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It is the courtyard at the front of the Fenix Manor in single player mode. The Map spawns the teams at both ends of the map. One team at the front of the Manor and the other at the bottom of the courtyard. The team at the bottom has access to two Longshots. The team that starts at the manor has less powerful weapons. A revolver and a Hammerburst. A pair of grenades can be found on the first landing while another Hammerburst can be found on the second landing.

The team that starts at the manor is at a slight disadvantage, a plan of attack is to quickly rush the down the right and left stairs, a group of two players on each side. Many of the cover spots have tiny holes you can be shoot from between when enemies are right in front of you, so pick your spots with caution.

When in doubt, flank.

Starting at the bottom of the courtyard players should get the two Longshot and the Frag Grenades, then rush to the top while trying to flank your enemy. One or two of your teams members should stay back with the Longshot(s). The trick to success is to attack the other team at from their side, across the map.

If you played the story mode, you'll remember this from Act Four: The Long Road Home. One teams spawns on the bottom floor, the other on the top.


Two power weapons;

  • Longshot: There are two the spawn on the lower floor, one on eachside.
  • Grenades: Again two spawn down with the lower level team, then one spawns in the middle section.


High Ground: Spawning on the top gives you a slight advantage, because it's easy to spot and keep track of your enemies.

Weapons All around: The lower side does have something to compete with the higher side – they have two longshot snipers and two grenades. Go while the other team has run to their grenades.