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You got 2 almost identical sides which are separated with a railroad which is still in use. So watch out for the train because it comes by quit often.

One pair of grenades in the basement which is accessible by 3 ways. From either spawn point and from a stair coming from the railroad. Also 2 torque bows are lying along side the railroad. Revolvers spawn on the ramp leading towards the sides of the railroad. And also a Hammer of Dawn can be found in the middle of the railroad. Catch it with haste cause the train may want to have your brain splattered all over his windshield.

Flanking is hard to be execute here. In the basement a lot of the action will be close encounter shotgun action with maybe some guys giving cover from the elevated spawn point area. On the top its hard to flank so the only way to get behind them is walking under them true the basement. Or if your lazy and don't want to leave your cover when your upstairs. Make sure you have the torque bow or the Hammer of Dawn or you'll be dead in no time!

As said earlier watch out for the train, cause it is really fast! But it has one advantage, which can be used for both sides so keep attention. When the train stops by your view is blocked. But can still see a little. When your outgunned you want to switch covers when it comes by. But because you can still see a little switch covers towards the heading the train is going. When timed right, the enemies will not see you at all.