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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Crest Locations[edit]

This page will reveal the locations of all five crests, as well as the location of the item that you can claim once you collect all five. If you do not wish to learn the locations of the crests at this time, do not read this page.

Star Crest Moon Crest
The Lighthouse ambush

The Star Crest is probably the first crest that you will obtain by climbing near the top of the complex lighthouse, and discovering a Gremlin who runs away from you. When you chase the Gremlin into the chamber below, you discover an old man who says he will lead you to what you are searching for. Climbing back down to the bottom of the lighthouse, he presents a chest to you, but it turns out to be a trap! After battling off the four Gremlins who ambush you, you will receive the Star Crest as a reward for your bravery.

King Osterfair's reward

Even in these desperate times, the King of Osterfair loves gaming and excitement, and does not appear to be taking the dangers of the world seriously. But in truth, he is waiting for just the right team of warriors to appear that can prove their strength to him and accept ownership of the important crest which has been handed down to him. If you enter his arena and defeat the Saber Lion in battle, the Moon Crest will be your reward.

Fire Crest Water Crest
At the Fire monolith

Easily overlooked, this fire monolith sits on an otherwise empty island, and seems to serve no other purpose than a gathering of three Travelers Gates. But it hides a very valuable secret. A villager will tell you that the Fire Crest can be found in the monolith of Fire, but where? There are a lot of places to search. If you step outside to the right side of the monolith, and search around in the upper right corner, you will find what you are looking for.

The watery jail of Hamlin

Locked behind a gold door, these watery jail cell holds two Ozwarks in captivity. Once you have obtained the prison key, you can open the door and interrogate these two monsters, but they would rather Fight than talk. Even after defeating them, it may not be quite obvious, but there is a water crest waiting for you on the floor of the cell. Search the area where the Ozwarks were waiting, and you should find your prize.

Life Crest Charm of Rubiss
The basement of the Cave to Rhone

Even as you get closer to the death land known as Rhone, you can find life in the form of the Life Crest. It is rather easy to find, but somewhat difficult to reach. You may discover that pitfalls line the first floor of the Cave to Rhone. They drop you into a basement full of nothing but Horks. You seem to encounter them every couple of steps, making progress difficult. Sitting in the lower right corner of this basement is the Life Crest. Collect it before you leave, and never visit here again.

The monolith in the ocean

With all five crests in you possession, it is time to find the shrine of Rubiss and ask her to bestow her blessing on you. Rubiss is the spirit that protects the world. She will only grant her power to those who have proven their worth by collecting the five crests. Her shrine can be found in the middle of the ocean after sailing south from Midenhall. Climb down the spiral staircase to her shrine and step in the center to receive a gift from her, the Charm of Rubiss. It serves a very important purpose and will help break the spell of illusions that try to deceive you.