regular Nod Militants. Anti Infantry is your defense against these troopers.


They burn!

Purifier loves to burn troops and tanks

  • Armour: Heavy
  • Speed Slow
  • Cost: 3000
  • Weapon: Flamethrower and Particle Beam

The Black hand version of the Avatar. Although the claw can no longer be used to 'salvage' parts from other Nod units, the flamethrower alone makes up for this, particularly when paired with the Black Hands 'Purifying Flame' upgrade.

Purifiers also can inspire nearby infantry to fight, making them better combatants.


Same as regular Avatars: aircraft, but commandos and infantry will get roasted if they get too close to it, and even elite commandos can't get close enough to blow off a leg.

Purifiers have no inbuilt air defenses, so an anti-air escort of missile troopers, Assault Bikes or Mantises is necessary to keep one safe from aerial counterattacks. Failing that, long-range or hit-and-run tactics could be used to counter one.


The Scrin are aliens and have formidable weapons which rival GDI's. This faction favors mind control and aircraft; their alien technology is very effective on human structures and units and they are so advanced they can have three support powers each.

Extremely powerful and able to take out an entire base in one hit, these support powers are:

  • Mothership (deploys a slow aircraft that can eliminate a base with one shot)
  • Overlord's Wrath (hurls a tiberium-asteroid on the target and causes a huge blast-wave)
  • Rift (Scrin's old superweapon)

These monsters put shields on their aircraft, steal your units, and have faster build times than other factions.


  • Cost: $1000
  • Armour: Light
  • Speed: Slow (can be upgraded with Advanced Articulators to increase speed)
  • Weapon: None (can use mind control on low tech ground units)
  • Build Time: 10 seconds
  • Built From: Portal
  • Prerequisites: Nerve Center, Statis Chamber

This unit is a human with a Scrin mind control device attached to their skulls.

Additional Notes

The process of indoctrinating new members into the Cult of the Traveler is a complicated procedure. First, the thin, organic layer surrounding the cortex must be removed. This may cause the victim some level of distress, and additional cortical manipulators should be present to pacify the creature. The hardened outer shell is then cracked upon natural fissure lines and removed. A single spawn from the Prodigy, once ripe for host assimilation, will automatically seek out and implant itself in key emotional and logistical centers of the exposed cortex.

If the process is successful, the symbiote will awaken with highly amplified abilities. Even this early in the life cycle of the progeny, latent mental manipulation powers quickly manifest, augmented by the cortical components of the host creature. The symbiote, now fully under Scrin control, can then be tasked with population control.

Special Abilities

Mind Control: Amplification allows the Cultist squad to penetrate the minds of most infantry and vehicles, but is too limited to take command of structures or air units.

Upgrades Available

Advanced Articulators: Cultists can be outfitted with Advanced Articulators, significantly increasing their speed. Available at: Stasis Chamber.

Combat Chain Role

The Cultist is available to the Traveler-59 subfaction at tier 2 when a stasis chamber is present. The Cultist fits a new, heavily micromanagement-intensive slot in the Scrin combat chain. Capable of directly countering any ground-based unit in the game, the Cultist can be used to counter tactics ranging from low-level tank spam to high-end mixed armies. Even against low-level infantry, Cultists can be highly effective in the hands of a skilled player. The Cultist has no direct combat weapon, however, and is highly vulnerable when left out in the field. Utilize cross-faction combat abilities to inflict maximum damage and help keep the Cultists alive!

Advanced Gameplay Notes

The cooldown on Mind Control is quite short and begins immediately after the skill is used. Skilled players can utilize multiple Cultists to always have a timer up, or rotate quickly when the commandeered unit is getting low on hit points.

Even with Advanced Articulators, Cultists are still slower than most vehicles on the battlefield. Careful control of Cultists is necessary for maximum effectiveness.

The Cultist is a 5-member horde and can take a moderate amount of damage, even from Snipers, before falling. Cultists are highly vulnerable to crushing and area-of-effect damage.

Cultists cost less than a single enemy harvester. Use Cultists to disrupt enemy harvesting operations and steal their Tiberium!

When facing a GDI opponent, Mind Control a few Rifleman Squads and Dig In. The Cultists can then use the bunkers as protection!

Opponents playing as Black Hand will often put a Purifier in the midst of an infantry mass to provide melee cover and a radial buff. Mind control the Purifier and watch the infantry get roasted!

In 2v2 games, pair up with a Nod or GDI partner. Hammerheads and Reckoners make excellent methods of quickly transporting Cultists across the battlefield.


  • Cost: $2500
  • Weapon: Teleportation and Mind Control
  • Speed: Fast
  • Armour: Medium
  • Build Time: 25 seconds
  • Built From: Portal
  • Prerequisites: Stasis Chamber, Technology Assembler

This unit is another psychic unit that the Scrin uses.

Additional Notes

The exact process by which the Prodigy was spawned is largely unknown, even amongst many Scrin sects. Most hypotheses involve a mixture of inbreeding, genetic manipulation, and dark experiments. The results, however, are undeniable. A single Prodigy, blink-teleported onto a host planet, is often all that is necessary to bring the population under Scrin control within a matter of days.

The powers possessed by the Prodigy are similar to those of the Mastermind, augmented for planet-wide subversion and twisted to meet the needs of the Traveler. The Prodigy will blink-teleport silently into a populace, then utilize enhanced mental faculties to command entire regiments of host creatures into an unexpected mutiny. Once the infighting has begun, the Prodigy can then teleport in reinforcements to solidify control of the planet.

Special Abilities

Teleport Units: Similar to the Mastermind, the Prodigy can teleport friendly units to an area near its current location.

Teleport: Much like Shock Trooper Blink Pack technology, the Prodigy can teleport itself a moderate distance across the battlefield.

Mind Control: The Prodigy utilizes mental manipulation powers to take control of a single unit or structure. This ability does not work on epic units.

Area Mind Control: Augmented cortical structures allow the Prodigy to take control of an entire group of enemy units. This ability cannot be used on structures, air units, or epic units or it hates aircraft.

Combat Role

The Prodigy is available exclusively to the Traveler sect at tier 3 when a Stasis Chamber is also present. The Prodigy takes the place of the Mastermind for this subfaction. The Prodigy is the ultimate evolution of the Mastermind, capable of rapid transport and subversion. The Teleport powers of the Prodigy allow it to quickly relocate to an enemy position, call in reinforcements, or escape from combat. The considerably enhanced mental powers of the Prodigy will make it the first target of many GDI and Nod commanders. Capable of commandeering enemy structures with Mind Control, then turning the defending forces against one another with Area Mind Control, the Prodigy is a truly feared opponent on the battlefield. Though the Prodigy has no direct weapon of its own, the considerable powers housed within the grotesque, bulbous form are more than capable of destroying entire armies.

Advanced Gameplay Notes

The Prodigy is an incredibly powerful unit if micromanaged correctly, but will also be the focus of enemy commanders. Always hotkey your Prodigy!

The Prodigy’s Teleport ability extends past its own sight range. Give the Prodigy a scout to maximize retreat potential.

Area Mind Control does not affect air units, but Mind Control does! One Venom or Stormrider might be enough cover fire to allow a quick escape.

The Prodigy can teleport epic units. Use Teleport and Teleport Units to bring a Eradicator into the back of the opponents’ base, then Mind Control and Area Mind Control the defending forces!

If a Prodigy is garrisoned within an Eradicator, the Eradicator will gain the ability to teleport itself. Once garrisoned into an Eradicator, another Prodigy can be created.

Area Mind Control and Mind Control can be used simultaneously, and the cooldowns begin while the controlled units are still alive. Rotate Mind Controls to obtain a constant stream of your opponents’ units.

The Temporal Wormhole power, available exclusively to Traveler-59, significantly slows unit speed and rate of fire. In combination with the Prodigy, this can produce the perfect Area Mind Control opportunity, or help the Prodigy survive a particularly harrowing escape.

In 2v2 games, dual Prodigies can take control of a significant number of enemy forces if micromanaged well.



Reaper Tripod[edit]

The Scrin sect Reaper-17 uses its own advanced Tripod variant called the Reaper Tripod. This unit is a mutation of the Annihilator, a result of the Reaper's excessive Tiberium infusions. The Reaper Tripod eclipses the normal Annihilator due to its ability to absorb Tiberium to enhance its conversion beams, similar to the Devourer Tank. This weapon can be upgraded to have longer firing times with 'Conversion reserves'.


The Reaper Tripod is, like the Annihilator, useless against aircraft. Heavy anti-vehicle infantry (zone troopers/raiders and enlightened) are also good counters.


  • Cost: ????
  • Armour: Medium-Light
  • Weapon: It has the ability to add weapons depending on the situation (Tiberium Shard launcher for infantry, Disk launcher for aircraft, Toxin sprayer for structures and infantry, and a Disintegrator beam for vehicles.)
  • Speed: Fairly Fast

This unit is a strong vehicle that is warped by the Scrin.

Additional Notes

The Mechapede is a walker unit that is utilized by the Scrin invaders, determined to be an advanced customizable biotank by InOps. The Mechapede closely resembles a Terran millipede or centipede, though it is exponentially larger. It speed is faster then even a Seeker, and can fire in any direction. However, it can not move in reverse.

The Mechapede's "head" is the only part constructed at first; it has a weapon similar to the Scrin Disintegrators. Eight additional segments, of four varying types, can be added. Shard segments are powerful against enemy infantry, disk segments can strike down enemy aircraft, the Tiberium segment has a similar weapon to the Corrupter, and a Disintegrator segment. These segments allow the mechapede to be a versatile support unit. Like the Corruptor, its Tiberium toxin can not only heal other Scrin, but also heal itself.

Destruction of the Mechapede body segments will not destroy the unit, as it can then rebuild more segments. The only way to totally destroy the unit is by targeting the head segment.


Flank it or Attack the head.


  • Cost: $1200
  • Build Time: 12 seconds
  • Built From: Portal
  • Prerequisites: Nerve Center, Stasis Chamber

The Ravager is an elite assault infantry used by the Scrin. The creature is a quadrupedal biomechanical construct, that literally has green Tiberium crystals growing on it. It has been reporter to be one of fastest units that have been recently introduced. The Ravager attacks by flinging Tiberium shards at its target in a manner similar to Canus tiberias. It is also purported to have the ability to detonate tiberium via a reaction similar to the one Nod's Catalyst missile weapon uses.

Ravager units of Reaper-17 can be upgraded with better weaponry. Traveler-59 is able to upgrade their Ravager's with advanced articulators, increasing its speed to the point it can outrun vehicles


These monsters are quite powerful on most units but hates things that flies(especially Hammerheads and Venoms) and heavy anti infantry(especially Commandos).

Shard Walker[edit]

The Shard Walker is a variant of the Gun Walker available to Reaper-17. It is a mutation of the Gun Walker caused by excessive Tiberium infusion. As a result of this mutation, this Walker is faster and stronger. In lieu of a energy weapon, the Shard Walker fires Tiberium shards at high speeds. These shards are stronger than the energy weapon, and the weapon itself is capable of being upgraded to Blue shards. It can also make use of energy shields to increase its durability.


This thing hates tanks but in number it is quite dangerous unless you crush em.

Eradicator Hexapod[edit]

With the Warp Chasm built, the Scrin can build an Eradicator Hexapod. It's ability to crush vehicles (including large ones such as the Mammoth Tank), not to mention its offensive and defensive capabilities make it one tough nut to crack.
  • Cost: $5000
  • Build Time: 50 seconds
  • Built From: Warp Chasm
  • Prerequisites: Technology Assembler
  • Special Notes: The Hexapod is a Unique unit, only one Hexapod can be deployed at a time, and it will announce its arrival on the battlefield to all Players

The Grand Finale of the Scrin that makes cash out of destroyed units but unlike the MARV it does not make that much money.

Additional Notes

The Eradicator Hexapod is an extremely powerful Scrin mechanized walker, resembling a six-legged spider.

Existence of this unit was first revealed from fuzzy images of a large mass. Soon began rumors of a giant, six-legged monster traveling the red and yellow zones. While some thought these rumors would soon dissipate, GDI Central Command began to worry when reports of this creature increased. More disturbing and detailed accounts included the easy destruction of a Mammoth Tank and an Avatar, and taking apart its victims piece by piece and recycling them. GDI investigated, and soon learned of the Eradicator.

The Eradicator is armed with weaponry similar to the Devastator Warship, and also equipped with a Lifeform Recycling System. This gruesome ability allows the unit to dismantle parts from the vehicles and buildings it destroys, resulting in a steady supply of resources. As a whole, the Eradicator is heavily armed and armoured, and with the right units supporting it, difficult to defeat. Even Commandos can not damage its legs, and would be crushed if attempting to attack it.

However, without appropriate upgrades, the walker is incapable of protecting itself from air attacks. Worse, its main weapon's lack of precision makes it less effective against heavy assault units. Due to the large amount of resources required to construct one of these vehicles, only one can be deployed at a time. The sheer size and power of the unit means that it requires its own specialist structure in order to be brought onto the battlefield: a Warp Chasm.

Assimilate unit upgrades The Lifeform Recycling System can be upgraded to allow the Eradicator to assimilate up to three Scrin infantry units. These units provide the unit with a number of new weapons. Like the GDI M.A.R.V. or the Nod Redeemer, these units can not leave once melded. New capabilities also depend on the type of unit absorbed:

  • Disintegrators: adds a powerful anti-vehicle beam weapon.
  • Assimilator: adds a self repairing module.
  • Shock Troopers: adds anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft weaponry.
  • Ravager: adds shard launcher.
  • Mastermind/Prodigy: Allows the Teleport Eradicator capability, allowing it to travel instantly from one point to another.

Counters Aircraft unless upgraded. Also destroy the Warp Chasm before one is deployed.

Other changes[edit]

Here are certain things that are changed lately.

  • Zocom tanks do not have railguns
  • Steel Talons do not have good troopers
  • Black Hand faction do not have aircraft
  • The Scrin Reaper Faction does not have any aircraft except stormriders
  • Also the Marked of Kane got Tiberium Troopers instead of the Black Hand