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Tekken 2[edit]

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Portrait TTT Michelle.png
Twin Arrow TKButton-12.png
G-Clef Cannon TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png
Mini G-Clef Cannon Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png
Slow Power Punch Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-2.png
└►Slow Power Punch Combo TKButton-1.png
Slow Power Punch
to High Kick
Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-2.png TKButton-4.png
Slow Power Punch
to Low Kick
Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-2.png TKButton-3.png
Front Snap Kick Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-3.png
Flash Uppercut Arcade-Stick-Right.pngTKButton-1.png
Spin & Kick TKButton-34.png TKButton-4.png
Tiger's Claw Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-34.png
Earthquake Stomp Arcade-Stick-CUf.pngTKButton-34.png
Heaven Cannon Arcade-Stick-CF.pngTKButton-14.png
Spin Behind TKButton-2.pngArcade-Stick-Left.png (must hit)
Sweep Arcade-Stick-Down.pngTKButton-4.png
Razor's Edge Arcade-Stick-Down.pngTKButton-4.png TKButton-1.png
Sweep to Head Kick Arcade-Stick-Down.pngTKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png
Sweep to Low Kick Arcade-Stick-Down.pngTKButton-4.pngArcade-Stick-CD.pngTKButton-4.png
Machine Gun Punch TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png
Machine Gun Cannon (counter hit)
TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png
Machine Gun
Punch to High Kick
TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.png
Machine Gun
Punch to Low Kick
TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-3.png
Ultimate Cannon TKButton-23.png TKButton-1.png
Bow & Arrow TKButton-14.png TKButton-3.png
Bow & Arrow Sweep TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-3.png
Bow & Arrow Kicks Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-1.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-3.png
Slash Uppercut TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png
Upper Middle Slash TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-2.png
Slash Upper
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-1.png
Slash Upper
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png
Double Low
Slash Upper
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.pngArcade-Stick-CD.pngTKButton-4.png
Slash Upper to
G-Clef Cannon
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png
Slash Upper Bow
& Arrow Kick
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-3.png
Triple Spinning Punch TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-1.png
Triple Spinning Kick TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png
Triple Spinning Low Kicks TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.pngArcade-Stick-CD.pngTKButton-4.png
Lashing Arrow Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-CF.pngTKButton-2.png
Dashing Left Elbow Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-CF.pngTKButton-1.png
Party Crasher Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-CF.pngTKButton-1.png TKButton-4.png
Burning Palm Crush (sidestep) TKButton-1.png
Snake Step (sidestep) TKButton-2.png
Inner Palm Crush (sidestep) TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png
Twin Waking Kicks (sidestep) TKButton-3.png TKButton-4.png
Rapid Counter Attack Arcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-CDf.pngTKButton-1.png
Thrust Fist Arcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-CDf.pngTKButton-2.png
Body Elbow (crouching) Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-2.png
Back Leg Sweep (crouching) Arcade-Stick-DR.pngTKButton-4.png
└►Penetrating Bow Leg TKButton-3.png
Skyscraper Kick (while rising) TKButton-4.png
Tequila Sunrise (while rising) TKButton-2.png
Uppercut to
Middle Smash
(while rising) TKButton-2.png TKButton-2.png
Tequila Sunrise Combo (while rising)
TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png
Tequila Sunrise
to Smash Uppercut
(while rising)
TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-1.png
Tequila Sunrise
to High Kick
(while rising)
TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png
Tequila Sunrise
to Low Kick
(while rising)
TKButton-2.png TKButton-4.pngArcade-Stick-CD.pngTKButton-4.png
Tequila Sunrise
to Arrow Kicks
(while rising)
TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-3.png
Supercharger TKButton-All.png
10 Hit Combo
10 Hit Combo 1 TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-3.png
TKButton-3.png TKButton-3.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-1.png
10 Hit Combo 2 TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-3.png
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png
10 Hit Combo 3 TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-3.png
TKButton-3.png TKButton-2.png TKButton-1.png TKButton-4.png TKButton-3.png
Waist Suplex TKButton-13.png
Knee Suplex TKButton-24.png
Blizzard Suplex (from left) TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Cross Suplex
(from right) TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Behind the
Back Suplex
(behind foe) TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
German Suplex (Spin Behind) Arcade-Stick-Down.pngTKButton-12.png
Reverse Throw (back to foe) TKButton-13.png or TKButton-24.png
Arm Lock Suplex Arcade-Stick-CDf.pngTKButton-12.png

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]