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A graveyard, with tombstones, crypts, stone architecture, etc to hide behind.


Five power weapons;

  • Longshot: Depending which side you spawn on, it will be different every time you spawn. It is in a little fenced-in balcony next to a statue.
  • Boomshot: It spawns in the center of the map, you must take a one of the two routes to get it.
  • Grenades: They spawn close to your spawn points, on either of the sides.
  • Torque Bow: Opposite the sniper, so if you were trying to grab it and you went the wrong way, pick this up instead.


Ditch the Longshot: With all the tombstones and crypts, the Longshot is basically useless on this map – you will be letting the enemy know your location more than getting headshots.

Split Up Gang: At your spawn, two team-mates go one way, the other two go the other way. It will let you cover both ways with our being to vulnerable.