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DQ2 Travel Gate World Map.png

Travelers Gates are scattered throughout the world of Dragon Warrior II. While you only have access to a few of them in the beginning of the game, they can be very essential tools to shortcut long distances across the world later on during your journey. The map above shows how various locations in the world are connected by Travelers Gates, while the list below shows you how to access each of them.

Midenhall Castle Zahan Monolith
Midenhall Castle

The Travelers Gate in Mindenhall Castle will undoubtedly be the first gate you discover. It doesn't serve a tremendous purpose other than to make you aware of their existence, since this gate deposits you in a monolith on a deserted island near Zahan with no means of reaching the fishermen town. However, without this gate, you might have remained otherwise unaware of this island town's existence as well.

Zahan Monolith

This gate can often be used as a quick method of returning to Midenhall Castle after you sail to Zahan. From the castle, you can save the game, and then cast Return to have your ship automatically transported a good distance away from Zahan. Otherwise, it serves little purpose.

Osterfair Castle Midenhall Monolith
Osterfair Castle

This Travelers Gate can be easily discovered and utilized if you take the time to explore the entire interior of the castle's outer wall. However, without the Gold Key, it will do you little good to end up in the interior of the Midenhall Monolith. To travel such a short distance when you could have sailed it just as easily does not help you significantly.

Midenhall Monolith

The trip from the Midenhall Monolith Travelers Gate to Osterfair Castle, on the other hand, can be of some benefit if you are looking to reach either Osterfair itself, or the Volcanic Sea Cave the resides nearby. However, you'll need the Gold Key to open the door that leads to the gate itself. The door above the monolith gate simply leads you outside.

Alefgard Monolith Lianport Monolith
Alefgard Monolith

Once you acquire the ship, you can travel to your ancestral home of Alefgard. Only one of the monoliths that Erdrick visited still remains. And now it happens to contain a Travelers Gate. This particular Gate sends you to the island which contains nothing more than the Fire Monolith. However, the Fire Monolith can be used to access five other locations, so it's actually fairly useful.

Lianport Monolith

The Lianport Monolith contains another Travelers Gate that connects to the Fire Monolith. However, you'll need possession of the Gold Key if you truly wish to access this gate. Otherwise, you will end up trapped inside the room that you warped into with no recourse but to return to the Fire Monolith.

Fire Monolith Beran Monolith
Fire Monolith

The Fire Monolith is one of two monoliths that contain three different Travelers Gates. Not only that, but one of the gates connects to the other three gate monoliths, the Beran Monolith. This means that between the two monoliths, you can access six different locations. The Fire Monolith itself sits alone on an otherwise featureless island. However, do not assume that there is nothing more to this monolith than meets the eye…

Beran Monolith

The Beran Monolith is the other monolith that contains three different Travelers Gates, and one gate is connected to the Fire Monolith. Do not venture outside this monolith unless the Prince of Midenhall is approximately level 20, as the monsters outside are quite fierce, and it's a long journey to the town of Beran. The other two locations that this monolith leads to both require the Gold Key.

Cannock Monolith Moonbrooke Monolith
Cannock Monolith

Although you visit the Cannock Monolith extremely early in the game, it won't be until much later that you can actually access and utilize the Travelers Gate that the monolith contains, as possession of the Gold Key is required. The gate that you find here connects to the Beran Monolith.

Moonbrooke Monolith

Like the Cannock Monolith, you will visit the Moonbrooke Monolith far sooner than you can make use of the Travelers Gate that it hides. In fact, your far more likely to stumble upon the connecting gate in the Beran Monolith before you even come to realize that there's a gate here, since the Gold Door that protects it is well hidden.

Beran Town Rhone Cave
Beran Town

The Travelers Gate in Beran Town is one of the only gates that you are actually required to make use of throughout the entirety of the game. Protected by extremely dangerous and damaging tiles, you'll be best off casting Stepguard before wandering up to it. It will transport you to the Monolith that lies before the entrance to the Cave to Rhone.

Rhone Cave

Like the Travelers Gate that lead you here, this gate is surrounded by a set of dangerous tiles that cause a good deal of damage to those who walk on them. Cast Stepguard before stepping off the gate to protect your party. From here, you must venture on and find the entrance to Rhone, or use this gate as a means of returning to the Town of Beran.

Rhone Monolith

The Travelers Gate here is presented to you as a courtesy, in case you need to return to the rest of the world outside of Rhone and collect more items. While this gate sends you to the Monolith outside of the Cave to Rhone, be aware that it is a one way trip! The only way to return quickly to the Rhone Monolith is to cast Return, provided you last saved your game at the monolith. If you save anywhere else, the only means by which you can return is to traverse the deadly Cave to Rhone once more. Be very careful when utilizing this gate.